News Update 18 October – police, euthanasia, marriage, creation…

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Another busy week – more on the protesters at the March for the Babies, legislation in Tasmania and the ACT, UK counsellor removed, Islam and more.


Australian News

1. Police Commissioner to conduct investigation re March for the Babies  
The Victorian Police Commissioner Ken Lay has said that he will conduct an investigation into the incidents at last Saturday’s ‘March for the Babies’.

The Chairman of March for the Babies, Bernie Finn MLC welcomed the announcement and posted the following on Facebook: "I'm delighted to say I have received a response from Chief Commissioner Ken Lay who has readily agreed to an investigation into police response at the 2013 March for the Babies. That inquiry has now begun".

Thank you to everyone who wrote to the Police Commissioner, Premier & Police Minister.

More reports:
Australian March for Babies turns violent: U.S. pro-life activists,
MPs assaulted by pro-abort mob
Lifesite News, 12/10/2013.
Australian government must take strong action against Melbourne police for failing to stop violence, Lifesite, 12/10/2013.

Two more articles on the March by Bill Muehlenberg:
So this is what pro-choice really means
I knew this would happen – replying to our critics


2. Tasmania: Euthanasia Bill DEFEATED!
More good news! The Tasmanian House of Assembly has defeated the euthanasia Bill that was out forward by Premier Lara Giddings and Greens leader Nick McKim.
But it was VERY CLOSE – the Bill was only defeated by TWO votes after nearly ten hours of debate. The vote was 13 against and 11 in favour – all  Liberal MPs and three Labor members voted against the Bill.
Media report: Voluntary euthanasia law defeated by two votes, ABC, 17/10/2013.


3. Tasmania – decision to debate ‘marriage’ Bill postponed
In the Tasmanian Legislative Council, a decision on a motion by Independent MLC Ruth Forrest to debate a bill to legalise homosexual ‘marriage’ has been postponed for TWO weeks. The motion will be considered when the parliament returns in the last week of October.

MLCs were given two briefings: the first was by authors of the Tasmania Law Reform Institute report on same sex ‘marriage’ legislation that was handed down last week. The second was from Guy Barnett, the spokesman for the Save Marriage Coalition – he gave MLCs a critique of the paper from ‘Lawyers for the Preservation of the Definition of Marriage’. Their response questioned the motives of the report and the veracity and breadth of the research.
Media Report: Upper House postpones decision on marriage equality debate, Mercury, 15/10/2013.

ACTION: If you live in Tasmania, please contact your MLC and ask them to vote AGAINST this same-sex ‘marriage’ Bill. Click here for contact details.


4. ACT: Homosexual ‘marriage’ Bill - and prayer
The ACT Legislative Assembly is expected to vote on the same-sex ‘marriage’ Bill on 22 October.

The Canberra House of Prayer and the Canberra Declaration team have asked everyone to pray – calling for a ‘Prayer and Praise Night’ to be held all over Australia from 7 pm on Monday 21 October 2013.
- Pray on your own or with friends – organise a prayer time in your own church - Pray in your church service the day before, Sunday 20 October.

ACTION: If you live in the ACT please contact your MPs!
Click here for contact details.


5. QLD:  Teaching of ‘creation’ banned to ‘comply’ with National Curriculum
The Queensland Education Department has issued a Fact Sheet on the teaching of creationism and intelligent design in Queensland government schools.

The Fact Sheet says, “The Australian Curriculum: Science and the QSA Biology syllabus require students to study the theory of evolution by natural selection.”

It goes on to say, “The Australian Curriculum: Science and the Queensland Studies Authority Biology syllabus do not recognise the following as scientific theory: creationism, intelligent design, or any other metaphysical explanations of changes over time to living things; and do not identify these as part of any science curriculum. In Education Queensland schools, creationism and intelligent design are not recognised as scientific theory and are not included in the school science curriculum or in the teaching, learning and assessment associated with school science programs. Creationism or intelligent design is not to be compared with or evaluated against scientific theory.”

Tas Walker, from Creation Ministries, has analysed the Fact Sheet and writes, “This fact sheet is ambiguous, confusing, discriminatory, scientifically flawed, and should be removed. While this article deals with the Queensland policy, the issue is a global one, and the same principles apply.” 

Read Tas’ article: Discriminatory state education policy seeks to censor science teaching, CMI, 11/10/2013.


6. QLD: Gold Coast mayor wants to provide prayer rooms and halal food
Yes, Mayor Tom Tate wants to cater more for Muslim tourists – providing prayer rooms, halal food and so on.
Read more here.


7. Greens MP Adam Bandt links Sydney fires to PM’s climate change policy
Greens MP Adam Bandt has been widely criticised for his statements linking the current Sydney bushfires to the Coalition policy to remove the carbon tax and their plan relating to ‘climate change’.

Bandt tweeted the comment: "Tony Abbott's plan means more bushfires for Australia & more pics like this of Sydney". The comment was made as media outlets were showing footage of homes burning down.

Despite the criticism, Adam Bandt was, as the Herald Sun reported, “unrepentant”. He defended his comments today, saying on radio, “Well, in the last 12 months we've had the hottest year on record, the hottest month and the hottest day. Tony Abbott has picked this time to say he's going to rip up action on global warming, which is going to mean these are the kind of fires we will see more often."

The Herald Sun accused Mr Bandt of using the fires for political mileage.

Media report: Greens MP Adam Bandt tries to make political mileage out of fires, Herald Sun, 18/10/2013.


8. Labor leadership – Bill Shorten elected
Following a ballot of MPs and members, Bill Shorten has been elected leader of the Labor Party. Bill Shorten won the majority of the caucus votes and Anthony Albanese won the majority of members’ votes. Each was given equal weighting and Shorten won with 52% overall.

Terry McCrann points out that Labor was ‘four votes from disaster’ – if four more MPs had voted for Anthony Albanese he would have won overall – but this would have resulted in a caucus where the majority of MPs (51-35) had voted for the OTHER candidate!
Tania Plibersek, from the Left faction and a member of Emily’s List, has been elected Deputy Leader.


9. Nicola Roxon criticises Kevin Rudd and gives Labor ‘advice’
Former Labor government minister Nicola Roxon has given a lecture which provided ‘housekeeping tips’ for Labor. Ten points were covered, including leadership, polling, and the organisation of government. As SBS wrote, it contained ‘bombs and hard lessons’. Many of the points dealt with the flaws in Kevin Rudd’s leadership – Roxon refers to “the dysfunctional decision-making and lack of strategy”. If you have wanted to understand the ‘insider’s view of what really happened regarding the Rudd leadership and his government, this speech provides stunning insights.

For example, Nicola Roxon said, “As PM, Kevin Rudd simply refused to list contentious, and often strategic, items for Cabinet, and effectively stopped that conversation… Kevin also had an overwhelming inclination to focus on minutiae, as a way of avoiding the big, harder decisions. This took up a lot of valuable prime ministerial headspace which is better spent on the big picture.”

Many media outlets focused on her statement about Kevin Rudd being a “bastard”. But the full paragraph, toward the end of her lecture, was actually, “Removing Kevin was an act of political bastardry, for sure. But this act of political bastardry was made possible only because Kevin had been such a bastard himself to so many people.”

Nicola Roxon concluded, “In my opinion, and it is only my opinion, for the good of the federal parliamentary Labor party and the movement as a whole, Kevin Rudd should leave the Parliament. Otherwise the action of any Labor leader will always be tested through the prism of popularity compared to him.”

Read the full text of the John Button Memorial lecture: Ten housekeeping tips for a future Labor government
Media report: Roxon throws bombs and hard lessons, SBS, 18/2013.


10. SA: Inquiry - removing God from court oaths?
The South Australian government’s Attorney-General John Rau has asked the SA Law Reform Institute to draw up a ‘shortlist’ of possible ‘oaths’ with the intention of having a single UNIFORM statement that people say as the declare to ‘tell the truth’ in court. A Discussion Paper will then be released – and submissions invited from the public.

Currently people have a choice to swear an oath on the Bible according to God, on the Koran (and Allah) or a non-religious "affirmation''.

It was noted that some aboriginal people don’t feel comfortable with any of the current options.

Who knows what a possible ‘one-size-fits-all’ statement might look like. But is seems obvious that ‘God’ will be removed!

The media report says, “The State Government changes will be released as a discussion paper for public comment later this month and aim to design one oath suitable for all aspects of the community to provide binding and truthful evidence in court.”

Media report: South Australian plan to scrap God, Allah from court oaths, Advertiser, 8/10/2013.


Overseas News

1. New Zealand: Anglicans vote against homosexual ‘marriage’
Last month the Anglican diocese in Auckland, New Zealand held a vote on homosexual 'marriage'. Thankfully the motion was DEFEATED - however it is concerning to note that BOTH Auckland BISHOPS and the MAJORITY of the CLERGY were in favour of homosexual 'marriage'!
Read media report: Auckland Synod says no to ‘gay marriage’, Anglican Church League, 7/9/2013.


2. UK: Christian counsellor ‘REMOVED’
Another move in the efforts to stop counselling for people with same-sex attraction WHO WANT to deal with it…

Christian Concern reports: “The British Psychodrama Association (BPA) has this week removed former homosexual Dr Mike Davidson from the psychotherapists’ register of trainee professional membership under the direction of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). The decision was made on the basis of just two BBC radio interviews and no complaints from either his clients or his qualified supervisors.”

 They write, “Dr Davidson specialises in counselling those who consider themselves troubled by feelings of same-sex attraction as he himself has been in the past. He has counselled without professional objection for six years and is recognised as an intelligent, empathetic and caring therapist.  He has recently become a target for gay activists.
But now his professional bodies have hounded him out too. . .”
Read their report – click here.


3. SYRIA and the Middle East: Report from Elizabeth Kendal
Please read this insightful report on the situation in Syria, Iran and the Shi’ite Crescent – and pray for the people there.
RLPB 231. Syria, Iran and the Shi'ite Crescent, 9/10/2013.


4. Malaysia: Court rules on use of the name ‘Allah’
The Malaysian Court of Appeal has ruled that the Catholic weekly ‘The Herald’ will not be allowed to use the word “Allah” to refer to the Christian God. They upheld the appeal made by the government.

The Court stated, "Our common finding that the usage of Allah is not an integral part of the Christian faith. We cannot find why the parties are so adamant on the usage of the word."

Report: Govt wins appeal, Herald banned from using word Allah over public safety, The Star, 14/10/2013.


On the Issues

Pornographic e-books cause trouble for Amazon
Earlier this year, we entered the ‘e-book’ world – downloading new publications by conservative groups on the homosexual ‘marriage’ issue. At our annual Dinner, Peter was presented with a ‘Kindle’, which provides an easy reading format and gives access to Amazon digital e-books, magazines, newspapers and pdfs. We’ve purchased and downloaded a couple of Christian books and also the Bible this week. So far, so good.

But there is a very DARK side to online e-books. . .

People can ‘self-publish’ e-books. A report by British website The Kernel has found e-books containing rape, incest and more. They were shocked by what they found when they conducted an investigation.

British bookseller WHSmith has apologised for providing such material.

The story about these e-books is quite explicit – be warned. But we believe you need to be aware of what is being promoted and sold.
Report by Kernel: How Amazon cashes in on Kindle filth, 9/10/2013.
Further reports by The Kernel at the bottom of first story.

Media Report – LA Times: Self-published pornographic e-books cause trouble for Amazon, Kobo, 16/10/2013.

Daily Mail: WHSmith's vile trade in online rape porn: Bookseller apologises, 12/10/2013

Telegraph: Amazon is making money from rape and incest fantasies. Does Jeff Bezos have a moral compass?, 14/10/2013.


News Update - 11 Oct - Marriage, quotas for homosexuals, euthanasia and more...

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Catching up on the news from the past couple of weeks...


The GOOD news this week is that the federal government has said that if the ACT government passes a same-sex 'marriage' law they WILL CHALLENGE it in the High Court. Thank you to everyone who wrote to the PM and your MPs on this issue.



News Update

Australian News

1. ACT ‘marriage’ Bill – Commonwealth to challenge in High Court
Some good news! The Commonwealth Solicitor-General has provided advice to federal Attorney-General George Brandis that an ACT law to allow homosexuals to ‘marry’ would be UNCONSTITUTIONAL as it would conflict with the Australian Marriage Act.
Read media report: ACT same-sex laws 'invalid'

As a result, the federal government has announced that they will challenge any same-sex ‘marriage’ law passed by the ACT in the High Court. The federal government said they will ask for an expedited High Court hearing and called on the ACT government NOT to pass the law – especially since homosexuals who ‘marry’ under such a law could have their ‘marriages’ invalidated if a High Court challenge is successful.  If the ACT passes a law, then same-sex marriages’ could be performed before the end of the year, before a High Court challenge is heard.

Following the federal government’s announcement that they would challenge any ACT law on homosexual ‘marriage’, the ACT government said they planned to press on regardless with their proposed law.

Read Media Release from Attorney General George Brandis.

Media report: Same-sex marriage law High Court challenge confirmed, SMH, 10/10/2013.
Media report: Gay marriages likely before challenge, The Australian, 11/10/2013.
Media report: Marriage Bill may be doomed within days, Canberra Times, 9/10/2013.

Thank you to all of you who wrote to Prime Minister Tony Abbott last week, asking him to act to ensure that any law to allow same-sex ‘marriage’ in the ACT is challenged. You can write and thank the PM for  his commitment to challenge the ACT same-sex ‘marriage’ law in the High Court. Click here and here for our Briefings/contact details on the issue.


2. Tasmania – same sex ‘marriage’ Report released
Meanwhile, in Tasmania, the Tasmania Law Reform Institute has released a ‘Research Paper’ on the issue of same-sex ‘marriage’. Not surprisingly, they have found that there is no impediment to Tasmania passing a law on same-sex ‘marriage’. This is similar to the ‘finding’ of the NSW parliamentary Inquiry.

However, the Tasmanian report’s author Amelia Higgs said it was impossible to predict HOW the High Court would handle a challenge to state-based marriage laws! In other words, Tasmania can pass it but it could be challenged and we don’t know what the outcome will be!

Last year, Tasmania’s Legislative Council defeated a same-sex ‘marriage’ Bill by 8 votes to 6. But some activists don’t give up! Next Tuesday, the Legislative Council will debate a motion from Independent MLC Ruth Forrest to debate the Bill again!

Report from the Tasmania Law Reform Institute:
The Legal Issues relating to same-sex marriage (100 pages).

Media report: Nothing to stop same-sex marriage in Tasmania, says new report, Examiner, 10/10/2013.


3. Woolworths withdraws ‘sex toys’ after public criticism
So much happens in a fortnight... In the week we were on holiday, Woolworths supermarkets started stocking a ‘vibrating sex toy’. A public campaign and threat of boycott by groups followed from Family Voice and the Australian Family Association, saying the products were totally inappropriate for a supermarket aisle where children’s products such as toothpaste were sold.
Interestingly, even the Sex Party’s Fiona Patten said that the product should be sold in an AGE-RESTRICTED area!

Woolworths buckled and withdrew the products from their shelves.

Read Family Voice’s media release, congratulating Woolworths on their action.

Media report: Sex toys canned: Woolies bites the bullet and dumps vibrators, SMH, 29/9/2013.

4. Bernard Gaynor – Petition to protect Christians in the Defence Force
We’ve written before about Bernard Gaynor – having served in the regular armed forces, he is now in the Army Reserve. Having made public statements about faith and the promotion of homosexuality in the Defence Force, he has been threatened with the removal of his commission.

A petition has been set up by Sally Vincent, from Family First, about persecution of Christians because of their statements about faith and calling on the Minister for defence to retain Major Bernard Gaynor’s commission.

Click here to read and sign it
See Bernard’s website – click here. He writes about the letter he received from the Chief of Defence – in this blogarticle.


5. Politics: Shorten proposed quotas for homosexuals
Yes, seriously!

Recently Bill Shorten, one of the contenders for the Labor parliamentary leadership, suggested quotas for indigenous people and homosexuals in parliament.
Read ABC media report from 28 Sept.

By the time of the Q & A debate between the two Labor contenders on Monday 30 Sept, Shorten had backed off a bit – and Anthony Albanese rejected the idea, stating sexuality was just PART of a person!
Read Q & A Show and Transcript 30 Sept.

Here is Bill Muehlenberg’s assessment of the proposal:
Now Quotas For Alternative Lifestyles

Bill begins, “One thing you can count on with far too many of our politicians: they will keep coming up with really idiotic ideas. . .One of the more idiotic ideas which our social engineers in the Labor Party have come up with is a quota system for homosexuals in Parliament. I kid you not. At least that is what Bill Shorten wants to do if he gets his way. . .”


6. What asylum seekers are asking for…
A doctor who was director of health at several off-shore detention centres has revealed that people have asked for breast enlargements, IVF treatments, Botox and cosmetic dentistry! Dr Ling Yoong, who was director of health on Christmas Island, Nauru and Manus Island, revealed the odd requests to the Medical Observer this week.
Media report: Refugees asked for breast enhancements and botox, Ninemsn, 5/10/2013.


7. Tasmania - Euthanasia Bill
Tasmanian Premier Lara Giddings has introduced a euthanasia Bill into the Tasmanian Parliament. Read our report.

ACTION: If you live in Tasmania, please contact your MPs in the House of Assembly and your ONE Member in the Legislative Council. Ask them to vote AGAINST this Bill. See linked report for contact details.


Overseas News

1. UK: David Cameron and the same-sex ‘marriage’ law!
Recent reports in the UK (here) highlighted statements in a new book by Matthew d' Ancona. The book stated that David Cameron had admitted in private that he had regrets over pushing the same-sex ‘marriage’ law in the UK – as it had alienated many Conservatives and caused problems for the party.

However, almost immediately there were other reports, from the BBC, and widely posted on homosexual websites (here) saying the David Cameron DID NOT regret passing the homosexual ‘marriage’ law. The BBC stated, “The prime minister said Britain was a "fairer" country because of the new law but admitted he did not expect the "furore" it generated.”

So did he regret it? Maybe he just regretted the angst it gave him…


2. Couple comes ‘OUT’ after 20 years of marriage

This is how weird it gets – when this couple sat down to discuss their relationship, the wife revealed she wanted to go out with women. The husband said he thought he was homosexual – but has now, a year later, decided he is really a woman…

Read media article: Couple comes out after 20 years of marriage


3. Euthanasia – Belgian transsexual and psychological illness

The tragic situation regarding Nathan Verhelstin Belgium should make all of us pause and consider the issue carefully...

Nathan, who was born a girl and named Nancy, was rejected by her mother as she wanted a boy.

When Nancy had hormones and surgery to become a 'man' it is claimed that the surgery was 'botched' - but the reality is that one cannot physically make a functioning man out of a woman. The double mastectomy wasn’t ‘right’ and the artificial male genitalia didn’t work!

Nathan eventually requested - and was granted - legal euthanasia in Belgium. The reason given was "unbearable psychological suffering" as Nathan never really felt like a man and felt like a 'monster'.

This is not a condition to be dealt with by surgery - as Alan Finch found out here in Australia - read Alan's story here and here.

Article: Belgian killed by euthanasia after a botched sex change operation


4. On climate change and extinction by 2030
Yes, Bob Geldof has declared that the world will end by 2030 and humans will be extinct.

The reason for his dire prediction?

Yes, climate change.
The statement was made to a group of youngsters at a summit in Johannesburg, South Africa. He urged them to take action to address ‘climate change’.
Article: Sir Bob Geldof: 'All humans will die before 2030'


5. If we lose the Bible, we lose our conscience
A great article in the UK’s Daily Mail about the effect of Christianity on Britain – and what happens if we lose our Christian conscience.

The prompt for the article is swearing an oath in court on the Bible – the author notes that many take the oath without knowing anything about the Bible or the seriousness of their pledge.

Article: If we lose the bible, we lose our conscience, Daily Mail, 5/10/2013.


6. On Islam, jihad and the Kenyan jihad attack
This article highlights some of the gruesome torture used on victims by the Islamic jihadists in Kenya at the mall.

Jihadist Ritual Murder and Mutilation at the Mall, Dawn Perlmutter, Frontpage Magazine, 1/10/2013.

7. USA: Military Chapels closed in shutdown
Just one of the consequences of the US shutdown. Military chapels have been closed – even when the ministers offered to voluntarily provide services.
Article: Military chapel closed in Georgia: ‘Shutdown: No Catholic service till further notice’


Coming Events:

1. March for the Babies – Melbourne Sat 12 October
Meet at 1 pm at Treasury Gardens and march to Parliament House for a rally. 
Check the website for details -



2. Worldview Conference on the Gold Coast

See here for details -">


News Update - 27 Sept – Football, election, politics, marriage

Newspaper and glasses SX 953849 15854849 320x200

This Update provides information on the election results, a follow up on Gary Ablett, information about the swearing in of the new government and more from the past two weeks.

If you haven't taken ACTION over yesterday's email Briefing on the proposed ACT homosexual 'marriage' Bill, please click here for that Briefing.


News Update - 27 September


Australian News

1. Follow up - Gary Ablett Jnr and Zac Smith speak of their faith
When Gary Ablett was interviewed on the ABC’s World Today on Tuesday 24 September, he was asked about his faith. He reiterated the comments he made on the Footy Show – highlighting the Life Group at the Club where he and teammates meet to discuss issues, read the Bible and pray. World Today interview – click here.

Zac Smith, another of the Gold Coast Suns players, was given the ‘Jim Stynes Community Leadership’ award at the Brownlow on Monday night. He was interviewed by Neil Mitchell on 3AW on Tuesday. Zac commended Gary Ablett for winning the Brownlow and said “Gaz is a better bloke than he is a player.” Zac added, "We're both men of faith and we go to church together.  We've gotten really close over the past few years."
When Neil asked him if it was right to pray for victory in matches, Zac said ‘Yes!’ Read/listen to 3AW interview.

Please pray for Gary and Zac and other footballers who are Christians. We know that people often come under attack when they make a public defence of their faith in this way. Our previous report is posted here.


2. Election Update

2.1 AEC Results – House of Representatives
The AEC’s ‘Virtual Tally Room’ provides complete results for the recent federal election – click here.

The AEC has only ONE House of Representatives seat still listed as ‘Not determined’ - Fisher in Queensland (source).

The AEC has now formally ‘Declared’ many of the House of Representatives seats – quite a few were declared on 26 September with a few to be declared early next week.
Click here for a full list of House of Reps seats – both declared and scheduled.

To view the result for your Electorate and actual elected MP, you need to go to the Virtual Tally Room. To see the result for YOUR ‘Division’ - click here.
This page lists each Division and the Party elected or leading.
To see the FULL results for the seat click on the Division name.

2.2 AEC Senate Results
The AEC is still counting votes in the Senate – click here for the AEC Senate Results.
Click here for the declaration of Senate seats.

So far, the AEC has finalised the poll in Tasmania and the Northern Territory.
In Tasmania, 155 counts were required - the sixth place was taken by Jacqui Lambie of Palmer United Party.
The official results (at bottom of page from previous link):
Tasmania and Northern Territory.

2.3 The Division of Indi
Sophie Mirabella, the previous Liberal MP for Indi, who has voted to support marriage and life, has been defeated by independent Cathy McGowan, who supports same-sex ‘marriage and is pro-choice (Result).

Sophie said she accepted ‘‘the decision of the democratic process’’. We congratulate Sophie on the gracious manner in which she contacted Cathy to concede the seat and congratulate her – Cathy spoke about Sophie being charming and professional in her conversation with her. Media report: Sophie Mirabella concedes in Indi, SMH, 18/9/2013.


3. Politics and the new Coalition government

3.1 Tony Abbott and conservative policies
Melanie Phillips, a UK columnist, has written an insightful article – pointing out that a political party CAN win an election whilst holding and promoting TRUE conservative principles… She compares our Australian election result with the situation in the UK where David Cameron has moved away from conservative principles.

She begins, “Something truly astounding has happened. The best political candidate for a country's future has won a general election. In fact, even more astonishing is the fact that this achievement was something David Cameron and his inner circle had given us to believe was as impossible as… well, being reincarnated as an olive.
So what is this miracle? That a true conservative has won a general election on true conservative principles….”
Article: The election of Australia's new PM Tony Abbott is clear evidence that genuine conservative policies can win elections, Melanie Phillips, Daily Mail, 8/9/2013.

3.2 The new PM and Ministry sworn in
The swearing in of Tony Abbott as Prime Minister and the Cabinet Ministers was markedly different to the previous Labor governments. Tony Abbott made his Oath on the Bible and included an oath of allegiance to the Queen (photo). The photo you may have seen on the media was that of Scott Ryan, who carried a large 1880s family Bible – at the request of his 94-year-old grandmother!

Andrew Bolt noted, commenting on Scott Ryan’s family Bible, this “was the biggest of many signs yesterday that we have now a government that respects traditions.”

The Age reported that, “Forty-one frontbenchers took the oath, the overwhelming majority coming with their own bibles.”

Cut and Paste, in The Australian, compared the oaths and affirmations made by Mr Abbott and previous Prime Ministers –read here.

Tony Abbott’s oath: “I, ANTHONY John Abbott, do swear that I will well and truly serve the people of Australia in the office of prime minister and that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Australia. So help me God!”

In his address, Tony Abbott said, “We are conscious of the ideals of duty and service, exemplified by our Queen, whom you (Ms Bryce) have so graciously represented here in Australia.”

The Prime Minister has set to work – already removing three Department secretaries and beginning to implement policies.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s addressclick here.
Media reports:
Tony Abbott is sworn in as PM and vows to go straight to work, The Australian, 18/9/2013.
Tony Abbott sworn in as Prime Minister, axes senior public servants,, 18/9/2013.
'Not a selfie among us': Tony Abbott and his team are sworn-in, The Age, 18/9/2013.

New PM Tony Abbott sacks three public service bosses as first act, ABC, 19/9/2013

3.3 Tony Abbott and character
Philip Ruddock, the Liberal MP who recently marked 40 years in federal parliament, gave an extended interview to the media.

He made this comment about Tony Abbott’s leadership regarding him setting the tone prior to being elected. ''He was focused, he was measured, he was as relaxed as you can be. But the one thing that I have said, and I said it to him, the thing that surprised me most [was] to be with a person for five weeks and to never have once heard a profanity. [It] was, I think, extraordinary.''
Article: Ruddock warns new ministers, SMH, 22/9/2013.

3.4 Climate Change changes – Climate Commission abolished
The new Coalition government has already abolished the Climate Commission, led by Tim Flannery. Climate change matters will be handled by the Environment Department.
Media Report: Abbott shuts down Climate Commission, The Age, 19/9/2013.

Viv Forbes of Carbon Sense commented,
“Abolishing the Climate Commission is a good start. However there are still seven climate agencies and 33 climate schemes in seven different departments yet to be rooted out. 
How to unwind this huge un-necessary bureaucratic empire? 
Use the old union maxim – last in, first out. Whatever parliament created in one silly afternoon can be unmade just as quickly. 
Don’t merge, don’t reorganise, don’t rebrand – ABOLISH. 
And do it quickly before more damage is done to our economy, our energy supplies and our environment. 
The climate will go on doing what it has always done – it will change.”

Within a week, Tim Flannery announced that the Climate Commission will continue – as the privately funded ‘Australian Climate Council’. Read media report.


4. Labor politics – election of parliamentary leader
The Labor Party is in the midst of a tussle for the leadership of the parliamentary party. Bill Shorten and Anthony Albanese are appealing to the rank and file members of the party – and to parliamentary colleagues - for their support.

At a recent debate they both appeared wearing red ties and white shirts – both are trying to explain why they would be the best one to lead the Party whilst still saying the other one would make a ‘good’ leader!

The new rules, put forward by Kevin Rudd just before the election, mean that the members have 50% weighting and the MPs have 50% weighting in the vote. It is said that Shorten is favoured by the MPs and Albanese by the members.
Time will tell. A result should be known by next weekend.

Media report: Labor rivals Anthony Albanese and Bill Shorten get down to basics, The Australian, 24/9/2013.

Meanwhile Julia Gillard has broken her silence to speak on “her legacy, her hopes for a new Labor leader… and the pain of losing power.”
Article: Julia Gillard: power, purpose and Labor’s future, Guardian Australia, 14 September 2013.


5. Wear It Purple Day was on 30 August
Did you hear about it? This was a day when “everyone is encouraged to wear purple to show their support for young people who identify as gender or sexuality diverse.”

The organisers said, “Gender and sexuality are part of a person; not a choice, not a fad. Wear it Purple believes that no one should be subject to bullying, belittlement or invalidation: whoever you are. The organisation aims for rainbow young people to be safe, supported and empowered in each of their environments. To show you believe that everyone has the right to be proud of who they are, Wear It Purple on 30 August….”
Read more here. It was also promoted by the Human Rights Commission (here), various Councils, schools, homosexual groups and so on (see here).


6. Television – Commercial channels wants adult time restrictions REMOVED!
Currently the code for commercial TV says that adult content, classified as ‘M’, can ONLY be shown AFTER 8.30 pm at night.

Bu the lobby group that represents the commercial TV stations, Free TV, is asking that these time restrictions be REMOVED!

The proposal was in a submission they made to an Inquiry into ‘Contemporary Community Safeguards’ being conducted by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). Submissions closed on 15 July. A report is expected soon.

Click here for details on the Inquiry – Issues Paper and Submissions.

South Australian Attorney-General John Rau has said he would be appalled if his children were exposed to material that displayed violence and blurred the lines with soft-core pornography.  He pointed out that it is unrealistic to expect parents to monitor every single program their kids watch on TV, particularly during school holidays.”

Family Voice put out a Media Release, saying parents are extremely concerned.

They note that a PETITION has been launched – asking Communications Minister to ensure that ‘TV is kept clean for kids’. Sign the Petition here.


Overseas News

1. USA: Abortion clinics closing at record rate
Tom Strode writes about the record number of abortion clinics closed in the USA – 44 so far this year. Operation Rescue monitors the clinic closures. They attribute the increasing closures partly to the number of pro-life laws passed in various US states. “State legislatures enacted 69 pro-life laws this year, according to a report released Thursday (5 September) by Americans United for Life. In all, 48 states considered about 360 such proposals in 2013, AUL reported.”
Read his article at Baptist Press:
Abortion clinic closings on rise in U.S., 44 tallied year to date, Baptist Press, 6/9/2013.


2. Pope’s statements on same-sex ‘marriage’ and abortion
Once again, many media reports took the Pope’s statements in an interview out of context. It has been reported, and celebrated by homosexual groups and so on, that the Pope had said the church shouldn’t be concerned about these two issues (or should change its stance).

However, the Pope actually said the church shouldn’t talk about it all the time – not that they shouldn’t talk about it!

In this article on Juicy Ecumenism, Rebecca Downs analyses the interview and statements and clarifies what was said…
Pope Francis still committed to upholding teachings of Catholic Church
by Rebecca Downs (@rebs8675309)
The full interview with Pope Francis, conducted by Antonio Spadaro, S.J., was released by America.


3. Minister arrested in Scotland for preaching on street
Rev Josh Williamson has been arrested TWICE in one week for preaching on the street in Perth, Scotland. The first instance was on Wednesday 18 September and the second, when he was accompanied by two others from Glasgow, was on Saturday 21 September.

The reason?
Some people apparently ‘complained’ and the charge was ‘breaching the peace’!

Read Josh’s own account of the second arrest on his website – click here.
The account of the first event is here.

Josh recently moved from London to Perth to be the pastor of the Craigie Reformed Baptist Church – read his story here.

Christian Concern in the UK is supporting Josh. They report, “We were able to respond quickly and deal with the situation. We are continuing to give Josh legal support throughout the process. Please pray for Josh and his young family, that the Lord would sustain them through this challenging time.
With Josh's previous arrest and the arrest of two other street preachers in the past few months, the freedom to preach the gospel really is under threat. These arrests show that our legal work supporting street preachers is becoming increasingly important.
Thank you for standing with us so that we're able to keep coming to the aid of street evangelists.” Read CC Report.


4. Egypt – Court bans Muslim Brotherhood
A court in Egypt has re-instated a ban on the Muslim Brotherhood, the movement that deposed President Morsi belonged to. The ‘Cairo Court for Urgent Matters’ also ordered the confiscation of the Brotherhood’s assets.

The Muslim Brotherhood began in 1928 – and has between 300,000 and 1 million members. The Brotherhood was banned during Nasser’s presidency (1956-1970). Details here.

The Cato Institute warns that his move could backfire: “Alas, with the crackdown on the organization, the current leadership of the country seems to be determined to drive the organization underground and to radicalize it.”

Media report: Muslim Brotherhood banned by Egyptian court, Guardian, 24/9/2013.
Media interview: Egypt reinstates ban on Brotherhood, World Today, ABC, 24/9/2013. Cato Institute assessment: The Ban on Muslim Brotherhood Will Backfire


5. Kenya - al-Shabaab Islamic militants siege of shopping mall
The siege of a shopping mall in Kenya has led to shopping malls around the world increasing security. Islamic militant group al-Shabaab, which is linked to al Qaeda, has claimed responsibility for the attack, in which more than 60 people were killed.

Some Australian Muslims have supported al-Shabaab – an Islamic jihad group active in Africa, particularly in Somalia - just as they have also gone to Syria to support the jihadist rebels in Syria.

The three Melbourne men who were convicted of the terrorist plot to attack the Holsworthy Army Base in NSW all had connections to al-Shabaab. The men were convicted in mid-2011 and sentenced to 18 years jail in December 2011. In June 2013, the prosecution appealed, asking for a longer sentence – whilst the three men counter-appealed against the convictions and sentences!

The Age reported, “In her sentencing remarks in December 2011, Justice Betty King said the background to the conspiracy appeared to lie, to a degree, in the support the three men had for al-Shabaab, a radical and extreme Muslim group based in Somalia, involved in the civil war raging in Somalia on and off for decades. Justice King said the men were all practising and devout Muslims. Justice King said, "There is of course, as in all religions, great divergence in the views held by those within the religious Muslim world. It is an unfortunate, but widely known fact, that some Muslims, who hold extremist views of not only their religion, but their obligation under their religion, to martyrdom, have engaged worldwide in terrorism." (Media report, June 2013)

Media report:
Al-Shabab claim foreigners were 'meticulously vetted' before being killed, AP, 25/9/2103.


6. UK: Proposal to DEBATE the wearing of the burqa and other ‘face veils’
The UK Home Minister, Liberal democrat Jeremy Browne, has recently said there needs to be a national debate on the wearing of the face-covering veil or burqa. Mind you, he doesn’t want to talk of a ‘BAN’! Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister and also a Liberal Democrat, said he may support banning the veil in classrooms, but downplayed the chances of wider restrictions. Read media report.

A growing number of conservative MPS want the government to ban the wearing of the face-covering veil.

Dr Sarah Wollaston, the MP for Totnes, said the veils are “deeply offensive” and are “making women invisible”. She suggested that the niqab should be banned in schools and colleges.

Writing for The Telegraph, she said: “It would be a perverse distortion of freedom if we knowingly allowed the restriction of communication in the very schools and colleges which should be equipping girls with skills for the modern world. We must not abandon our cultural belief that women should fully and equally participate in society.”

Vickie Janson, lead Senate candidate for Australian Christians in Victoria, said, “As there is no religious mandate from the Quran to cover one's head until after puberty, I am of the view that primary school students should be unified by a common uniform - no exceptions - and that secondary schools could allow head veils (hijab) for those who have freely chosen them. But I can't see any place for face veils. As I have often said - the shortest distance between any two people is a smile. I don't believe that's too much to ask for.”

British patriot group ‘Britain First’ is running a petition to ban the burqa in public places – click here to read it.


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News Update - 12 Sept - life, election, homosexualism ...

Newspaper-dog shutterstock-Sm


Over the past weeks, as we have focused on the election, I've collected a few key articles and news items.


There is also some current news and an Update on the election results... 

Read on...





News Update – 12 September


Australian News


1. NSW – Bill defining a 20 week old pre-born baby as a “person”

IN a welcome move, NSW Liberal MP Chris Spence has put up a private member's bill called "Zoe's Law". The Bill, which was initially proposed by MP Fred Nile, ‘holds people criminally liable for the death of a foetus’. The law is named for Zoe, the unborn daughter of Brodie Donegan from the NSW Central Coast, who was killed at eight months following a car accident.

However, the Bill is being opposed by the NSW Bar Association and the NSW branch of the Australian Medical Association – partly because they are concerned it would impact on ‘late-term abortions’ as well as impact on areas ‘from genetics to obstetrics’. Women’s groups such as the Women's Electoral Lobby also oppose the Bill.

Premier Barry O'Farrell said that Liberal Party MPs will be given a conscience vote on the Bill.

Article: Doctors, lawyers push case against planned abortion law, SMH, 12/9/2013.


2. Pastor Matt Prater – the man who asked Kevin Rudd THE question
Interesting story this week about Ps Matt Prater – the man who asked Kevin Rudd the question about same-sex ‘marriage’ on Q&A.

He’s had a lot of media interviews – and had a full church last weekend!

Matt said, “I've certainly had a lot of strong support this week from the evangelical Christian community who were grateful that Kevin showed his apparent attitude towards the Bible following my question.”

Article: Prater's gay marriage journey from Lion's den to Peter at the revival, 9/9/2013.


3. Philip Nitschke exposes the extremism of the euthanasia movement

Paul Russell, of HOPE, writes about Philip Nitschke, Australia’s foremost proponent of euthanasia. He begins, “You’ve got to give Dr Philip Nitschke some credit for telling it like it really is. Whilst Australia’s state-based euthanasia lobby groups and their state-based MP supporters argue for limited legislation with so-called safeguards, Nitschke has consistently advocated for legalisation of euthanasia in a virtually unrestricted fashion - save only for the exclusion of minors and people with mental incapacity…”
Read his article.

Nitschke has recently released his autobiography. 
Journalist Margaret Simons wrote a revealing and lengthy article about Nitschke - Between life and death.


4. Blasphemy from Gosford Anglican Church

We reported that Gosford Anglican Church had posted a sign outside their church saying, ‘Some people are gay, Get over it’ Love God’.
One of their subsequent signs was nothing short of blasphemy – it read, “Jesus had 2 Dads and he turned out OK.” View the sign.


5. Election Update

The AEC is posting updates on the current state of results on their ‘Virtual Tally Room’ – click here.

The AEC currently gives 91 seats to the Coalition, 54 to Labor, 1 to the Greens, 1 to Katter’s Australian Party, 1 to Palmer United Party and 2 to ‘Independents’.

FIVE seats are listed as ‘close’.

The seat of Indi
In Indi, in north-east Victoria, as we mentioned earlier in the week, the current Coalition MP, Sophie Mirabella, is under threat. Independent Cathy McGowan was the candidate for a group called ‘Voice for Indi’ which focused on LOCAL issues and tried to harness votes from people who didn’t want big parties which they claim didn’t represent them. McGowan also had support from some in the Nationals. See her website.

We mentioned that Cathy McGowan was ‘conservative’ in our last email. She may have promoted herself as being on the ‘conservative’ side, but she is NOT a conservative on moral issues – she supports same-sex ‘marriage’ – see her policies. The Australian Family Association and others distributed leaflets on that issue during the election (source). She also supports climate change’. We have been informed by locals that Cathy McGowan is 'pro-choice' (supportive of abortion).

In contrast, Sophie opposes same-sex 'marriage' and has voted the RIGHT way on all Bills relating to abortion and life issues.

The AEC ‘found’ a box of uncounted votes yesterday – which were for Cathy McGowan. This put her more than 1000 votes ahead of Sophie and the AEC is currently showing a win to McGowan. Read media report.

But there is still a long way to go – there will undoubtedly be a re-count.


Overseas news

1. SYRIAChristians fear ‘ethnic cleansing’

Insightful report... “Syrian rebels, who are mostly Sunni Muslims, have repeatedly shelled Christian neighborhoods in the city, including Kasaa, with its wide avenues, apartment blocks and leafy parks. The opposition Free Syrian Army claims it strikes only government targets, but constant shelling of the civilian quarter suggests otherwise.

Over the past year, many Christians have fled the neighborhood, moving to other areas of the capital or into neighboring Lebanon. Some who remain say they fear the rebels are aiming to achieve “ethnic cleansing” — the policy of eliminating unwanted ethnic or religious groups by terror that gained international notoriety during the Bosnian war 20 years ago. . .”
Article: Christians, other minorities in Syria fear 'ethnic cleansing'

Russian President Vladamir Putin had a feature article in the New York Times today. He opposed President Obama's proposal to possibly 'go it alone' on action against Syria. He pointed out that the USA actually made sure there was a VETO provision in the UN Security Council when it was established - for GOOD REASON! He highlights that it is an internal struggle with Al Qaeda operatives in the rebels.


In responding to Obama's claim (in his address to the nation" that America is 'exceptional', Mr Putin wrote, "There are big countries and small countries, rich and poor, those with long democratic traditions and those still finding their way to democracy. Their policies differ, too. We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal."

Article: A Plea for Caution From Russia


2. Scotland – School children to be given lessons promoting homosexuality

WND report, “An organization that promotes homosexuality is distributing DVDs to each primary school in Scotland to teach “alternative families” to young children.

The project is paid for by funds from a national lottery, which boasts of spending millions of dollars to give people a better chance in life, make communities safe, create more sustainable services and make people healthier.

A report from the Christian Institute said Stonewall Scotland, a pro-homosexual organization, has been given almost $20,000 from the Awards for All scheme run by the lottery. . .”
Article from WND – click here.


3. Global cooling? Arctic ice sheet grows by 60%

- Almost a million more square miles of ocean covered with ice than in 2012.

- BBC reported in 2007 global warming would leave Arctic ice-free in summer by 2013. . .

Article: And now it's global COOLING! Record return of Arctic ice cap as it grows by 60% in a year


4. Germany - Police storm homeschool class, take children by force
In August, “Four children, ages 7 to 14, have been forcibly taken from their Darmstadt, Germany, home by police armed with a battering ram, and their parents have been told they won’t see them again soon, all over the issue of homeschooling, according to a stunning new report from the">Home School Legal Defense Association. . .”

Article: Police storm homeschool class, take children by force


5. Rome – Proposed ‘homophobia’ and ‘transphobia’ law

On August 5, the lower house of the Italian parliament had what was expected to be their final session discussing a Bill to criminalise ‘homophobia’ and 'transphobia'.

In July, an ‘amendment session’ had made 400 amendments to the Bill, but it is still extremely concerning - family groups and Christian groups continue to oppose it.

A demonstration was held in Rome on the same day to protest against the Bill.

Many people there are concerned, as we are here in Australia, that such laws would shut down the right to free speech, especially for Christians.

The Bill was not voted on that day – debate went on for the next week and a vote is not expected until sometime in September.

In late August, Luigi Palma, the President of the National Council of the order of psychologists, made a statement condemning those who have opposed the proposed “anti-homophobia” law as homophobes. He also criticised those who say ‘homosexuality is a disease to be cured and, consequently, that homosexual orientation can be changed.”

In response, Francesco D’Agostino, Professor of Philosophy of Law at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, wrote that this amounted to “arrogant bullying” of those who oppose the law. He said, in an editorial in Avvenire, the newspaper of the Italian Catholic Bishops, that the accusation is supporting an “an absurd paradigm” in which “some statements, such as those that support that homosexuality is a disease, should be deemed not only false…but deserving of social stigma and repression, if not downright criminal.”

One bright spot… a homosexual blogger in Italy, who calls himself “Elisha of the desert”, wrote an open letter to Luigi Palma, said that he believes the condition is not a mental illness but merely an “orientation” that can be changed. He said, “Homosexuality is a result of an “acute lack of love in childhood, an affective immaturity, a net decline.”


1. Anti-homophobia, ‘transphobia’ bill could silence Christians, Italian family groups warn, Lifesite, 5/8/2013.
2. Article: Hundreds expected to protest anti-free speech ‘homophobia’ law in Rome, Paris, LifeSiteNews
3. ‘You do not want a real debate in this country’: Fmr. deputy calls anti-homophobia law ‘stifling’, Lifesite, 6/5/2013.
4. Left guilty of ‘arrogant bullying’ of homophobia law opponents, Italian law prof says, Lifesite, 29/8/2013.
5. Homosexuality due to ‘acute lack of love in childhood’: gay blogger to chief Italian psychologist, Lifesite, 27/8/2013.


On the issues

1. Homosexualism – what is it?

Hilary White says she has been asked ‘What is homosexualism?’

She begins this insightful article by saying, “I started using the term in my writing on these issues a few years ago when it became clear that we were dealing not with a group of people, but with a particular ideology that is often held by people who are not themselves homosexuals. A few days ago in The Guardian, Peter Tatchell wrote a pretty good description not only of that ideology’s goals but its origins. This political ideology, often called “queer theory” by its proponents in academia, is what is being pushed, quite openly these days, by the “gay rights” movement. Despite what we are told all day by their collaborators in the mainstream media, from the six o’clock news to your favourite sit-com, this movement is not about “equal rights”. It is about re-writing the foundational concepts of our entire society. I predict that it will not be much longer before the pretense of “equality” is dropped, having done its work. . ."


Peter Tatchell is a key homosexual activist – originally from Australia. Notably, Tatchell has said that homosexuality is NOT genetic – see various articles here – but as the leader of the same-sex ‘marriage’ campaign’, that view was underplayed!

Article: The revolution of the family: the Marxist roots of ‘homosexualism’, Hilary White, Lifesite, 23/8/2013.


2. A brief history of sex ed: How we reached today’s madness

An insightful article about how the current ‘sex ed’ focus came about… by Mirriam Grossman. She begins, “Once upon a time, sex education was a simple biology lesson. Students learned the facts of life, and, with those facts, that sex is part of something bigger, called marriage. Teachers explained that this was the moral and healthy way to live. In those days, people understood that men and women are different, and that their union is unique, unlike any other relationship. It went without saying that boys grew up to become men, and girls, women….”

But things have changed! Read on…

Article: A brief history of sex ed: How we reached today’s madness


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News Update - 23 August - election, marriage and 'Baby Bonus' payments for abortions...


The election is in full swing - with the economy and same-sex 'marriage' both prominent issues.

We have fewer issues this week - but a detailed report on another issue that has surfaced in the media - the payment of the Baby Bonus and Parental Leave payments for late term abortions (after 20 weeks)! 


Australian News

1. The election – and the polls

We are being bombarded with election chatter. It’s only two weeks to go!

Of course, the only poll that counts is the one on election day, but Labor has been shaken by polls showing that the polls have gone back down – and that Kevin Rudd may not be ‘saving’ the seats they thought they would lose under Julia Gillard. Western Sydney is not looking good – Read media report. 

The latest Guardian Lonergan poll shows that Kevin Rudd is BEHIND on a two-party preferred basis in his OWN SEAT of Griffith, with the Liberals Dr Bill Glasson, a former head of the Australian Medical Association, leading in the poll by 52 % to 48 %. Dr Glasson was polling 47% with the Greens on 11%.Read media report.

Mr Rudd also decided at the last minute not to participate in a debate with Dr Glasson in his electorate last night which 1,000 people had tickets for (22 August). Read media report.


2. CDP candidate ‘de-preferenced’

As well as candidates being dis-endorsed because of their behaviour and statements, there are also cases where preference deals are being withdrawn because of statements made.

In the latest example, NSW CDP candidate Andrew Green, who is a Pastor, made a statement about homosexuality in a local candidates’ Forum – in particular about the life expectancy of homosexuals. He actually told the Forum he had compassion for homosexuals – and that two of his cousins, who were homosexual, had died.

The Liberals have scrapped the preference deal they had made with the CDP. The Liberal candidate for the seat of Lindsay is Fiona Scott (the one the ‘sex appeal’ comment was made about), and the Labor MP is David Bradbury, who holds the seat by a margin of 12 per cent. The CDP preferences were seen as a key in Liberal gaining the seat.
Article: Libs in preference crisis in Lindsay over gay comments,, 21/8/2103. 


3. Ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s supports same-sex ‘marriage’ campaign

We’ve previously reported in our Journal about US Ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s actively supporting campaigns for same-sex ‘marriage’.

Homosexual activist group Australian Marriage Equality is happily telling everyone this week that Ben & Jerry’s “announce a partnership with equal rights organisation Australian Marriage Equality (AME) to pledge support of same-sex marriage in Australia.”

They say the company is “renaming iconic ice cream flavour Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough to ‘I DOugh, I DOugh’ and building a giant wedding cake at Pitt Street Mall, which members of the public will be invited to ascend in a demonstration of support for marriage equality.”

Read the AME Media Releaseclick here.
Ben and Jerry’s have set up a special campaign website -
Perhaps you might want to choose another ice cream company!

And tell Ben & Jerry’s Australia politely why you have made that decision – click here for their contact details.


4. Rudd’s FBT change causes Ford to SHUT factories

The policy announced by Kevin Rudd to change the fringe benefits tax concession on leased cars is now causing the CLOSURE of car manufacturing plants.
FORD shut down its Victorian plants in Geelong and Broadmeadows yesterday and today – 22/23 August. A series of six rolling stoppages for their 750 workers is planned.

The reason? Ford lays the blame on the new FBT tax changes because people and companies have stopped buying cars. Ford has been having difficulties in selling its Falcon brand which is made at the factories, but they say the FBT change has made it much worse. The government says they have announced funding to help the car industry and have introduced new ‘100 percent buy Australian made targets’ in response to criticism about their FBT changes. But the media reports that ‘the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries has called on Labor to reverse its FBT overhaul, saying “This $1.8bn change is damaging both our local car manufacturers and importers.”
Article: Ford blames Kevin Rudd's FBT tax changes for plant shutdowns, Australian, 22/8/2013.


5. Major report - Baby bonus and parental leave paid for late term abortions

In 2008, when it was revealed that women were getting the ‘Baby Bonus’ after having late term abortions after 20 weeks, the federal Labor Families Minister Jenny Macklin promised to CLOSE this loophole. But it was still happening in 2010 - read report.

AND it is STILL occurring.


Over the past two months, Bernard Gaynor has been exposing the fact that women in South Australia have been encouraged, on official SA government documents and websites, to apply for a Centrelink payment of the Baby Bonus if they have a late term abortion (over 20 weeks) AND also the Parental Leave payments. The Baby Bonus is then re-named the “Bereavement Payment” – on the basis that the child is “stillborn”.

If the baby is born alive following an abortion and then dies, the women have also been able to claim Family Tax Benefit for 14 weeks. The SA government’s Pregnancy Advisory Centre (PAC - an abortion clinic) even gave hints about HOW to fill out the form!

The official Commonwealth Centrelink document explaining the ‘Bereavement payment’ is here.

Bernard has posted articles on his blog - here and here (this includes the PAC form).


Bernard wrote to federal Families Minister Jenny Macklin – whose office wrote back earlier this month saying the payments can be made for stillborn children and stated, "However, these payments are not available for late-term abortions.''

Bernard was very unimpressed with the response. After receiving the letter from Jenny Macklin, he wrote on his blog on 20 August that a 30 second search on Google found a statement – the SA Perinatal Practice Guideline, published on the SA Health website - which says Centrelink payments are available Genetic Termination of Pregnancy, or GTOP.

Read Bernard’s blog post: Blood and money – Australian style


Bernard has now spoken to the media which has reported on the controversy this week.

Media report on the response from Macklin’s office – click here and here.

Bernard has posted the article on his blog – and thanks those who have supported his campaign to have the loophole EXPOSED and CLOSED.


Trevor Grace, who is standing as a candidate for Australian Christians in SA has exposed the issue in a Media Release.


In their election survey, Family Voice has highlighted this issue in Q3 – read their survey.
The preamble explains the baby bonus and parental leave payments being made, and asks, “Would you vote to amend the paid parental leave laws in order to abolish access to these payments by women who undergo a late abortion?”

So far, in the Party responses, CDP, Australian Christians, Family First, Rise Up Australia, Liberal Democratic Party and the Non-custodial Parents Party have answered, ‘Yes, definitely’ and scored 10. Labor has responded, saying the payments aren’t made for abortions – and they scored 3 out of 10.


6. Tasmania doesn’t pass sexual orientation ‘offensive conduct’ law

In a welcome move, the Tasmanian Legislative Council has NOT passed the Labor government’s proposed move to extend a provision of the Anti-Discrimination Act that prohibits offensive and humiliating conduct to include the grounds of sexual orientation.

The homosexual lobby groups are NOT happy! See their media release.


This week homosexuals in Tasmania were upset by an election letter distributed by Dr Andrew Roberts, an Independent candidate for the Senate. Andrew had printed a leaflet called ‘Know the Truth’ which is quite blunt about homosexuality. After complaints from homosexuals, Australia Post refused to distribute the letters and handed them over to Tasmania Police. Homosexual activist Rodney Croome has made an anti-discrimination complaint about the leaflets.

Media reports here and here.

Andrew Roberts’ website has the letter online.

The issue here is not whether we agree with everything in the letter – or the way it is expressed – but rather the question of freedom of speech in an election campaign.


Overseas News


1. UK: Macmillan Dictionary changes definition of marriage

On 19 August, Macmillan Dictionary in the UK announced that it was changing the definition of marriage. They said Macmillan Dictionary’s new content update includes a revised definition of marriage, following recent legislative changes which allow same-sex couples to marry.” Media Release.

The definition ...

The NEW definition reads, the relationship between two people who are husband and wife, or a similar relationship between people of the same sex.”

Yes, once legislation is changed – even the dictionary definition changes!


2. USA: New Jersey Bill bans ‘sexual orientation therapy’ for children

The Governor of New Jersey has signed a Bill that will make it ‘illegal for therapists to help children struggling with unwanted same-sex attractions’.

Liberty Counsel Chairman Mat Staver said the law will inflict "serious damage" to children, parents and counsellors.  

Liberty Counsel and NARTH plan to appeal against the law.
Article: New Jersey Gov. Signs Bill Banning Sexual Orientation Therapy, Citizen Link, 19/8/2013.


3. UK: Petition to ask the EU to stop funding research on ‘human embryos’

It is now SEVEN years since the Australian parliament voted to allow research on human embryos. In fact, the second Act that was passed in 2006 allowed embryos to be actually CREATED specifically to be killed – in 2002, the initial law allowed ‘unwanted’ embryos that had been created for IVF programs to be used for such research. That means that this research, which kills embryos, is ALLOWED and is still HAPPENING in Australia.


In the UK, Christian Concern is participating in a campaign to ask the European Union to stop funding research that kills human embryos. The Campaign, called ‘One of us’ reminds people we were ALL once an embryo – it is a joint project across Europe.

Visit the ‘One of Us’ website -

A 1 minute video has been produced – watch it here.

The campaign is aiming to get 1 million signatures! They already have MORE than 800,000 signatures.


On the issues 

1. Facebook posts on gender and sexual orientation - on Salt Shakers page

Peter has added to the ‘Truth or Fiction’ series of graphics on our Facebook page.

Currently he is adding No 3 – a three part series dispelling the myth that are brains are ‘hard wired’ and can’t change sexual orientation.

Check out the three posts -

Like them - share them and make a comment.

The homosexuals have found our Facebook page – and are commenting profusely!


2. New breast cancer research - abortion as a risk factor

Family Voice reports, “A new study by Dr Suraiya Jabeen and five others from the National Institute of Cancer Research and Hospital in Dhaka, Bangladesh* has shown that women who have a family history of breast cancer, or who smoke, are overweight, or have had an induced abortion, are more likely than others to suffer breast cancer in mid-life,”

Read full details of the study at Family Voice – click here.





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4. Christian Worldview and Apologetics Seminar
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