News Update – 17 July – rainbow flag, marriage, persecuted Christians, Islam funding, abortion

News with man Fotolia 60714122 320x200Another round of news – just when I think it is finished, another item comes in – this time, it was that the Victorian government has just appointed a ‘Sexuality and Gender Commissioner’!

Please pray as you read!




News Update 16 July 2015

Australian News

1. Vic: Gender and Sexuality Commissioner appointed
The Andrews Labor government has ticked off another election promise – appointing a ‘Gender and Sexuality Commissioner’. The appointment of Rowena Allen was announced by the Minister for Equality, Martin Foley, who said, "It will be Ms Allen's role, working across government, working across the community, to challenge and bring around reform to make sure every Victorian feels safe to be who they are."

Is Ms Allen ‘neutral’ – without pre-conceived ideas about sexuality or gender?

No – she will be an activist advocate for homosexual causes.

The government’s media release says, “The Commissioner will champion the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and gender diverse and intersex (LGBTI) Victorians within the Government. The creation of the role was a Labor election commitment. Ms Allen is an effective, experienced and longstanding advocate for LGBTI Victorians and has held leadership positions in the community and government sectors.”

“As the founding CEO of UnitingCare Cutting Edge, Ms Allen established Victoria’s first rural support group for young LGBTI people.”

In addition, “Ms Allen has been a member of three Victorian Government LGBTI ministerial advisory groups and chaired the ministerial advisory committee on LGBTI  Health and Wellbeing between 2007 and 2009.”

Yes, Rowena is a lesbian (read her story here) and has a daughter with her partner Kaye Bradshaw (read story here). She is also a member of the Uniting Church, and has been a co-convenor of Uniting Network, the homosexual advocacy group in the Uniting Church (story here).

Well, there you have it – an ADVOCATE for homosexual rights is now the Commissioner!
Government Media release: Rowena Allen Is Victoria’s First Gender And Sexuality Commissioner, 15/7/2015.

Article: Rowena Allen announced as Victoria's first gender and sexuality commissioner, ABC, 15/7/2015.

2. SA: One Council REJECTS the homosexual flag
Some good news – this week, ‘the Tea Tree Gully Council (in Adelaide) overwhelmingly rejected a push by the South Australian ‘Feast Festival’ for councils to fly the Rainbow Flag during November when the festival – the SA version of the Sydney homosexual mardi gras – is held.’

Family Voice’s research officer Ros Phillips reported, “Two councillors – Matthew Harbinson and Damian Wyld – moved and seconded a motion directing Council not to fly the Rainbow Flag during the current term (which ends in late 2018). No one spoke against the motion, which passed by 10 votes to 2.” 

Well done!

Source: SA Council rejects ‘Rainbow Flag’, 10:2, FamilyVoice Australia Media Release, 15/7/2015.

3. Update: homosexual ‘marriage’

3.1 Religious freedom – important issue in the debate, says Paul Kelly
Paul Kelly, editor of The Australian has written a very important article about the problem of protecting religious freedom in the context of the debate on homosexual ‘marriage’.

He began, “The central issue in any Australian recognition of same-sex marriage remains almost invisible — whether the state’s re-definition of civil marriage will authorise an assault on churches, institutions and individuals who retain their belief in the traditional view of marriage.”

He went on, “The real issue is conceptually simple — it is whether same-sex marriage will deny conscience rights to much of the population. The alternative is a new spirit of tolerance guaranteed by law where same-sex marriage sits in parallel with undiminished ­religious liberty.”

Mr Kelly cites the statements by Tim Wilson, the homosexual Human Rights Commissioner, about the lack of protection for religious freedom in any of the proposed Bills and who talked of putting both ‘rights’ – ‘homosexual ‘marriage’ and freedom of religion - beside each other with equal weight. Mr Kelly also writes about the 'civil marriage, religious ceremony' proposal.

One of the dangers is that, if it was proposed that religious freedoms were protected, then more politicians might be ‘persuaded’ to support the Bill – which is certainly the aim of Tim Wilson, who supports homosexual ‘marriage’.

Of course, even if a supposed Bill were to contain additional clauses to ‘protect’ religious freedom, these can always be challenged and CHANGED! In addition, state discrimination laws already prohibit discrimination for goods and services, etc.

Article: The same-sex marriage debate and the right to religious belief, Paul Kelly, The Australian, 11/7/2015.

3.2 Penny Wong is wrong – compelling letter from a man raised by a lesbian couple
An excellent and compelling letter in The Australian on 6 July from Robert, a man raised by two mothers…

“As a child from a same sex union I can tell I can tell Wong she is wrong. The absence of a father brought me plenty of embarrassment, frustration, sexual confusion, feeling short changed in life and eventually anger resulting in being kicked out of school, petty theft and run in's with the law in my younger days. Penny will never know what it is like to stand there with friends and wonder how does a man behave/communicate, how does one simply be a man. This mindset haunted me well into my 30's and was the cause of much apprehension and crises of confidence as I raised my own family. As I look at my son and see how he has embraced life and taken for granted the things I struggled with for many years I think how fortunate he is to come from a 2 parent male/female family. Hmosexuals and lesbians are totally wrong to think their children are on an equal footing with their peers, the children are at a distinct disadvantage because homosexuality is not the normal family arrangement, having a female mum and a male dad describes the vast majority of families and it always will. Children find security and confidence in being the same as their peers and differing only in the way THEY choose.”

Letter posted at the Australian – click here.

3.3 Uniting Church considers same-sex ‘marriage’ at Assembly in Perth

“The Uniting Church will consider at its assembly its role in conducting state-recognised marriages if same-sex marriage laws are approved.” The Assembly was held in Perth this week.

The Uniting Church has been working on their response regarding same-sex ‘marriage’ for some time. They released a Discussion Paper in May 2014.

The conservative / Biblical part of the Uniting Church, the Assembly of Confessing Congregations (ACC) prepared a response to the Discussion Paper.

Article: Uniting Church considers marriage options, AAP, 13/7/2015.
Uniting Church Discussion paper – click here.
Response by ACC – click here.

3.4. Homosexual ‘marriage’ – another journalist shows a personal position in interview…
When the ABC Drive program interviewed Alex Blackwell, the vice-captain of the Australian women’s cricket team about her decision to ‘marry’ her lesbian partner in England, the host, Sally Warhaft, wasn’t content to leave it at that. She went on, in a very supportive tone, to ask how it felt to NOT be able to marry in her homes country… which she had represented etc etc and turned into a political discussion.

Article: Australian cricket star Alex Blackwell to marry partner in gay ceremony, SMH, 5/7/2015.

3.5 Same-sex ‘marriage’ debate – at the National Press Club – 29 July
Senator Cory Bernardi is certainly prepared to defend his position. A debate on same-sex ‘marriage’ will be held on Wednesday 29 July, 2015.

His opponent?
Senator Penny Wong.

Check out the details – if you live in Canberra, you might consider attending to give him your support. Or contact Cory to encourage him - click here.
National Press Club debate/lunch detailsclick here.

3.6 Marriage - Lecture by Sydney’s Catholic Archbishop Anthony Fisher
At a time when marriage is under threat, and we are confronting campaigns to legalise homosexual ‘marriage, Archbishop Fisher is providing a timely response. The lecture addresses the importance of marriage and family ‘and their role in the social fabric’.
Lecture: Same‐Sex ‘Marriage’: Evolution or Deconstruction of Marriage and the Family
Date: 22 July 2015
Time: 6pm for 6:30pm start
Location: The School Hall, St Mary’s Cathedral College, Cathedral Street, Sydney NSW 2000.

3.7. Marriage message – stand up to those who “bully”
Archbishop Fisher also spoke strongly against homosexual ‘marriage’ in a sermon recently. He said that “powerful forces” are “determined to silence any opposition” and “bully us all into accepting the deconstruction and redefinition of a fundamental institution.”
Read about his message at this Lifesite report: Stand up to gay ‘marriage’ bullies, says Australian archbishop

Overseas News

1. Good news – Jewish Peer who fled Nazis rescuing Christians fleeing ISIS
Repaying his debt of gratitude for being rescued – a Jewish Peer in the UK is helping Christians…

The Independent reports, “A Jewish peer who fled occupied Austria as a child is funding the rescue of up to 2,000 Christians from Syria and Iraq as a way of showing his gratitude to the religion whose members saved him from the Nazis. Lord Weidenfeld says he has “a debt to repay” to Christians fleeing Isis, because the Quakers and the Plymouth Brethren fed and clothed him and helped him to reach Britain in 1938. Having arrived in Britain on a train a year before the start of the Second World War with just a few shillings to his name, Lord Weidenfeld went on to establish the Weidenfeld and Nicolson publishing business a decade later. He was made a life peer in 1976.”

“The publisher is spearheading Weidenfeld Safe Havens Fund, which last week supported the flight of 150 Syrian Christians to Poland on a privately chartered plane to allow them to seek refuge, making them the first beneficiaries of the resettlement project….”

The project has been criticised for not helping Muslims – but Lord Weidnefeld says it is a very personal response for him to help Christians, “I can’t save the world, but there is a very specific possibility on the Christian side. Let others do what they like for the Muslims.”

We’re thankful that Lord Weidenfeld is setting such a fine example in helping persecuted Christians who are fleeing from ISIS in large numbers!

Keep praying for persecuted Christians...

Article: Jewish peer who fled Nazis is rescuing Christians fleeing Isis to repay 'debt', The Independent, 14/7/2015.

2. India: Combating sex selection abortions - PM – selfies with daughter
Another ‘good news story’!

With India having a very high rate of abortions of baby girls, known as ‘sex-selection abortions’, India’s Prime Minster, Narendra Modi, has begun a new initiative – a “Selfie with Daughter” campaign that encourages men to take photos of themselves with their daughters and post them online on social media with the hashtag #SelfieWithDaughter!

India has tried various methods – both ‘carrot’ and ‘stick’ approaches – to try and reduce the number of sex selection abortions of baby girls. It was reported this week that, “India’s child sex ratio has deteriorated sharply over the past 20 years, dropping to 918 girls for every 1,000 boys born in 2011 from 945 in 1991.”

Article: India: Prime Minister Launches “Selfie With Daughter” Campaign to Stop Sex-Selection Abortions, Life News, 7/7/2015.

3. World Congress of Families responds to ‘hate claims’ by pro-homosexual groups
The World Congress of Families has responded (in a 28 page report) to various reports and claims by pro-homosexual groups. They rebut the claims, in particular the claim that the WCF is a “hate group” that were published in reports after the WCF announced they planned to hold a Congress in Salt Lake City, Utah, later this year.

The WCF states, “Soon after announcing the location of WCF IX, a barrage of unprecedented protests from radical gay rights groups emerged, resulting in a variety of negative, and unwarranted attacks on the WCF initiated primarily by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). The most significant of these baseless attacks was the labeling of WCF as a “hate group,” one that encourages or supports violence against the LGBT community. Nothing could be further from the truth, as WCF strongly opposes violence and would never advocate violence or hatred toward any group of people, regardless of differences….”

Read the Executive Summary and the detailed report:
A CALL FOR CIVIL DIALOGUE AND CONSTRUCTIVE ENGAGEMENT - The World Congress of Families Responds to The Human Rights Campaign and the Southern Poverty Law Center

4. Saudi funding to promote Islam – Prince pledges $32 billion!
For many years, Saudi Arabia has provided funding for the promotion and expansion of Islam around the world – including the building of mosques in America and in Australia. See Merv Bendle’s 2008 account of Saudi funding in Australia.

A lot of funding has come from Saudi Prince Alwaleed. He has also provided large grants to universities: “In 2005, moreover, he spent $40 million to expand Islamic studies at U.S. colleges — donating $20 million to Harvard University to create a campuswide Shariah law studies program, while pumping another $20 million into Georgetown University for a “Muslim-Christian understanding” program run by notorious Islamic apologist John Esposito.”

Now Saudi Prince Alwaleed has pledged his $32 billion fortune to ‘charity’. But with a twist – he says that much of his philanthropic work will help “foster cultural understanding” of Islam in America and the West.

As Investor’s Business Daily said, “Arab Bill Gates Could Turn ‘Shariah Creep’ Into Full Trot.” They said, “That means promoting the kingdom’s brand of Islam, while censoring criticism of Islam.”
They concluded, “Despite fawning press reports, Alwaleed’s charitable pledge is no cause for celebration. It’s cause for alarm. His billions will finance Islamist pressure groups who exist to force Western civilization to yield to Islamic no-go zones, Shariah courts and blasphemy laws.

If unmatched by patriotic philanthropists, the Saudi prince’s huge endowment could be a major setback for state and local efforts to push back against Islamization.”

A very enlightening article about the funding of Islam around the world…

Article: Saudi Prince pledges $32 billion to “charity”: promoting Islam, while censoring criticism of it, Jihad Watch, 8/7/2015.

5. USA: Aftermath of Supreme Court decision on homosexual ‘marriage’

5.1 USA: Possible challenge to US Supreme Court ruling on ‘marriage’
Conservative pro-marriage groups in the US are urging Ohio (which was the state where the law on ‘marriage’ was challenged by homosexuals in the recent US Supreme Court hearing) to apply for the US Supreme Court to conduct a RE-HEARING of the case regarding homosexual ‘marriage’.

They are concerned about the implications regarding polygamy, following a claim made by a Montana man to marry two women.

In addition, two of the Justices are personal supporters of homosexual ‘marriage’, having performed ‘marriage’ ceremonies for homosexual couples while the matter was before their Court.

One Justice, Ruth Ginsberg, gave comments supporting homosexual rights whilst the Supreme Court was hearing the case. The Foundation for Moral Law expressed concern at these actions, which depart for the ‘neutral standard’ expected of judges.

Please pray that a RE-HEARING is held!

Article: Polygamy express: Supremes could face issue, WND, 13/7/2015.

5.2 USA: Californian Democrats move to REMOVE ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ from federal law
Democrats in the US Congress have introduced a law to remove the words ‘husband’ and wife’ from all US federal laws. Lois Capps, who proposed the Bill, wants to replace them with words such as ‘spouse’ or ‘married couple’. More than two dozen Democrats have supported the Bill. The words husband and wife were deleted from California state law last year in order to accommodate same sex marriage.

"The Amend the Code for Marriage Equality Act recognizes that the words in our laws have meaning and can continue to reflect prejudice and discrimination even when rendered null by our highest courts," Capps said. "Our values as a country are reflected in our laws. I authored this bill because it is imperative that our federal code reflect the equality of all marriages."

Of course, that is being seen as the next step after legalising homosexual ‘marriage’… but it CAN happen even without the legalising of homosexual ‘marriage’.

Article: For Next Step Towards ‘Equality,’ Democrats Want to Eliminate These Two Words From Federal Law, The Blaze, 9/7/2015.

Article: Dems declare war on words 'husband,' 'wife', Washington Examiner, 9/7/2015.

The situation in Australia…

Changing the law to remove ‘husband and wife’ doesn’t just happen AFTER same-sex ‘marriage is legalised.

In most Australian states, and in Commonwealth law, this has ALREADY happened!

In Tasmania, those changes were made in the late 1990s and early 2000s – BEFORE the Relationships Register was established in 2003!

“This is due in part to the aforementioned legislative reforms of the late 1990s and early 2000s, in which the terms ‘husband’, ‘wife’ and ‘spouse’ were replaced by the terms ‘significant partner’ and ‘caring partner’ in Tasmanian law”. (Source)

Similar changes were made in Victoria – in fact, when domestic partnerships were legalised din the early 2000s, long before even the Relationships Register legislation. The law uses terms ‘spouse’ or ‘domestic partner’ instead of husband and wife.
This is now commonly used – for example, see Vic Roads car registration, Law Handbook on wills, Coroner’s court etc. Some other states have also enacted similar laws – see this page on laws relating to intestacy.

As for Australian Commonwealth law, many laws were changed to ‘remove discrimination’. In the law that was passed, changing 84 laws, there is still some references to husband and wife, but mostly as a subset of ‘spouse’… but in many cases there was this change: “Omit word “husband” (wherever occurring), substitute “spouse or de facto partner”.

In other cases ‘de facto partner’ was added, and given the same rights as a spouse. (See the 2008 law with the 84 changes).

The federal Taxation Office refers to the word ‘spouse’ and says:

Your spouse includes another person (whether of the same or opposite sex):

-      who you were in a relationship with that was registered under a prescribed State or Territory law, or

-      who, although not legally married to you, lived with you on a genuine domestic basis in a relationship as a couple.

You get the idea – this is already a LOST cause in Australia!

5.3 USA: FAKE article alleges pastor jailed for not ‘marrying’ homosexuals
if you have seen an article about a Christian minister in Vermont, USA, being jailed for 12 months for refusing to ‘MARRY’ a homosexual couple, then please DON’T forward it on. The article is a FAKE or hoax!

It was originally posted on a ‘fake news’ site, News Examiner – but then reported by regular news outlets as a genuine story. Part of the confusion arose because the article was also posted on a ‘fake news’ site,, which LOOKS like the official NBC news website – but it isn’t!

For your information I provide the links:
The ‘HOAX” article on News Examiner and

SNOPES account – showing it is a HOAX – click here.

6. Genetically Modified food – study finds rats infertile after eating GM corn
We’ve heard a lot about genetically modified food – a recent study in Egypt found that rats were infertile after being fed GM corn…

“Researchers from the Food Technology Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Anatomy and Embryology, and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Suez Canal University, Ismailia, Egypt, have found that several unsavory changes occur when rats were fed GM corn. The rats’ organs/body weight and serum biochemistry were altered, indicating potential adverse health and toxic effects…”

Article: New Study Finds GMO Corn Makes Rats Infertile, Natural Society, 1/7/2015.

7. UN Human Rights Council passes FAMILY RESOLUTION
Some more good news – the United Nations Human Rights Council passes a resolution supporting the FAMILY by a vote of 27 for and 14 against.

Those opposing the motion included the United States – those supporting included Russia, China, Belarus, and more than a dozen Muslim and African countries.

The proposals was put forward by conservative pro-family groups, so this was a good outcome.

Sharon Slater, of Family Watch International, and chair of a coalition of groups, the UN Family Rights Caucus, said, “It is the first time ever in the history of the United Nations that a comprehensive resolution has been passed calling for the protection of the family as a fundamental unit of society, recognizing the prior right of parents to educate their children, and calling on all nations to create family-sensitive policies and recognize their binding obligations under treaty to protect the family.”

Predictably, feminist and sexual advocacy groups weren’t happy!

Article: UN passes ‘unprecedented’ pro-family resolution, outraging sexual radicals, Lifesite, 9/7/2015.

The Resolution – overview and full text – click here.

8. Russia: Scientists meet in Moscow to affirm ‘fetus is human – ban abortion’
A symposium held last week in Moscow, the Moscow Pro-Life Festival, had two dozen scientists making the “case that science overwhelmingly confirms the humanity of the unborn child from the moment of conception – and to demand that “prenatal infanticide” be banned in the country.”

Article: Top scientists meet in Moscow, tell Russian government: Fetus is human. Ban abortion, Lifesite News, 15/7/2015.

9. USA: Planned Parenthood and the use of ‘baby parts’ from abortions
You may have heard the furore this week about an undercover video claiming that Planned Parenthood ‘sells baby parts’ from abortions.

The video was produced by the Center for Medical Progress, a pro-life group. The Director of Medical Services for Planned Parenthood is heard discussing the cost of ‘specimens’ and the abortion processes used.

In addition, some claimed that it sounds like ‘partial birth abortion’ is being used in order to obtain complete organs, a method of abortion that is illegal in the USA.

In response Planned Parenthood say they “don’t sell” the body parts of aborted babies – which is illegal. However, they do say they are involved in helping clients make “tissue donations” to research facilities and claim that they are able to ‘charge costs’ under the legislation!

Media Matters pointed out that the video is edited – and that the missing parts confirm the ‘tissue donation for costs’ aspect. This was then reported by other progressive groups such as Think Progress.

The Center for Medical Progress has now posted the FULL video and transcript.

Video/Report from Center for Medical Progress click here.
Article: Undercover video catches Planned Parenthood selling aborted baby body parts, Lifesite, 14/7/2015.
Article: Planned Parenthood: Selling aborted babies’ organs was a ‘humanitarian undertaking, Lifesite, 14/7/2015.
Article: Congress to investigate Planned Parenthood after video reveals harvesting baby organs, Lifesite, 15/7/2015.


News mike Fotolia 57267122 320x200Another round-up of news, with more developments on homosexual ‘marriage’ – both in Australia and overseas.

Why do we focus on this at the present time?

Because the ‘other side’ are pushing hard to have homosexuality accepted as ‘normal’ and homosexual ‘marriage’ legalised and accepted.

Please pray and act as you read!


News Update 10 July 2015

Australian News

1. SA: Changing the law re transgender and ‘sex re-assignment’
2. Homosexual ‘marriage’ – the latest developments
   2.1 Discrimination complaint made about Catholic Bishops marriage booklet
   2.2 Archbishop Porteous defends the Catholic Bishops booklet
   2.3 Andrew Bolt criticises homosexual activists and supports traditional marriage
   2.4 Presbyterian Church, NSW – may withdraw from performing ‘marriages’
   2.5 Response to Presbyterian letter from Sydney Anglicans
   2.6 Religious freedom – protection for celebrants
   2.7 Proposal by Tim Wilson – ‘civil marriage’ plus ‘religious ceremony’
   2.8 QLD: Another minister supports homosexual ‘marriage’ – ‘generational shift’
3. Tasmania: Man ordered to apologise for ‘anti-homosexual’ pamphlets
4. University of SA report provides profile of Australian Muslims
5. Terror alert may be lifted to ‘extreme’

Overseas News
1. USA: Homosexual ‘marriage’ decision applies to MILITARY bases
2. USA: Aftermath of homosexual ‘marriage’ – ‘Get rid of military chaplains who don’t support it’
3. USA: Episcopalian Church votes to approve homosexual ‘marriage’
4. Audacity Movie – about homosexuality and same-sex ‘marriage’
6. Ireland: Children have better language skills if cared for by a RELATIVE
7. Scientist jailed for AIDS research fraud
8. USA: Baptist University drops ‘homosexual acts’ from sexual misconduct code – comparison with Hillsong College action


News Update 10 July 2015


Australian News

1. SA: Changing the law re transgender and ‘sex re-assignment’
An Inquiry is currently being held by the South Australian Legislative Council’s Legislative Review Committee into transgender issues. It was initiated in February 2015 by Greens MLC Tammy Franks, who put forward a Bill to repeal the ‘Sexual Reassignment Act’.

Her reasoning?
The Act was passed nearly 30 years ago and she claims it is outdated! “Just remove the bureaucracy and let people get on with their lives. Everyone has the right to choose their chosen identity and we should respect that.”

The Legislative Council referred the Bill to the Committee for an Inquiry. Submissions were received until April 2015. We hadn’t heard about the Inquiry until now.

The Adelaide Advertiser reported this week on the submissions received – most of them support changes to the law. One transgender person called for them to be able to change their gender according to “preference” – removing the current requirement to have sex re-assignment surgery in order to legally change one’s gender with the Births, Deaths and Marriages registry. Another proposal was to allow a “non-specific” gender category on official forms, whilst others wanted more open access to hospitals and doctors. Some submissions asked for the “REMOVAL of a requirement that married couples divorce before one partner can officially change their gender.”

We don’t support any of those proposals!

1. Inquiry website – click here, then select Current Inquiries, then ‘Inquiry into the Sexual Reassignment Act’.
2. Submissions to the Inquiry – select Submissions from (1).
2. Terms of Reference for the Inquiry – select Terms of Reference.
Article: Raft of changes proposed to update the Sexual Reassignment Act, Adelaide Advertiser, 7/7/2015.

2. Homosexual ‘marriage’ – the latest developments

2.1 Discrimination complaint made about Catholic Bishops marriage booklet
Following our report that Rodney Croome (Australian Marriage Equality) had urged people to complain about the booklet on marriage published by the Catholic Bishops, a Tasmanian transgender activist has lodged a complaint with the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Commission. Martine Delaney is the spokesperson for the Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group, and has just announced she is running as a Greens candidate for federal parliament.

This isn’t the first complaint Martine Delaney has made – a previous complaint was about an anti-Greens ad which mentioned transgender rights. Martine Delaney also made news when she applied to play soccer as a female (source).

Article: Tasmanian activist Martine Delaney launches bid to become first transgender federal politician, ABC, 6/7/2015.

2.2 Archbishop Porteous defends the Catholic Bishops booklet
Meanwhile Archbishop Julian Porteous, Tasmania’s Catholic archbishop, has defended his actions, with a statement and a 2 minute video.

He said, “I have received many emails and personal words of thanks from parents. I have also received some criticisms of my action. I understand that some parents have disagreed with what I have done, and I appreciate that some may find this teaching difficult to accept. I simply wish to clearly express the teaching of the Catholic Church. I am simply fulfilling one of my roles as bishop and that is to be the official teacher of the Catholic faith in a diocese. I present this teaching as a positive contribution to the [marriage] debate as it outlines why the Church stands by the official definition of marriage as found in our laws.”

Article and video: Archbishop Porteous defends marriage booklet, Cath News, 9/7/2015.

2.3 Andrew Bolt criticises homosexual activists and supports traditional marriage
Andrew Bolt warned that some of those pushing for homosexual ‘marriage “are not into tolerance at all”. The title of his article said it all: “Churches beware: the same-sex marriage push is a Trojan Horse”.

When few religious leaders are speaking loudly on this issue, Andrew is a refreshing voice.

“It is no mystery that the archbishop — and every other bishop of the Catholic Church up to Pope Francis himself — is, and always will be, opposed to gay marriage.

“The church holds that marital love can be expressed only through the natural biological sexual union of man and woman, the only relationship that can, naturally, of itself, produce children.

“Until about five minutes ago, this was the uncontroversial, biologically based universal about marriage and sex within marriage.

“Christians, Jews, Muslims and most others the world over share this view. However, homosexual campaigners want to remove the natural biological centre of conjugality and replace it with the ephemera of romantic love, with its heart-shaped symbolism, something to which the young are notoriously susceptible. . .”

Article: Churches beware: the same-sex marriage push is a Trojan Horse, Herald Sun, 7/7/2015.

2.4 Presbyterian Church, NSW – may withdraw from performing ‘marriages’
At their recent Assembly, the Presbyterian Church in NSW decided that, if homosexual ‘marriage’ was legalised, they may not participate in performing marriages.

In a pastoral letter about the decision, Kevin Murray, the moderator of the NSW Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Australia, wrote, “The assembly considered what the church should do if marriage is redefined in Australia. It decided to ask the General ­Assembly of Australia to withdraw the whole church from the Marriage Act, so that our ministers could no longer solemnise marriages under the Marriage Act.”

He continued, “The report which recommended this decision argued that if the Federal Government were to redefine marriage to include same-sex marriage then it would corrupt a good gift of God into a wrong. That would mean that ministers would then be acting for the government in a system which did not reflect the Biblical view of marriage. In this case the positive reason for our co-operation with the Marriage Act would have been removed, and we would be better to avoid association with evil by no longer acting as celebrants.”

Mr Murray wrote, “I want to stress that this is not a final decision. Rather, we have asked the General Assembly of Australia to consider the issue. That could take place at the next regular meeting of the General Assembly of Australia in September next year, or an emergency meeting may be called.”

He mentioned that the Church could possibly introduce a form of ‘church marriage’ that isn’t recognised under the Marriage Act, and that couples could have a ‘civil marriage’ as well.

Read the pastoral letter from the Moderatorclick here.

2.5 Response to Presbyterian letter from Sydney Anglicans
Michael Jensen, from Sydney Anglicans, responded – he said that senior Anglican Bishop Robert Forsyth, who is chairman of a diocesan Religious Freedom reference group, said, “It is difficult for people who believe what God has said about marriage. Their views, and the view of the state, would be deeply different if there is a change (in the Marriage Act).  Some may say we shouldn’t be involved if it is different. I think we are heading towards the view that if we still have the freedom to teach and deal with marriage as we believe God’s word allows, then we see no reason to pull out, but it is early days yet.”

He also considered the view put by Tim Wilson, the human rights Commissioner (see 2.7).

Response by Michael Jensen – click here.

Media report: Gay marriage: church could opt out of legal weddings, The Australian, 7/7/2015.

2.6 Religious freedom – protection for celebrants?
Senator David Leyonhjelm has criticised the ‘marriage equality’ Bill proposed by Labor – saying it doesn’t adequately protect religious freedom. He said that his Bill allows civil celebrants to refuse to ‘marry’ homosexuals because of their ‘conscience’, but the Labor Bill doesn’t include this ‘protection’.

Media report: Gay marriage: church could opt out of legal weddings, The Australian, 7/7/2015.

2.7 Proposal by Tim Wilson – ‘civil marriage’ plus ‘religious ceremony’
Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson, an open homosexual who supports same-sex ‘marriage’, has said that the current ‘marriage equality’ Bills do not adequately protect religious freedom.

He is promoting an option that keeps civil marriage separate from religious marriage or religious ceremonies. In addition, he says that there should be protection of religious freedom relating to celebrants, cake makers, photographers and venues based on conscience and religious beliefs. [Article at The Australian, subscriber only]

He first outlined this view in a speech to the National Press Club in March 2015, and expanded on that in a further article shortly afterwards.

2.8 QLD: Another minister supports homosexual ‘marriage’ – ‘generational shift’
No wonder the world isn’t concerned about what the church thinks or says! A Queensland Anglican minister has announced he supports homosexual ‘marriage’, even though his ‘Church’ held a more ‘sacred’ view about marriage.
His reason?
The media reported that he said, “It's a generational shift - it's just a feature of modern life and each of us has our own thing." The paper also reported that he said, "In my previous parish two of my clergy were gay and in a long-term monogamous relationship."

Article: Reverend points to 'generational shift on same-sex marriage', Warwick Daily News, 30/6/2015.

3. Tasmania: Man ordered to apologise for ‘anti-homosexual’ pamphlets
The Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Tribunal has ordered James Durston to apologise for a pamphlet about homosexuality that he produced and distributed in Hobart in 2013. A complaint was made by Robert Williams, a homosexual man, about statements in the pamphlet – which included statistics about disease, length of life, accidents and crime. It also mentioned that the Bible says ‘homosexuality is abominable’.

We would not state some of the things published in the pamphlet. However, as we noted recently, even citing official statistics from government websites leads to being labelled ‘hateful’ and a ‘bigot’! We prefer to focus on ‘official data’ and information from homosexual websites relating to health risks (as on our Homosexuality and Health webpage)

The Tribunal ordered that James publish an apology in The Mercury newspaper within 14 days. “The advertisement has to be no smaller than 85 millimetres wide, and 94 millimetres long. If he fails to do so, Mr Dunston will be liable for a fine.”

Mr Durston has now written to the Tribunal, the Minster and the Commissioner, stating that he will not apologise. If he doesn’t apologise, it is reported that he would be liable for a fine of $1540. He says that he plans to appeal the decision.

Article: Tasmanian man who distributed anti-gay pamphlets ordered to apologise, ABC, 30/6/2015.

Article: Man won't apologise for anti-gay booklet, AAP, Sky News, 8/7/2015.

4. University of SA report provides profile of Australian Muslims
The International Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding at the University of South Australia has published an 83 page report that provides a profile of Muslims in Australia – covering numbers, growth, employment and so on, using data from the 2011 census.

The Centre claims, “This report aims to make people not only learn new things about Australian Muslims but, as a result of that, unlearn old things”!

REPORT: Australian Muslims: A demographic, social and economic profile of Muslims in Australia

Media article: Australian Muslims profiled in UniSA report by International Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding, ABC, 26/6/2015.

5. Terror alert may be lifted to ‘extreme’
The ‘terror alert’ level in Australia may be lifted to ‘extreme’ following recent global attacks, according to recent reports. The government is preparing a new national terror alert level system to help prepare the nation for the threat of a terrorist attack on home soil.

Article: Australia’s terror alert may be lifted to extreme after global attacks, Daily Telegraph, 27/6/2015.

Overseas News
1. USA: Homosexual ‘marriage’ decision applies to MILITARY bases
The recent US Supreme Court decision on homosexual ‘marriage’ also applies to all US Military bases…

Since September 2013, the US government had allowed homosexual ‘marriages’ to be performed on US military bases only where that state allowed them.

Now homosexual ‘marriages’ will be allowed to be performed in ALL military chapels on ALL military bases. Clergy will be allowed to refuse to conduct a homosexual ‘marriage’ on grounds of religious conscience…. That led to the outburst from Mikey Weinstein (below) calling for ALL chaplains who don’t support homosexual ‘marriage’ to be DISMISSED!

Article: Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Extends to all U.S. Military Bases, NBC, 26/6/2015.

2. USA: Aftermath of homosexual ‘marriage’ – ‘Get rid of military chaplains who don’t support it’
It didn’t take long… in fact on the SAME DAY the US Supreme Court ruled in favour of homosexual ‘marriage’, activist Mikey Weinstein, president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, was ‘demanding the U.S. military conduct a purge of chaplains who holds to the traditional teaching of homosexuality and marriage’. As World Net Daily points out, that is the stand on marriage that was “espoused by the first commander in chief, George Washington.”

Mikey Weinstein, who is Jewish, has campaigned against religious discrimination, Christian teaching and proselytising in the military (info here).

In an op-ed, Weinstein wrote, “Nobody is arguing that these losers don’t have a right to their religious beliefs.”

But he continued, “However, as long as these faux "victimized" chaplains insist on accepting a government paycheck from us, the American taxpayers, while nurturing and maintaining the state of antagonism between their religion and the sexual/gender identities of service members, then they don't belong in the military.

"At this stage, the only honorable thing that these losers can do is to fold up their uniforms, turn in their papers, and get the hell out of the American military chaplaincy. If they are unwilling or too cowardly to do so, then the Department of Defense must expeditiously cleanse itself of the intolerant filth that insists on lingering in the ranks of our armed forces.

Charming – but that is an inevitable consequence of legalising homosexual ‘marriage’. Anyone who is paid by the government loses their freedom of religion and freedom of conscience according to this activist!

Article: Pentagon urged to boot chaplains who oppose 'gay marriage, WND, 29/6/2015.

3. USA: Episcopalian Church votes to approve homosexual ‘marriage’
Another church supports homosexual ‘marriage’. At their national assembly in Salt Lake City on 1 July, the Episcopalian Church (part of the world-wide Anglican Church) voted to allow religious weddings for homosexual couples in their churches.

The move was approved by the House of Deputies, the voting body of clergy and lay people. The House of Bishops had voted in favour the day before – by 129 votes to 26 votes, with five abstaining.

The Church stated, “Rapid changes in civil law concerning marriage in the United States, along with the responses received as part of the SCLM church-wide consultation process, indicate a need for equivalent proper liturgies in jurisdictions where same-sex marriage is legal. Further, the SCLM consultation process indicated a pastoral need for equivalent marriage rites that could be used by any couple”.

Thus they changed the liturgy used for marriage ceremonies – stripping out the words husband and wife, and only referring to ‘the couple’… Of course, there is NO mention that marriage is between a man and a woman!
See the changes to the liturgy – click here.

Article: Episcopalian church votes to approve same-sex marriage, CBS, 1/7/2015.

4. Audacity Movie – about homosexuality and same-sex ‘marriage’
Check out the new movie - 'Audacity' - a movie from Ray Comfort - about homosexuality and same-sex 'marriage'. The film combines a dramatised story with interviews with people on the street about homosexuality and same-sex 'marriage'.
Joe Dallas, of Genesis Counselling, (and a former homosexual himself), says, “Audacity’ is both compelling and equipping. It couldn’t be more timely.”
Check out 'Audacity'! It will be officially launched on August 19 - but can be downloaded now for US$19.99...


5. UK: Faith schools and teaching homosexuality
Labour MP Andy Burnham, said to be the ‘front-runner’ to lead the Labour Party, recently said that ALL schools should be forced to teach about homosexual relationships… of course, he meant that they should be presented in a positive light!

“That has to be tackled right there, and not only should SRE be absolutely compulsory, but there must be absolute equality in terms of all relationships within Sex and Relationships Education in terms of how it is taught...”

Article: Faith schools must be forced to teach about homosexuality – Andy Burnham, Telegraph, 25/6/2015.

6. Ireland: Children have better language skills if cared for by a RELATIVE
Yes, we all know the importance of children spending time with their mother when young.

Recent research from Ireland…

‘Infants cared for by a relative develop better language skills by the age of three than those cared for in settings such as crèches, according to new research. Children looked after in crèches develop better motor-skills such as hand eye co-ordination by the same age, finds the study, commissioned by Túsla - the Child and Family Agency - and the Irish Research Council, and carried out by Maynooth University.

The research found that language skills are the only element in which children who are cared for by their own extended families fare better by the age of three.’

Article: Better language skills at age 3 if young minded by relatives – study, Irish Times, 7/7/2015.

7. Scientist jailed for AIDS research fraud
Ethics is scientific research is of the utmost importance – which is why action was taken against a scientist who added rabbit blood to a vaccine being used in AIDS research. His initial finding of ‘success’ came from an accidental mixing of human and rabbit blood – but he later deliberately added the rabbit blood to try and show the vaccine was ‘successful’ and to impress his supervisor.

He’s now been sentenced to 4 ½ years in prison for making false statements in research reports and ordered to pay $7.2 million to a federal government agency that funded the research.

Article: Ex-Iowa State Scientist Gets Prison for Faking HIV Research, AP, ABC News, 1/7/2015.

8. USA: Baptist University drops ‘homosexual acts’ from sexual misconduct code - – comparison with Hillsong College action
Some media articles have reported that Baylor, the world’s largest Baptist University, has dropped ‘homosexual acts’ from its sexual misconduct code. But it wasn’t the only change. The previous policy also ‘mandated disciplinary action for sexual assault, incest, adultery and fornication.’ They have also been removed.

However, it is not as bad as some reports sounded… the policy, adopted in May 2015, affirms the Biblical standard of sex within marriage. The university said that the change of wording better reflects its values as a “caring community”.

The new policy is: "Baylor will be guided by the biblical understanding that human sexuality is a gift from God and that physical sexual intimacy is to be expressed in the context of marital fidelity. Thus, it is expected that Baylor students, faculty and staff will engage in behaviors consistent with this understanding of human sexuality.”

The University says the “policy will be interpreted by the University in a manner consistent with the Baptist Faith and Message of 1963.” They also state, “In all disciplinary procedures Baylor University will seek to be redemptive in the lives of the individuals involved and to witness to the high moral standards of the Christian faith.”

The Baptist Faith and Message of 1963 statement originally didn't include anything about marriage, but a statement about marriage being between a man and a woman, and sex only within that marriage, was added in 1998 - but it is still known as the 1963 statement - read Statement.

Of course, with homosexual 'marriage' now legalised, one has to ask what is meant by "marital fidelity" - hopefully Baylor will re-assess their policy in this light!

But the action taken by Baylor is quite different to the situation when Hillsong College (connected to Hillsong in Australia) removed homosexuality from its list of proscribed sexual conduct in the Student Handbook in 2014 – but left all the other prohibitions in place! The effect was to remove homosexuality from the list of ‘sexual sins’!
(See article by Aprising Ministries and our report. See current Student Handbook, p 12)

Policy posted on Baylor website – click here.

Article: World's Largest Baptist University Drops 'Homosexual Acts' From Sexual Misconduct Code, Charisma, 8/7/2015.


News jigsaw Fotolia 59083953 320x200If you think this News Update, covering the past fortnight, includes a lot of articles about homosexuality, then you’re right!

With the US Supreme Court decision on homosexual ‘marriage’, the homosexual activists have re-doubled their efforts to get Australia to follow suit. But there is some good news - Austria and Italy are resisting the push, along with many in Australia!

Of course, it is NOT just ‘marriage’ they are after…. There are lots of other ‘rights’!
They want total ‘acceptance’…

And just one week after the US decision, a TRIO has applied for a ‘marriage’ licence, saying ‘It’s all about equality’! (See the very last item.)

So grab a coffee or tea to sustain you, and read on!


News Update 26 June 2015

Australian News
1. NSW Parliament LGBTIQ ‘Friendship Group’
2. NSW – more support for homosexual rights
3. Vic: Sex party calls for legalisation of X-rated films
4. Homosexual marriage – cross-party Bill, polls, corporate support…
    4.1 Federal cross-Party homosexual ‘marriage’ Bill planned for early AUGUST
    4.2 Do you live in Darwin or Palmerston – an opportunity to have your say!
    4.3 Great article by Senator Eric Abetz on MARRIAGE
    4.4 Marriage polls – depends who is asking the question!
    4.5 Is it any surprise we’re losing? Uniting Church minister endorses homosexual ‘marriage’
    4.6 Corporate support for homosexual ‘marriage’…
    4.7 Homosexuals complain about Catholic Bishops booklet on marriage
    4.8 Rodney Croome – on ‘defending marriage’
    4.9 Nick Jensen responds - Interview with Eternity
5. University Guide for homosexual students
6. Update: Marion Council in SA - decision to fly homosexual flag

Overseas News
1. USA: Boy scouts and homosexual leaders
2. USA: Determining who you ARE – the story of Rachel Dolezal
3. Homosexual ‘marriage’ – Mexico, Austria, Pitcairn Island, Germany, Rome
    3.1 Mexico legalises homosexual ‘marriage’
    3.2 Austria REJECTS homosexual ‘marriage’
    3.3 Pitcairn Island legalises homosexual ‘marriage’
    3.4 Germany: Upper House push for homosexual ‘marriage’
    3.5 Good News! Hundreds of thousands rally in ROME against homosexual ‘unions‘
4. UK: Smacking must be BANNED to comply with UN, say Commissioners!
5. USA: Now for POLYGAMY – ‘It’s all about equality’!

News Update 26 June 2015

Australian News

1. NSW Parliament LGBTIQ ‘Friendship Group’
Politicians from across the political spectrum – Coalition, Labor, Greens, and Independent - have joined a new ‘Parliamentary Friendship Group for LGBTIQ’ in the NSW parliament that was launched this month. Thirty politicians and staff attended the first meeting. The parliament ALREADY has a “LGBTI cross-party working group on LGBTI issues”!

Who is the Chair of the new group?
Openly homosexual Liberal MP Bruce Notley-Smith – the homosexual newspaper reported that he had described the “NSW Parliament – which has six openly gay members – as “the gayest parliament in Australia.

The homosexual newspaper Star Observer gave the official title which includes the ‘Q’ for ‘queer’… but in their article they only talked about LGBTI – missing out the Q!

Article: NSW MPs urged to show the love for the LGBTI community, Star Observer, 25/6/2015.

2. NSW – more support for homosexual rights
Last week, the NSW Legislative Assembly passed a motion calling on the federal Coalition to allow a conscience vote on the issue of homosexual ‘marriage’.

Who was it moved by?
Independent MP Alex Greenwich (an open homosexual). It was backed by Liberal MP Bruce Notley-Smith (also openly homosexual) and Lee Evans, Labor MP Jo Haylen and Greens MP Jenny Leong.

Also, “NSW Attorney-General Gabrielle Upton said she would investigate the implications for the state following the publication earlier this month of the Human Rights Commission’s “state of the nation” report on the issues affecting the LGBTI community.”

Why did she make that statement?
Yes, Alex Greenwich again! His media release states, “In response to calls from the Independent Member for Sydney, Alex Greenwich, the NSW Attorney-General, Gabrielle Upton, has committed to reviewing the implications for NSW of the Human Rights Commission report on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Intersex rights.”

Religious exemptions: Greenwich also said he’s planning a NEW anti-discrimination Bill to remove religious exemptions: “I will soon introduce my anti-discrimination bill to remove exemptions that allows private schools to discriminate against LGBTI teachers and students.”

Article: NSW Parliament calls on Canberra to grant Coalition conscience vote on marriage equality, Star Observer, 24/6/2015.
Media release from Alex Greenwich: NSW to review sexual orientation, gender identity and intersex rights, 26/6/2015.

3. Vic: Sex party calls for legalisation of X-rated films
It certainly didn’t take long for the Sex Party to really push their agenda in the Victorian parliament. Sex Party MP Fiona Patten is advocating for the sale of X-rated pornographic films to be legal in Victoria. She said, "I would hope that in 2015 the archaic law that prohibits the sale of sexually explicit material in Victoria would be overturned.”

Whilst it might seem contradictory, she moved a motion last week to have “tighter regulations” of X-rated films – in essence, the enforcement of the current BAN on the sale of X-rated films, which she says are being sold in petrol stations… (and we support the enforcement of the ban!)

BUT it was all about highlighting her REAL agenda! She wants to have the motion debated after the winter break.

Meanwhile Greens MP Ellen Sandell FAILED to get ‘time’ in parliament to debate her motion to dump Christian prayers and replace them with a ‘time of reflection’.

Article: Sex Party urges change in 'illogical' laws to allow sale of X-rated pornographic films, The Age, 25/6/2015.

4. Homosexual marriage – cross-party Bill, polls, corporate support…

4.1 Federal cross-Party homosexual ‘marriage’ Bill planned for early AUGUST
This week, it was announced that a ‘cross-party Bill’ to legalise homosexual ‘marriage’ has been drafted – and could be introduced as early as 11 AUGUST. The Bill is being co-sponsored by Liberal MP Warren Entsch and Labor MP Terri Butler. The Australian reports, “It is understood the draft law is supported by a cross-party group of lower-house MPs including Mr Entsch, Ms Butler, Liberal Teresa Gambaro, Labor’s Laurie Ferguson, Greens MP Adam Bandt and independents Andrew Wilkie and Cathy McGowan.”

Terri Butler told the media, “The prospects of success depend on what Tony Abbott does. If Tony Abbott offers his party room a free vote, then it has good prospects. If he doesn’t, it doesn’t”.” says that the Coalition is expected to consider the issue of a conscience vote on 18 August at their party room meeting.

The Bill is SUPPOSED to ‘specifically exempt ministers and chaplains from being forced to conduct homosexual ‘weddings’.
But for how long? And what about celebrants who philosophically disagree? And what about rentals of church property, baking of cakes and more…

Article: Same-sex marriage bill with cross-party support to go before Parliament, The Australian, 1/7/2015.
Article: Same-sex marriage: cross-party bill to be introduced on August 11,, 1/7/2015.

4.2 Do you live in Darwin or Palmerston? An opportunity to have your say!
Natasha Griggs, the Member for Solomon is inviting her constituents in Darwin and Palmerston, to let he know their feelings about homosexual ‘marriage’.
Natasha says, “The record shows that my personal view is that I support the current definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman.”

However she is asking the electorate what THEY think. If you live in that electorate, please respond by survey, Facebook or personally contacting Natasha’s office. If you have friends in Darwin or Palmerston, please let them know!
Click here for the information!

4.3 Great article by Senator Eric Abetz on MARRIAGE
Eric had an opinion piece in the Sydney Morning Herald on 2 July, on the importance of marriage and why it is NOT inevitable that Australia will legalise homosexual ‘marriage’.
He points out the problems in the US Supreme Court decision and said, “It is disappointingly predictable that the media in Australia is obsessed by a slim majority activist US Supreme Court decision” but ignored the developments in Rome and Austria (see Overseas News below).

Article: The fight for same-sex marriage in Australia is far from over, Sen Eric Abetz, SMH, 2/7/2015.
Media report: Australia should not legalise same-sex marriage because Asia hasn't: Eric Abetz, 2/7/2015.

4.4 Marriage polls – depends who is asking the question!
Some politicians are quoting the 2014 Textor-Crosby poll – saying 72% of people are in favour of homosexual ‘marriage’. But this poll was commissioned by the main homosexual lobby group, Australian Marriage Equality!

Recently Australian Marriage Forum, one of the groups opposing homosexual ‘marriage’, commissioned a poll that was conducted by Galaxy. In previous ads, AMF has focused on the right of a child to have a mother and a father.
- By a margin of three to one, Australians agree we should try to ensure that children, where possible, are raised by their own mother and father.
- By a margin of three to one, Australians agree that the right to marry includes the right to create a family.
- By a margin of three to one, Australians think it is more important that a child should have a mum and dad than that two men should have the right to marry and create a family.
- By a margin of three to one, Coalition voters would be "MUCH LESS likely" to vote for an MP who supports same-sex marriage.

FamilyVoice Australia, Media Release: New marriage poll gives different answers, 25/6/2015.
The POLL and RESULTS on Australian Marriage Forum website:
NEW GALAXY POLL for AMF: Reframes the same-sex ‘marriage’ debateNEW GALAXY POLL for AMF: Reframes the same-sex ‘marriage’ debate

4.5 Is it any surprise we’re losing? Uniting Church minister endorses homosexual ‘marriage’
When Christians are supporting homosexual ‘marriage’, is it any wonder that we are losing the battle! The latest in a long line was the Minister at the Ascot Vale Uniting Church, Ron Rosinsky. He said that it was discriminatory to not allow same-sex ‘marriage’ “because it is barring the institution of marriage from gay people based on their orientation, not based on the quality of their character and not based on their commitment to each other.”

You can see the battle we’re facing!

Article: Ascot Vale pro same sex marriage church minister speaks out against discrimination, Moonee Valley Leader, 29/6/2015.

4.6 Corporate support for homosexual ‘marriage’…
The homosexuals are out getting support for homosexual ‘marriage’ from major corporations – including Westpac, Qantas, NAB, Westpac, ANZ, St George Bank, Commonwealth Bank, SBS, Slater and Gordon, the Football Federation of Australia and McDonalds

Last month there was a ‘Diversity’ breakfast. That was followed by a LARGE FULL PAGE ADVERTISEMENT in The Australian, supporting same-sex ‘marriage’, endorsed by 53 companies!

They don’t seem to be concerned that a LARGE proportion of their customers DON’T support it!
As Graham McLennan of NACL wrote, “Do their staff, shareholders and customers approve of this?”

At least Bendigo Bank refused to participate… In a letter responding to the question of whether they supported homosexual ‘marriage’, they talked about ‘diversity’ and acceptance in the workplace, but didn’t take a position on homosexual ‘marriage’… They wrote, “We feel that by taking a position as a corporate entity we are presuming the opinion of the people we work with and serve.  These are very personal matters that we should and will leave to individuals to express their own views.”

Australian Marriage Equality has an ‘Open Letter’ which they are asking ‘corporate organisations to sign – they currently have 246 companies on boardclick here to see who is SUPPORTING homosexual ‘marriage’.

Opposing this development, Dr David van Gend, of Australian Marriage Forum, has written an ‘Open Letter’ to the 53 companies who endorsed the full page ad – click here to READ David’s letter.
You can use some of his points to write your OWN LETTER to some of the companies!

Article: Gay marriage: Australia's businesses take out full-page ad backing same-sex partnerships, ABC, 29/5/2015.
Article: Same-sex marriage: Top Australian companies support marriage equality push with ad campaign, The Australian, 29/5/2015.

4.7 Homosexuals complain about Catholic Bishops booklet on marriage
It was probably to be expected – Rodney Croome, of the homosexual group Australian Marriage Equality, recently claimed that the booklet issued by the Catholic Bishops was ‘discriminatory’. His headlines were: “Gay students at risk from denigration” and “Educators who allow distribution violate duty of care.” They claim it “denigrates and demeans same-sex relationships” and are urging parents to complain to the Commissioner!

AME Media Release: Church school marriage booklet likely violates anti-bias law – Australian Marriage Equality.

4.8 Rodney Croome – on ‘defending marriage’
Yes, Mr Croome has been very busy… this time writing an article for the ABC’s ‘Religion and Ethics’ webpage!

In it, he claims to be a ‘defender of marriage’! The context is a response to a comment by Liberal Philip Ruddock on Q & A that Australia could adopt the French system of two types of registration of relationships (he said civil unions for all, and marriage by churches). Scott Morrison also mentioned Mr Ruddock’s proposal. Croome rightly points out that Mr Ruddock was incorrect – the French system has civil marriage for all and then a couple can have a religious blessing from a church.
Obviously, we don’t support either of those options for Australia!
[France also has civil unions for both homosexual and heterosexual couples.]

One interesting point in Croome’s article is that he acknowledges he has changed his position on homosexual ‘marriage’. We have often pointed out that he used to boast that he thought relationship registers were ‘superior’ to marriage and highlighted the irony of him becoming the main lobbyist for homosexual ‘marriage’!

Rodney Croome attempts to explain why…
“I admit I haven't always looked on marriage this way. Earlier in my life, I was indifferent to marriage because the law said it was not for me. I absorbed and reflected all the wry and cynical attitudes to marriage that any ubiquitous institution is bound to attract. What has changed is that I now see marriage as an indispensable part of our law and culture, a blessing millions of Australians enjoy and want their gay and lesbian fellow citizens to enjoy too. That is why I look with horror on the Ruddock/Morrison proposal. That is how, after more than a decade, Ruddock, Morrison and I find our positions on marriage reversed...”

Article: Marriage is Under Threat and Needs Defending ... from Philip Ruddock, ABC Religion and Ethics, 22/6/2015.

4.9 Nick Jensen responds - Interview with Eternity
Nick Jensen, who wrote an article talking about divorcing his wife if homosexual ‘marriage’ is legalised, has responded to his critics in an interview with Eternity newspaper, published by the Bible Society.
Article: Nick “Gay law change may force us to divorce” Jensen responds to his critics, Eternity, Bible Society.

5. University Guide for homosexual students
Now there is an “An Australian University Guide For LGBTI Students”. Buzz Feed reports, “The first ever guide assessing all Australian universities on their inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex students has been launched. The Australian LGBTI University Guide, a free, online publication, provides information about Australian universities on their efforts to include LGBTI students. The guide was jointly produced by the Star Observer and the NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby, with support from advocacy bodies Out For Australia, Transgender Victoria and Organisation Intersex International Australia.
The Guide misses out the ‘Q’ letter – although the University of NSW has a ‘Queer officer’!

Tim Wilson, the Human Rights Commissioner at HREOC! With his recent launch of the HREOC document on homosexual rights, it seems he is really an ACTIVIST for the homosexual cause!

What does it cover?
“Criteria included whether the university had anti-discrimination policies, mandatory training for staff, resources, welfare and health support, and societies and events that catered specifically for LGBTI students.”

Article: How LGBTI-friendly is your university?, Buzz Feed, 12/5/2015.

6. Update: Marion Council in SA - decision to fly homosexual flag

One Councillor on the Marion Council in SA, Jerome Appleby, called on the Council to review its decision to permanently fly the homosexual flag, saying that proper meeting procedure wasn’t followed. He set up a petition page for local residents to register their concern with the Council.

Meanwhile, small cards were distributed in the local Marion Council area. Greens MLC Tammy Franks claimed they were “abhorrent gay hate propaganda” and “offensive and discriminatory”. They were referred to police!

What did they say? What was so ‘hateful’?
On the front was a statement about the Council decision, with the slogan ‘If you don’t love it, leave’, with the weblink of a newspaper article.

On the back were some health statistics about homosexuality, with full documentation.
As Bill Muehlenberg wrote, the statistics were:
“-1 in 9 homosexual men in Australia have HIV (stats from the UN AIDS Organisation)
-64% of homosexual men in Australia have HPV, and are 20% more likely to have anal cancer (stats from a homosexual newspaper)
-Australian homosexuals have higher rates of gonorrhoea throat infection (stats from the Medical Journal of Australia)
As Bill said,“And for simply presenting these medical facts about the lifestyle, this is a hate pamphlet? How so? … How in the world are scientific facts, even as discussed in the homosexual press, “propaganda”? The truth is, governments make such rational and important warnings all the time. They have to: public health and safety is a major concern for all governments, and we should always alert people to the various health risks involved in their particular lifestyles...”

Article: Marion council to review decision to raise rainbow flag as 'homophobic' cards are referred to SA police, ABC, 21/6/2015.

Bill Muehlenberg’s Article: The Homosexual-Ruling Elites Complex

Meanwhile, the Chief Executive of the Copper Council in SA, Peter Harder, has resigned because the Council voted to fly the homosexual flag during the ‘Feast Festival’. He said that the public would think he was endorsing the decision, when it actually was in conflict with his personal values!
Well, done, Peter!

Article: Copper Coast council chief executive Peter Harder quits over decision to raise rainbow flag during Feast Festival, ABC, 2/7/2015.

Overseas News

1. USA: Boy scouts and homosexual leaders
The President of the Boy Scouts in the USA, Robert Gates, recently told the group's national meeting in Atlanta that the ‘ban’ on homosexuals being Scout leaders is ‘unsustainable and ‘needs to end’. He said he wasn’t proposing a policy change now, but made statements that made it LESS LIKELY that the current ban would be strongly enforced.

Article: Boy Scouts president says ban on gay leaders needs to end, Reuters, 25/5/2015.

2. USA: Determining who you ARE – the story of Rachel Dolezal
Maybe you’ve heard about the controversy over Rachel Dolezal – a white woman who says “I am black”. She has been accused of misrepresenting her racial background. This was even more significant because she was an activist for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), an ‘African-American civil rights organization’.

She calls herself ‘transracial’ – and said the transgender story of Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner “resonated” with her!

It really does raise the question of how much we can re-define who we are!
Article: Black or white? Who is Rachel Dolezal?, BBC, 12/6/2015.
Article: Rachel Dolezal breaks her silence on TODAY: 'I identify as black', TODAY, 16/6/2015.

3. Homosexual ‘marriage’ – Mexico, Austria, Pitcairn Island, Germany, Rome

3.1 Mexico legalises homosexual ‘marriage’
Yes, another COURT decision – “The Supreme Court of Mexico ruled on Friday that the definition of marriage as the union of a man and a woman is discriminatory and unconstitutional.”

The Court stated, in its decision, that procreation was not a purpose for marriage! The court’s decision legalizes same-sex marriage in all of the 31 states of Mexico – which is over 80 percent Catholic.

Article: Mexico legalises same-sex marriage, not for procreation, Breitbart, 23/6/2015.

3.2 Austria REJECTS homosexual ‘marriage’
The Austrian parliament has OVERWHELMINGLY REJECTED homosexual ‘marriage’ – by a vote of 110:26!

It wasn’t a formal Bill on the issue, rather, “A motion tabled by a group of MPs, requesting the Federal Government to submit a bill to provide for the possibility of same-sex “marriages”.”

It seems that it was a political move – the Greens party proposed the motion – and they were they only Party that voted for it.

But it’s still good news – as Agenda Europe wrote, “This shows once more that “homo-marriage” is neither inevitable nor unstoppable.”

Article: Austria: National Assembly votes 110-26 against same-sex “marriage, Agenda Europe, 20/6/2015.

3.3 Pitcairn Island legalises homosexual ‘marriage’
Pitcairn Island, famous for the mutiny on the HMS Bounty, has legalised ‘marriage’ for homosexuals – but apparently there aren’t any homosexual couples there wanting to ‘marry’!

The tiny Pacific Island, with a population of 50, is actually a territory of Great Britain. Of course, they have their eye on tourism dollars…

Article: Pacific's tiny Pitcairn Island legalises same-sex marriage, AFP, Yahoo, 25/6/2015.

3.4 Germany: Upper House push for homosexual ‘marriage’
Germany has remained steadfast in its opposition to homosexual ‘marriage’ – and Chancellor Angela Merkel and her conservative party are opposed to it. However the German Upper House, representing 16 state governments, recently voted in favour of ‘marriage’ and adoption for homosexuals.

Germany legalised civil unions for homosexuals in 2001, after a long debate.

Article: Germany Edging Towards ‘Marriage For All’ and Gay Adoption, Breitbart, 13/6/2015.

3.5 Good News! Hundreds of thousands rally in ROME against homosexual ‘unions‘
An estimated 300,000 people rallied in Rome last week, to protest against the legal recognition of homosexual relationships AND the and the teaching of ‘gender theories’ in schools. The government is currently trying to push through a ‘civil unions’ Bill.

The Square where the rally was held holds an estimated 300,000 people, but people were spilling out of the Square into side streets and organisers claimed around 1 million people were there.

We have to ask, “If a rally was held to oppose the legalisation of homosexual ‘marriage’ in Australia, HOW MANY would come’???

Article: Hundreds of thousands rally in Rome against gay unions, Yahoo, 20/6/2015.

4. UK: Smacking must be BANNED to comply with UN, say Commissioners!
Britain’s four Children’s commissioners have told the United Nations that smacking must be banned in the United Kingdom is to comply with ‘international law’. The Commissioners also said that the Government must also teach parents who smack alternative “non-violent forms of child rearing and behaviour management”!

The report was sent to a ‘Committee that assess whether the UK is living up to what the commissioners see as Britain’s commitments under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC)’…

This should be a warning to Australia – since Australia has ALSO signed the Convention on the Rights of the Child!

Article: Smacking must be banned to bring UK into line with international law - report to UN insists, Telegraph, 1/7/2015.

5. USA: Now for POLYGAMY – ‘It’s all about equality’!
It didn’t take long…

Just one week after the US supreme Court decision affirming the ‘right’ to homosexual ‘marriage’, a Montana man, Nathan Collier, and his two ‘wives’ have applied for a wedding licence so that he can marry his SECOND WIFE!

His reasoning?

"It's about marriage equality. You can't have this without polygamy."

Article: Polygamous US trio seek wedding licence, AAP, 2/7/2015.


News ball Fotolia 31010118 320x200A round-up of news from the week…

This News Update includes:
- numerous items relating to homosexual ‘marriage’ in Australia.
- a commentary on the Q and A documentary and panel discussion promoting homosexual rights last night (with lone Christian Rev Fred Nile on the panel to oppose the LGBTQI agenda)
- mention of the Magna Carta being signed 800 years ago this week (see FINAL item!).

All of these would merit a separate E-News – but I don’t like to send too many emails to fill your Inboxes, so please forgive me for the lengthy post – and browse to read the items that interest (or concern) you!


News Update 19 June 2015

Australian News
1. Vic: Greens want to BAN Lord’s Prayer in parliament
2. Update: report from ‘Terror Summit’
3. Adelaide Council plans to fly LGBTIQ flag EVERY day
4. UPDATE: Homosexual ‘marriage’
    4.1 Vic Liberal leader SUPPORTS homosexual ‘marriage’
    4.2 Labor’s Bill Shorten offers to ‘drop’ his homosexual ‘marriage’ Bill – IF…
    4.3 NSW Presbyterian Church criticised for sign affirming true marriage
    4.4 Teenager launches petition opposing Catholic schools distributing brochure
    4.5 Nationals Senator opposes homosexual ‘marriage’ and cops criticism
    4.6 Opposing homosexual ‘marriage’ is NOT homophobic – two clergy speak
    4.7 Follow up to Nick Jensen’s proposal to ‘divorce his wife’…
    4.8 Qld LNP state MP opposes homosexual ‘marriage
    4.9 Liberals to PM – same-sex ‘marriage’ “not inevitable”
5. Q & A stages biased discussion on LGBTIQ rights
6. Drink driving – impounding cars
7. Hillsong cancels appearance of Mark Driscoll following protests
8. Update: Court case against Q Society & Kirralie Smith re HALAL
9. Supreme Court case regarding ‘witness’ outside Melbourne abortion clinic
10. Queensland – protests against Grill’d supporting pro-life group Cherish Life

Overseas News
1. USA: Senate to consider ‘pain’ Bill re abortion
2. USA: Disabled protesters call for Peter Singer to resign from Princeton
3. Magna Carta – 800 years since it was signed

News Update 19 June 2015

Australian News

1. Vic: Greens want to BAN Lord’s Prayer in parliament
This is an ongoing battle for the Greens – trying to ban prayer in state and federal parliaments. This time it’s Victoria!
Ellen Sandell, Greens MP for Melbourne, has called for the Lord’s Prayer to be scrapped – and replaced by a ‘secular’ reflection or perhaps a rotation of prayers of various faiths. The action by Sandell came after Liberal MP Tim Smith criticised the Greens for making a ‘protest’ by refusing to be in the Camber for the opening prayer.

Article: Call to ban the Lord’s Prayer in Victorian Parliament, The Age, 15/6/2015.

2. Update: report from ‘Terror Summit’
Following the Summit on terrorism held on 12 June 2015, an official Communiqué was issued… It begins by summarising the event, attendees and purpose: “Ministers and officials from 24 countries, the European Union and the United Nations, as well as representatives from civil society and the private sector, met today in Sydney, Australia, for the ministerial component of a two-day Regional Summit to Counter Violent Extremism.”

Five key themes were discussed: “Regional and international cooperation, Research and information sharing, Strengthening the role of civil society to contribute to strategic communications, Supporting vulnerable communities and Strengthening community-police relations . . .”

The official statement: Communiqué: Ministerial Meeting, 12 June 2015, Sydney, Australia.

3. Adelaide Council plans to fly LGBTIQ flag EVERY day
Not content with flying the homosexual rainbow flag occasionally, such as on IDAHO Day, as some other Councils have done, the Marion Council in SA has decided to fly the homosexual ‘rainbow flag’ EVERY day. The motion was passed 6 votes to 5.

They have previously installed LOTS of flag poles outside its Sturt council office – SIX, in fact! They already fly the Australian, South Australian, Aboriginal, Torres Strait Island and two Marion Council flags. The rainbow flag will replace one of the Marion flags. If someone else wants to fly a flag, they may have to erect another flag pole! is running a poll – currently the vote is 58% in favour of flying the flag…
Please vote NO!

Article: Adelaide council votes to fly permanently the rainbow flag of LGBTIQ community,, 11/6/2015.

4. UPDATE: Homosexual ‘marriage’

4.1 Vic Liberal leader SUPPORTS homosexual ‘marriage’
Matthew Guy, the Victorian Liberal Opposition leader, recently announced that he now SUPPORTS homosexual ‘marriage’ and ADOPTION by homosexual couples.

Australian Christians put out a Media Release, expressing their serious disappointment – especially since he had promoted his ‘conservative credentials’ during the 2014 election campaign.

Article: Matthew Guy backs same-sex marriage, gay adoption, more compassion for refugees, The Age, 31/5/2015.

Australian Christians Media Release: Matthew Guy: People and Principle abandoned for Politics, 5/6/2015.

4.2 Labor’s Bill Shorten offers to ‘drop’ his homosexual ‘marriage’ Bill – IF…
Labor leader Bill Shorten told a ‘marriage equality’ rally last weekend that he would offer to ‘drop’ his Bill to legalise homosexual ‘marriage’ – IF it was replaced by a ‘cross-party Bill.
Article: Shorten Offers to Drop Marriage Equality Bill, Out in Perth, 14/6/2015.

4.3 NSW Presbyterian Church criticised for sign affirming true marriage
Bathurst Presbyterian Church in NSW has been criticised by local homosexuals for displaying a sign that reads, “1 Man + 1 Woman = Marriage – So says Jesus, Matthew 19.”

The minister, Rev Tim Abbey, said his church fully supported retaining marriage as between a man and a woman. He said he posted the sign because ‘a number of federal politicians and church leaders spoke out suggesting Jesus would have supported changing the definition of marriage in the Marriage Act.’

The intolerance of homosexual activists was evident - There were chalk protest signs on the pavement in front of the church and homosexuals posed for photos kissing beside the sign. The minister said a lot of the Facebook reaction was “quite hateful”.

This is very similar to the response when Gray Hodge posted a marriage billboard in Tasmania in 2013 (read about that here)!

Article: St Stephen's same-sex marriage sign sparks backlash, Western Advocate, 16/6/2015.

4.4 Teenager launches petition opposing Catholic schools distributing brochure
Last week, we mentioned that the Australian Catholic Bishops had published an 18 page brochure opposing the legalisation of homosexual ‘marriage’. Since then, a Sydney teenager has launched a petition addressed to the Catholic Church, saying, “Please remove the ignorant and anti-gay propaganda from circulation in Australian schools regarding same-sex marriage.”

Article: Sydney teenager Georgia Simpson petitions to remove anti-gay marriage material from schools,, 12/6/2015.

4.5 Nationals Senator opposes homosexual ‘marriage’ and cops criticism
Senator Bridget McKenzie, a Nationals senator for Victoria, has affirmed her support for marriage continuing to be between a man and a women. She was criticised by her brother, who is homosexual, in a letter that he wrote to the Bendigo Advertiser.

Bridget re-affirmed her position, but said that she kept her family life separate to her political life.

But for homosexuals, it is never enough unless you FULLY support their agenda…

Bridget said that she supports other recognition and the removal of ‘discrimination’ – she just doesn’t support same-sex ‘marriage’! She wrote, "As a National Party senator, every vote which comes before the Senate is a conscience vote for me and I will be voting with my conscience to oppose any such bill which seeks to legislate for same-sex marriage. I strongly support the recognition of same-sex relationships through civil unions and have long advocated for an end to discrimination based on sexuality, however I believe marriage is a sacred commitment between a man and a woman and should remain as such.”

Article: Brother of Nationals senator Bridget McKenzie hits out against sister's comments on same-sex marriage, ABC, 13/6/2015.

4.6 Opposing homosexual ‘marriage’ is NOT homophobic – two clergy speak
Perth’s Catholic Archbishop, Timothy Costelloe, contended in a media interview this week that it is NOT homophobic to oppose the legalisation of same-sex ‘marriage’.

This was also the theme of a recent article by Sydney Anglican, Rev Dr Michael Jensen – his article was titled, “I oppose same-sex marriage (and no, I'm not a bigot)”.

Article: Perth’s Catholic Archbishop says anti-gay marriage is not ‘homophobic’, Perth Now, 13/6/2015.

Article: I oppose same-sex marriage (and no, I'm not a bigot), ABC, The Drum, 28/5/2015.

4.7 Follow up to Nick Jensen’s proposal to ‘divorce his wife’…
A number of media articles questioned the seriousness of Nick Jensen’s proposal to ‘divorce’ his wife IF homosexual ‘marriage’ was legalised (which we wrote about last week).

From our perspective, we certainly won’t be getting a divorce!

Some commentators pointed out that, in order to divorce, there has to be a 12 months separation – and that the marriage has to have broken down. The Family Court website states, “You need to satisfy the Court that you and your spouse have lived separately and apart for at least 12 months, and there is no reasonable likelihood of resuming married life. It is possible to live together in the same home and still be separated.”

On the other hand, I know some denominations in Australia are seriously asking the question about whether they would be able to perform marriages in their churches in the future under a law that says marriage is ‘between any two people, regardless of gender’… That may end up having a ‘legal civil ceremony’ followed by a church service blessing service. Other discussions have revolved around the difference between civil and religious marriage, or the introduction of ‘covenant marriage’.

4.8 Qld LNP state MP opposes homosexual ‘marriage
Dr Mark Robinson, Member for Cleveland in Queensland’s Legislative Assembly, has spoken out to support marriage between a man and a woman. Brisbane Times reported that he spoke up on Q&A “after seeing a ‘minority’ of his Canberra colleagues hijack the issue, which he said was against both Liberal-National Party values and most of its members.” He said changing the Marriage Act could lead to polygamy being legalised, and he questioned the validity of ‘polls’.
Well done, Mark!
Encourage Mark by writing to him - Mark's website - click here.

Article: Federal politicians grandstanding for gay 'choice' - Queensland MP, Brisbane Times, 17/6/2015.

4.9 Liberals to PM – same-sex ‘marriage’ “not inevitable”

This was from 9 June – but worth referring to ….
Brisbane Times reported, “Conservative government MPs say same-sex marriage is not inevitable and have warned Tony Abbott that he faces a savage internal backlash over the issue, likening it to the devastating split over the ETS which cost Malcolm Turnbull the Liberal leadership in 2009. Several right wing Parliamentarians have told Fairfax Media they believe they have the numbers to oppose a free vote, a move that if successful  would greatly decrease the chances of the bill passing the lower house.  "If you put this to a ballot in the party room, this does not get up," confided one MP….”
Article: Same-sex ‘marriage’ “not inevitable”, conservatives warn Tony Abbott, Brisbane Times, 9/6/2014.

This article relates to our report on 9 June – where we encouraged you to write to Tony Abbott (and your local MP/Senators) to ask them to SUPPORT marriage between a man and a woman.)

5. Q & A stages biased discussion on LGBTIQ rights
If you think that Q & A is normally stacked with people on the ‘left side’ of politics, then last night’s Q & A ‘Special’ on homosexuality was even MORE biased.

After showing a documentary on the making of the film ‘Priscilla, Queen of the Desert’, a panel discussion was held. The Panel Discussion is on iview for 14 days: click here.

The host and FIVE of the panellists were from the LGBTIQ community – and homosexual rights activists! Although the Q&A panelist descriptions don’t tell you that!
They were: Host Tom Ballard (comedian, homosexual).
Panellists: Dennis Altman (homosexual, academic), Paul Capsis (out entertainer), Kathryn Hudson (queer activist, Wear it Purple), Julie McCrossin (lesbian, journalist) and Julia Doulman (transgender M-F).

In fact, the host called it ‘LGBTIQ and A’. As The Guardian wrote, “In case anyone was still in doubt about inclusivity or his credentials, he then broke down the acronym – lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, question, asexual and allied – before explaining that he would instead be using the reclaimed catch-all term: queer.”

The ONLY other panelist was Rev Fred Nile. As Bill Muehlenberg said, he is the ‘bravest Christian in Australia’. The Canberra Times reported that “Reverend Fred Nile might have been in the minority on Thursday night's Q&A special covering LGBTIQ rights and same sex marriage, but that didn't stop him from sticking to his guns.”.

During the discussion, Fred maintained that heterosexual marriage, between a man and a woman, has been the foundation of society for thousands of years. When asked about violence towards homosexuals in schools, Fred said, “My observation is that teenagers are going through sexual development and [it] can be quite dangerous, I think, to promote homosexuality in schools to children. “

But The Guardian highlighted the debate between Fred Nile and Julie McCrossin, a lesbian journalist who claims to be a Christian. . . who they described as ‘wholesome’!

Write and commend Fred for being prepared to face such a hostile, pro-homosexual panel - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Canberra Times statement and video 1:39 minutes.

Article: Promoting homosexuality in schools is dangerous, would confuse teenagers, Fred Nile says, ABC, 19/6/2015.

Article: Q&A review – predictable Fred Nile deflated by wholesome Julie McCrossin, The Guardian, 19/6/2015.

6. Drink driving – impounding cars
Victoria has announced new laws to try and curb drink driving – the current legal limit for driving is 0.05. The government has announced it will impound cars of ANY driver who has a blood alcohol reading of 0.1. In addition, ‘Offenders' licences will be cancelled for 10 months and they will face a fine of more than $600, along with any towing costs.’ Prior to the change, first time offenders lost their licence, but cars were only impounded for REPEAT offenders.

Article: Drink-drivers with readings over 0.1 to have cars impounded under new Victorian laws, ABC, 15/6/2015.

7. Hillsong cancels appearance of Mark Driscoll following protests
Hillsong Church has announced that they have withdrawn an invitation to Mark Driscoll to speak at their conference. Protesters had picketed the church, criticising Mr Driscoll’s treatment of women and other matters. The SMH wrote, “Mr Driscoll was forced to resign as pastor of Seattle’s Mars Hills Church in October last year after staff protests and an internal church review found him guilty of arrogance, “responding to conflict with a quick temper and harsh speech, and leading the staff and elders in a domineering manner”. Two weeks later, Mars Hill Church was effectively dissolved….”

For some time, we have been concerned about Mark Driscoll’s objectionable comments on the subject of sex.

Hillsong’s Senior pastor Brian Houston issued a statement announcing the decision to withdraw the invitation.

Article: Hillsong Church cancels pastor Mark Driscoll's Australian visit after backlash, SMH, 7/6/2015.

Statement from Pastor Brian Houston, Hillsong Church – click here.

8. Update: Court case against Q Society & Kirralie Smith re HALAL
Q Society has reported to readers this week about the latest developments in the NSW Supreme Court defamation case brought against them and Kirralie Smith of Halal Choices by Mr El-Mouehly of Halal Certification Authority Australia.

There were two major developments – the Judge ruled that Mr El-Mouehly ‘must particularise the jurisdictions and the people within those jurisdictions who accessed the videos overseas’ in order to show his reputation was ‘damaged overseas’. In order words, he can’t make an ‘ambit claim’ that ‘people’ were influenced. Also, the Judge ruled that 5 out of the 6 imputations that he claimed as defaming him should be struck out!

For an overview of the court case, see the January 2015 item in the News section on the Q Website

Q Society notes that this is still preliminary – and the ‘real trial’ might not be heard until early/mid 2016! Please continue to pray for Kirralie, for Q Society and their lawyers as they battle against the allegations.

9. Supreme Court case regarding ‘witness’ outside Melbourne abortion clinic
The case brought by the Fertility Control Clinic against the Melbourne City Council (MCC) has been heard in the Victorian Supreme Court.

The abortion clinic complained that the MCC should move ‘protesters’ away from outside the abortion clinic and that the Council should ‘protect’ staff and clients. The ‘Helpers of God’s Precious Infants’ hand out literature and pray – and have done for more than 20 years - but don’t block entry to the clinic. The Council maintains the abortion clinic should go to the police if they have concerns, and that the ‘Helpers’ aren’t breaking the law. The abortion clinic told the Court they want ‘buffer zones’ to stop people coming near the entrance.

The hearing has concluded – the Judge will hand down his decision at a later date.
Article: Australian Abortion Clinic Hires Lawyers to Crush Free Speech of Pro-Life People Protesting Outside, Life News, 9/6/2015.

10. Queensland – protests against Grill’d supporting pro-life group Cherish Life
Yes, more protests – Grill’d Burger chain provides support for local charities in their stores. When Cherish Life was selected, some locals protested because they were ‘pro-life’. Cherish Life state president Teresa Martin told the media that the organisation wanted to use the money to give pins to students to promote education about gestation of a baby.

In response, Grill’d withdrew the support for Cherish Life, ‘apologised’ and said "We are very much about pro-choice"!

So much for free speech and real choice!

Pro-life Victoria wrote, “Cherish Life ‘encourages and supports women for whom a pregnancy presents special difficulties and challenges’. Bill Muehlenberg has subsequently written an excellent article about this double standard.

Article: Grill'd burger chain apologises for Brisbane store's support of anti-abortion group Cherish Life, ABC, 10/6/2015.


Overseas News

1. USA: Senate to consider ‘pain’ Bill re abortion
Sen. Lindsey Graham has announced the Senate will take up the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. The bill stops abortions after 20 weeks – the time at which preborn babies can feel pain. The US House of Representatives recently passed the Bill. It is expected the Bill will pass the Senate – but that President Obama will veto the Bill.

Article: The US Senate will Senate Will Take Up Pain-Capable Life Bill, Citizen Link, 11/6/2015.

2. USA: Disabled protesters call for Peter Singer to resign from Princeton
WND reports, “About 70 disability-rights activists marched Wednesday on Princeton University to demand the resignation of famed ethics professor Peter Singer for contending in a recent radio interview that it is “reasonable” for government or private insurance companies to deny treatment to severely disabled babies.

As WND reported in April, Singer, speaking to weekend talk-show host Aaron Klein, asserted the health-care system under President Obama’s Affordable Care Act should be more overt about rationing and that the country should acknowledge the necessity of “intentionally ending the lives of severely disabled infants.”

Article: Disabled protesters demand Princeton fire famous prof, WND, 6/2015.

3. Magna Carta – 800 years since it was signed
Monday 15 June marked 800 years since the Magna Carta was signed at Runnymede in the UK - an agreement based on Biblical principles that was signed by King John in response to pressure from nobles who were dissatisfied with his rule.

Ros Phillips, of Family Voice put out an enlightening media release, summarising the benefits gained from the Charter: “The king is subject to the law, just like the rest of us; Trial by peers – eventually developing into trial by jury; The right to private property; No imprisonment without trial; No taxation without representation; The law must follow due process.”

Many of these aspects formed the foundation of our legal system.

Ros wrote, “Lord Denning, former UK Master of the Rolls, said the Magna Carta is: “The greatest constitutional document of all times – the foundation of the freedom of the individual against the arbitrary authority of the despot.”

Ros concluded, “King John may be long dead, but today we face new despots. Long live the Magna Carta!”

FamilyVoice Australia Media Release:  Remembering the Magna Carta: lest we forget!, 15/6/2015.
Find out more about the Magna Carta – at the British Library website or at


News with man Fotolia 60714122 320x200Catching up on news from the past couple of weeks. We enjoyed a few days break, but the issues seem to be coming thick and fast.
Please continue to read, pray and act …

Before reading this News Update, please vote on this Nine Poll on same-sex ‘marriage’:

The Question – Do you think the legalisation of same-sex marriage is inevitable?
Please vote NO click here.



News Update 12 June 2015

 Australian News
1. Catholic Church Bishops distribute booklet on marriage
2. Marriage: Christian couple may ‘divorce’ if homosexual ‘marriage’ is legalised
3. Federal Summit on ‘terror’
4. Victoria: Police propose plan to head off ‘radicalisation’
5. Climate change – Tony Abbott’s advisor warns about the UN and national sovereignty
6. Drugs – Dangers of ‘Synthetic cannabis’
7. Perth - transgender child competes in race in ‘new gender’
8. Government appoints imam to ADF ‘Religious Advisory Committee’

Overseas News
1. Europe: Court rules that disabled patient can be starved to death
2. USA: Faith groups may be forced to hire LGBT applicants
3. Scotland: Proposed law for government to monitor ‘family spirituality’
4. USA: Abortion vote in US House
5. Persecution of Christians
6. UK: Appeal REFUSED in ‘bus ad’ case


News Update 12 June 2015

Australian News

1. Catholic Church Bishops distribute booklet on marriage
The Australian Catholic Bishops have released a ‘Pastoral Letter on same-sex marriage’ - an 18 page A5 booklet on why marriage should be only between a man and a woman, titled ‘Don’t Mess with Marriage’. They published it online, distributed it to parishioners, and also distributed it to parents of children who attend Catholic schools. A Media Release about the booklet was also published and the ABC reportedd on its publication.
The Booklet: Don’t Mess with Marriage (or on this website)

As could be expected, not everyone is happy about the distribution of the booklet to parents of school children… The Age reported that some Catholic principals were ‘offended’ and refused to distribute it - and that the Safe Schools Coalition was critical (not surprising!). reported that, in Canberra, one parent was ‘furious’ that her daughter in Year 12 had been given a booklet – it turns out that the woman’s son (the sister of the student) is homosexual!

Of course, if you have chosen to send your child to a Catholic school, surely you would expect them (and you as a parent) to be given the Catholic position on moral issues!

Not according to Rodney Croome, who is now demanding that he be allowed to present the case FOR homosexual ‘marriage’ in Catholic schools!

2. Marriage: Christian couple may ‘divorce’ if homosexual ‘marriage’ is legalised
A Christian couple in Canberra, Nick and Sarah Jensen, say that they ‘may divorce’ if homosexual ‘marriage’ in legalised. The reason they give is that marriage will not be the same if it is extended to allow ‘two people’ to marry who are of the same sex, and they cannot support or be part of a ‘new’ meaning for marriage – Nick maintains they would continue to be married before God and the church. In essence, he says he is wanting to highlight the negative consequences of the government legalising homosexual ‘marriage’ (see 6 minute interview below).

In his article in Canberra City News, Nick notes that he is the “director of the Lachlan Macquarie Institute, which helps develop leaders in public policy (”.
The Lachlan Macquarie Institute is a non-profit company that runs the Lachlan Macquarie Internship, which is offered by the Australian Christian Lobby. The Boards of both LMI and ACL are almost identical. Nick was formerly the ACT Director and the Director of Leadership Development for ACL.

ACL Managing Director Lyle Shelton has now said he is seriously considering Nick’s comments and would also consider ‘divorcing his wife’.

Of course, homosexual activists criticised the paper’s editor for publishing Nick’s article – it seems that they want all their own articles presented but don’t want the other side heard!

Dr Paul Tyson, a professor of theology in the UK, opposed Nick’s view, with an article on the Ethos website, and they engaged in a ‘conversation’ – see here.
Nick’s article in the Canberra City News: Gay law change may force us to divorce
Interview on ACL’s Political Spot – click here.
News also wrote a report about Nick’s article.

3. Federal Summit on ‘terror’
This week a Summit was held in Canberra, addressing the new terrorist threats faced by Australia and other nations.
SBS reports, “The two day event - attended by politicians, academics and civil organisations from 25 countries - aims to discuss the most effective ways to combat extremist propaganda…”

Prime Minister Tony Abbott gave an opening address, where he gave a stark waring that “Daesh is coming”… Mr Abbott also mentioned that Australia is discussing its military options in the fight against IS militants – and possibly providing increased assistance to Iraq.

Article: 'Daesh is coming': PM's warning at counter-terror summit, SBS, 11/6/2015.

4. Victoria: Police propose plan to head off ‘radicalisation’
Victoria Police Acting Chief Commissioner Tim Cartwright said on ABC 774 radio (11/6/2015, 9-9.30 am) that Victoria Police is proposing a program where people who are suspected of getting involved in radicalisation could be monitored and directed to programs that would put them onto a ‘different path’. He said that courts would probably need to authorise the intervention.

During the discussion he said that this would apply to ANY people suspected of ‘radicalisation’ – he said it wasn’t just about Muslims, and went on to say ‘Islam is a peaceful religion’!

5. Climate change – Tony Abbott’s advisor warns about the UN and national sovereignty
A couple of interesting articles by Maurice Newman, who is the Chairman of PM Tony Abbott’s Business Advisory Council. He is the former chairman of the ABC and former chairman of the Australian Stock Exchange.

Mr Newman’s first article highlights the fact that the United Nations is using ‘global warming’ and ‘climate change’ as a tool to control nations. He notes that most of the climate models used to ‘prove’ global warming have been flawed.

His second article, published in The Australian this week, warns that our national sovereignty is at risk from the UN push for action over climate change, especially with the potential ‘climate change agreement’ to be discussed in Paris later this year.

He concludes, “So before we laugh off the prospect of global government based in Geneva and sleepwalk into surrendering more of our national sovereignty in Paris, we should wake up.”

- The UN is using climate change as a tool not an issue, The Australian, 8/5/2015.
- Sleepwalking into a loss of national sovereignty, The Australian, 8/6/2015.

If the articles are not available on The Australian’s website, the first one is included in full in this article by Dr Jack Wheeler: Exposing the warmist hoax, 14/5/2015.

6. Drugs – Dangers of ‘Synthetic cannabis’
It was interesting to hear the morning ABC 774 radio program talk about the dangers of ‘synthetic cannabis’. Because it is made from chemical compounds, and each one is not ‘specifically banned’, this substance is able to be legally sold in Melbourne. The reporter had interviewed a man who had bought the product at a tobacconist and had severe reactions over a couple of weeks of using the drug – leading to a total breakdown in the function of his kidneys.

The reporter noted that ‘synthetic cannabis’ is made from ‘dried herbs sprayed with chemicals’ – governments have trouble keeping up with the ‘chemical compounds’ used in order to ban them…

The Australian Drug Foundation has a ‘Facts’ page about the dangers of synthetic cannabis – click here.

7. Perth - transgender child competes in race in ‘new gender’
A controversy in Western Australia – an eight-year-old boy who says he is a girl was allowed to compete in a school cross-country event as a ‘girl’, wearing a skirt.

Some people weren’t happy… concerned parents said the child was too young to ‘make decisions’ about changing gender – and that it causes ‘causes practical and ethical dilemmas for the school and other students’, including the use of change rooms and toilets.

Peter Abetz, who was a pastor before entering parliament, also commented.

Perth Now reported,

‘Southern River MLA Peter Abetz, who was contacted by a concerned parent at the school, said the child should not have been allowed to compete as a girl in the race. “I think what the school could have done is gone to the parents and say, ‘We appreciate that you have the view that your son identifies as a girl, but from a practical perspective this is going to create a lot of difficulties at the school and if he doesn’t want to run the cross country as a boy he can stay on the sidelines’,” he said.’

A very reasonable response in the circumstances!

But advocates for transgender groups said it was ‘all OK’. The Principal of the school wrote to parents saying that the school had an obligation to “uphold and respect the rights of all children. . . The student was enrolled in our school last year and may be familiar to your children as a boy, but will now be recognised as a girl. . . In accordance with WA’s discrimination laws an individual cannot be discriminated against on the ground of transgender identity in sports, meaning that individuals can compete according to their identified gender.”

According to Perth Now, the Minister for Education Peter Collier wrote to Mr Abetz, telling him that ‘WA schools must take all reasonable steps to provide access to facilities, services or opportunities to meet special needs on the grounds of sex and sexual orientation”. Mr Collier said ‘in order not to discriminate based on gender identity, principals were best placed to make arrangements for transgender students on a case-by-case basis’.

That’s the sort of world we now live in! Anyone want to live on an island?

Article: Eight-year-old in transgender row after cross country run as girl, Perth Now, 7/6/2015.

8. Government appoints imam to ADF ‘Religious Advisory Committee’
We recently reported that the government announced that they planned to appoint a Muslim imam to the federal ‘Religious Advisory Committee to the Services’ (RACS) – the Defence Force.

The Assistant Minister for Defence, Stuart Robert, has now announced that the federal government has appointed an imam to RACS - Mohamadu Nawaz Saleem. He was appointed by the Australian National Imams Council. He is the Imam at the Werribee Mosque in Victoria, Treasurer of the Board of Imams Victoria, and Treasurer of the Australian National Imams Council.

Bernard Gaynor criticised the appointment, noting that this imam has endorsed statements opposing the government’s actions and expressing support for Hizb ut-Tahrir.

Michael Smith agreed, posting copies of the letters and documents signed by Mohamadu Nawaz Saleem. He concluded, “Following the same logic we should have put Tojo or Goebbels on our World War Two advisory committee.”

Media Release from the Assistant Minister for Defence – click here.
Article - Defence appoints imam to religious advisory panel, The Australian‎, 5/6/2015.
Bernard Gaynor: Hizb ut Tahrir sympathiser appointed as Defence Force imam, 5/6/2015.
Michael Smith: ADF appoints Muslim Cleric who supports Hizb ut-Tahrir, opposes our war on Islamic State and condemns Abbott Government

Overseas News

1. Europe: Court rules that disabled patient can be starved to death
Life News reports, “Vincent Lambert, a tetraplegic patient who has been in a state of minimal consciousness in hospital for six years following a car accident, is currently receiving food and water via a feeding tube.”

“Lambert’s doctors and wife wanted to starve him to death while his parents, who are vehemently opposed to ending his life, took his case to court.”

This is similar to the Terri Schiavo case.

In January 2014, a French court ruled that he could not be starved to death. Other decisions said he could be…

Those who wanted him to die took the case further...

This week, “the European Court of Human Rights today issued its decision and, by a vote of 12-5, the Grand Chamber held that a State may take Lambert’s life against his will” by removing food and water.

Grégor Puppinck of the ELCJ, a pro-life legal group, said “By refusing to guarantee the right to life and to medical care for Vincent Lambert, the Court is turning a page in the history of human rights in Europe. “The Court reintroduced into the European legality the possibility to euthanize a disabled person, even though it is precisely against this ideology that the European Convention on Human Rights was proclaimed in 1950. In 1946, during the Nuremberg trials, physicians who practiced euthanasia of disabled persons were convicted. These convictions founded contemporary medical ethics.”

Article: Court Rules Disabled Patient Can be Starved to Death Against His Will, Life News, 5/6/2015.

Lifesite report – click here.

2. USA: Faith groups may be forced to hire LGBT applicants
Friday Fax reports, “A source within the federal government has informed the Friday Fax that the White House is quietly moving forward with a policy change that will require charitable humanitarian groups to accept LGBT applicants in order to qualify for government funding, even those religious groups that might have religious objections.

“The policy change is linked to an executive order President Obama issued last July that prohibits federal contractors from discriminatory hiring practices based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Faith-based groups were already wrestling with that order.

“Things are about to get exponentially worse for faith-based groups who perform humanitarian tasks and receive not contracts but financial grants for doing so. Though the executive order last summer was specifically related to federal procurement and contracts, it did not touch grant recipients that substantially outnumber contract recipients.

“However, the White House has recently directed federal agencies to include the “sexual orientation and gender identity” clause in all grant agreements. . .”

Article: White House to Order Faith-based Grant Recipients to Accept LGBT Applicants, C-Fam, 28/5/2015.

3. Scotland: Proposed law for government to monitor ‘family spirituality’
If you thought that governments wouldn’t interfere with how you teach your children about faith, think again!

The Scottish government is planning to enact legal provisions that will enable the government to monitor how a family provides “love, hope and spirituality.”

The Children and Young People Act has a ‘named person’ section which provides for a government official to ensure “positive well-being” for children – but Bob Fraser, the “Getting it Right for Every Child” health adviser in the Scottish government’s Better Life Chances unit, is reported to have claimed that this refers to ALL children, not just ‘children in need’!

WND reports, “The government worker would have the authority to make decisions for the child that the parents might oppose. A judge earlier dismissed a challenge to the law, but the U.K.’s Christian Institute is appealing the decision.”

The appeal was held in early June 2015. Christian Institute has a report of the arguments made against this law. The QC says the scheme is WORSE than the ‘nanny state’!

Article: Government to monitor family ‘spirituality’, WND, 7/6/2015.
Report: Named Person scheme worse than nanny state’ says top QC, CI, 5/6/2015.

4. USA: Abortion vote in US House
Life News reports, “The US House Of Representatives recently passed an act that would prohibit abortions from 20 weeks after fertilization, except in cases of rape, incest or when the life of a mother is endangered. The legislation states that its purpose is to protect “the lives of unborn children from the stage at which substantial medical evidence indicates that they are capable of feeling pain.” According to the bill’s authors, this occurs “by 20 weeks after fertilization, if not earlier”. . .

Life News goes on to report that some media outlets disputed the claim about pain – however, Life News provides more information about the science…

Article: Science Confirms Unborn Children Feel Intense Pain During Abortions, Life News, 3/6/2015.


5. Persecution of Christians
Please continue to pray for Christians who are being persecuted for their faith around the world. This week, Open Doors asked for prayer for Pastor Victor:

“Pastor Victor* is a dedicated evangelist awaiting trial in Iran. A closed country with many restrictions on religion, Iran is ranked as the 7th most difficult place to live as a Christian. Victor was a leader of the Tehran Pentecostal Assyrian Church until it was shut down in 2009 by order of the Interior Ministry. He is now awaiting trial after 'participating in an illegal gathering.' . . .”

Open Doors says Pastor Victor requests prayer that he would find a lawyer, that he would be a ‘great witness as he goes into court’, and for wisdom and patience.

6. UK: Appeal REFUSED in ‘bus ad’ case
Christian Concern reports that the UK Court of Appeal has refused permission for Core Issues Trust to appeal in this case (which was about being refused permission to run an ad saying homosexuals could change). They state, “Sadly, Lord Justice Sullivan refused permission to appeal the High Court ruling in the 'Banned London Bus Ad' case. The judge said that London Mayor Boris Johnson had been untruthful when he claimed credit in the media for banning the Bus Ad but, despite this, maintained that the Mayor had not acted unlawfully.”

Christian Concern write, “Core Issues Trust, represented by barrister Paul Diamond, argued that the High Court ruling in the case should be appealed. The Trust highlighted many deficiencies, including the failure to allow cross-examination of crucial witnesses, significant inconsistencies in witness statements, the failure of the Mayor's Office to preserve important email records and a reading of the evidence that denied the simple, plain meaning of the words on the page.

“Nonetheless, Lord Justice Sullivan said that he was satisfied with the High Court's inquiry and ruling. Core Issues Trust now faces demands to pay £100,000 in costs to Transport for London….”

Report: Appeal refused in 'Bus Ad' case, Christian Concern, 11/6/2015.


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