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This section contains information about current campaigns relating to matters such as proposed legislation, government inquiries, television programs and so on.

For each campaign, some form of action is needed!

A description of each issue - and guidelines for suggested action - are included in each campaign topic.

'Active campaigns' are below in blog format or to the LEFT in list format.
Some campaigns may have had a vote but are still 'active' as they are likely to be ongoing... 

'Completed Campaigns' are archived on a separate page and are marked with a 'C'.

Victoria - Equal Opportunity Act

November 2007 -
Status: Still Active

Report handed to government in June 2008. The government is now considering their response and legislation!

Victoria's Labor government is reviewing the state's Equal Opportunity Act . . .
The review has been initiated by Attorney-General Rob Hulls.

A full review of the Equal Opportunity Act was conducted by Julian Gardner in 2007-8.
A Discussion Paper was released in November 2007. It was followed by an Options Paper. A final Report was presented to the government in June 2008.
(Click here for documents, papers and reports.)

Exceptions:A separate review of the exceptions/exemptions in the Equal Opportunity Act, to see if they are compatible with the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities, was conducted by the Justice Department.
Click here for our campaign page relating to the Exceptions.

Equal Opportunity Act Review

Analysis: The Report on the review of the Equal Opportunity Act is now in the hands of the government. We can expect that legislation will be forthcoming to implement the proposed changes.

Full details about the review of the Equal Opportunity Act are posted on the Justice Department's website - click here. This website includes all documents relating to the Review including the Final Report and submissions (on the right hand side of the page).

Summary of timeline:
* The Equal Opportunity Review Discussion Paper was released in November 2007.
Submissions closed on Monday 14 January 2008.
* An Options Paper was released.
* Submissions on the Options Paper closed on Monday 12 May 2008.
* Final Report: : An Equality Act for a Fairer Victoria
- Report presented to the Attorney-General in June 2008.
- Report launched on 31 July 2008.

Final Report - click here - pdf 1.23 MB
Executive Summary and Overview - Pages 11 - 13
Recommendations (93 of them) - Pages 14 - 19
Some of the recommendations: a new name 'Equality Act', more power to the Commission to launch investigations, power to compel attendance, power to provide information and produce documents, power of "entry, search and seizure", promotion of the Charter of Rights and Responsibilities, power to the Commission to intervene (at VCAT), give the Commission "the power to enter into enforceable undertakings with persons or organisations where, in the opinion of the Commission, an unlawful act is occurring or is likely to occur" . . .!

The first stage of implementing the recommendations has already begun - with a Bill to alter the governance structure of the Commission introduced in December 2008.

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