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This section contains information about current campaigns relating to matters such as proposed legislation, government inquiries, television programs and so on.

For each campaign, some form of action is needed!

A description of each issue - and guidelines for suggested action - are included in each campaign topic.

'Active campaigns' are below in blog format or to the LEFT in list format.
Some campaigns may have had a vote but are still 'active' as they are likely to be ongoing... 

'Completed Campaigns' are archived on a separate page and are marked with a 'C'.

'Human Rights' Charter in Tasmania - ACTION NEEDED!

Gavel_shutterstock-SmUPDATE: Date for submissions EXTENDED to 14 January 2011.

In the recent Victorian Tribunal case regarding the CYC campsite and the homosexual group WayOut, Victoria's Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities was used extensively by WayOut to show that the 'human rights' of their members had been adversely affected. [That was in addition to the Equal Opportunity Act.]

A Charter of Rights is dangerous as it attributes rights to certain groups and establishes competing rights... and if the state can give rights, it can also take them away!

Read our webpage on such Charters . . .  
and visit 'The People's Charter website  for more reasons we should oppose such Charters/Bills of Rights. Sign up there to oppose an Australian Bill of Rights.

Now Tasmania is considering adopting a similar Charter...

Tasmania's Attorney-General Lara Giddings launched the Directions Paper for the Consultation yesterday (20 October 2010).  
It is 'A charter of human rights & responsibilities for Tasmania'.
It has information/discussion and a series of 'Consultation questions' as well as a 'Model Charter'.
Visit the Consultation website - click here

The government is inviting comment on the Directions Paper...

Formal Submissions on the Consultation Paper should be received by [29 November 2010- now CHANGED!]

UPDATE: The date for submissions has been EXTENDED to 14 January 2011

Send your submission to Dale Webster, Project Manager: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
[or send by mail to GPO Box 825, Hobart, TAS, 7001.] 

STATEWIDE Consultations - starting 25 October
The Department of Justice is also holding statewide 'Consultations' to get input.

If we want to be heard we MUST ATTEND the meetings and MUST PUT IN SUBMISSIONS/COMMENTS.

The list of venues around Tasmania is online - click here.  

Otherwise all they will hear is the other people who support such Charters.

We will assess the Directions Paper and give more detail on our Campaign Page next week - as well as some proposed responses.
The Paper proposes a wide range of 'rights', including some additional rights to those in the Victorian Charter.
Like in Victoria, the proposal adds the word 'Responsibilities' - but only devotes HALF A PAGE to it!
The proposed model (see P 39 ff) includes the 'right to life'.
But it follows the ACT example and says "this right applies to a person from the time of birth", thus removing any rights for the unborn child.
Read all about the Consultation...
Read the 'Directions Paper', a Summary of the Paper, a Powerpoint and more... Visit the Consultation website - click here. Documents:
Directions Paper Adobe PDF iconConvert this PDF to HTML   [4.3 MB | 52 pages]
Summary of Charter Paper Adobe PDF iconConvert this PDF to HTML  
Consultation Slides for Charter Paper Adobe PDF iconConvert this PDF to HTML  


If you live in Tasmania 
* Attend a Consultation meeting to have your say!
* Make a formal submission or response to the Consultation. Details above.
* Pray about this development (note - it isn't enough just to pray!)  

* If you don't live in Tasmania  
* SEND this to ALL your friends and contacts in Tasmania and ask them to ACT!
* Pray about this proposal.

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