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Over the past weeks, as we have focused on the election, I've collected a few key articles and news items.


There is also some current news and an Update on the election results... 

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News Update – 12 September


Australian News


1. NSW – Bill defining a 20 week old pre-born baby as a “person”

IN a welcome move, NSW Liberal MP Chris Spence has put up a private member's bill called "Zoe's Law". The Bill, which was initially proposed by MP Fred Nile, ‘holds people criminally liable for the death of a foetus’. The law is named for Zoe, the unborn daughter of Brodie Donegan from the NSW Central Coast, who was killed at eight months following a car accident.

However, the Bill is being opposed by the NSW Bar Association and the NSW branch of the Australian Medical Association – partly because they are concerned it would impact on ‘late-term abortions’ as well as impact on areas ‘from genetics to obstetrics’. Women’s groups such as the Women's Electoral Lobby also oppose the Bill.

Premier Barry O'Farrell said that Liberal Party MPs will be given a conscience vote on the Bill.

Article: Doctors, lawyers push case against planned abortion law, SMH, 12/9/2013.


2. Pastor Matt Prater – the man who asked Kevin Rudd THE question
Interesting story this week about Ps Matt Prater – the man who asked Kevin Rudd the question about same-sex ‘marriage’ on Q&A.

He’s had a lot of media interviews – and had a full church last weekend!

Matt said, “I've certainly had a lot of strong support this week from the evangelical Christian community who were grateful that Kevin showed his apparent attitude towards the Bible following my question.”

Article: Prater's gay marriage journey from Lion's den to Peter at the revival, 9/9/2013.


3. Philip Nitschke exposes the extremism of the euthanasia movement

Paul Russell, of HOPE, writes about Philip Nitschke, Australia’s foremost proponent of euthanasia. He begins, “You’ve got to give Dr Philip Nitschke some credit for telling it like it really is. Whilst Australia’s state-based euthanasia lobby groups and their state-based MP supporters argue for limited legislation with so-called safeguards, Nitschke has consistently advocated for legalisation of euthanasia in a virtually unrestricted fashion - save only for the exclusion of minors and people with mental incapacity…”
Read his article.

Nitschke has recently released his autobiography. 
Journalist Margaret Simons wrote a revealing and lengthy article about Nitschke - Between life and death.


4. Blasphemy from Gosford Anglican Church

We reported that Gosford Anglican Church had posted a sign outside their church saying, ‘Some people are gay, Get over it’ Love God’.
One of their subsequent signs was nothing short of blasphemy – it read, “Jesus had 2 Dads and he turned out OK.” View the sign.


5. Election Update

The AEC is posting updates on the current state of results on their ‘Virtual Tally Room’ – click here.

The AEC currently gives 91 seats to the Coalition, 54 to Labor, 1 to the Greens, 1 to Katter’s Australian Party, 1 to Palmer United Party and 2 to ‘Independents’.

FIVE seats are listed as ‘close’.

The seat of Indi
In Indi, in north-east Victoria, as we mentioned earlier in the week, the current Coalition MP, Sophie Mirabella, is under threat. Independent Cathy McGowan was the candidate for a group called ‘Voice for Indi’ which focused on LOCAL issues and tried to harness votes from people who didn’t want big parties which they claim didn’t represent them. McGowan also had support from some in the Nationals. See her website.

We mentioned that Cathy McGowan was ‘conservative’ in our last email. She may have promoted herself as being on the ‘conservative’ side, but she is NOT a conservative on moral issues – she supports same-sex ‘marriage’ – see her policies. The Australian Family Association and others distributed leaflets on that issue during the election (source). She also supports climate change’. We have been informed by locals that Cathy McGowan is 'pro-choice' (supportive of abortion).

In contrast, Sophie opposes same-sex 'marriage' and has voted the RIGHT way on all Bills relating to abortion and life issues.

The AEC ‘found’ a box of uncounted votes yesterday – which were for Cathy McGowan. This put her more than 1000 votes ahead of Sophie and the AEC is currently showing a win to McGowan. Read media report.

But there is still a long way to go – there will undoubtedly be a re-count.


Overseas news

1. SYRIAChristians fear ‘ethnic cleansing’

Insightful report... “Syrian rebels, who are mostly Sunni Muslims, have repeatedly shelled Christian neighborhoods in the city, including Kasaa, with its wide avenues, apartment blocks and leafy parks. The opposition Free Syrian Army claims it strikes only government targets, but constant shelling of the civilian quarter suggests otherwise.

Over the past year, many Christians have fled the neighborhood, moving to other areas of the capital or into neighboring Lebanon. Some who remain say they fear the rebels are aiming to achieve “ethnic cleansing” — the policy of eliminating unwanted ethnic or religious groups by terror that gained international notoriety during the Bosnian war 20 years ago. . .”
Article: Christians, other minorities in Syria fear 'ethnic cleansing'

Russian President Vladamir Putin had a feature article in the New York Times today. He opposed President Obama's proposal to possibly 'go it alone' on action against Syria. He pointed out that the USA actually made sure there was a VETO provision in the UN Security Council when it was established - for GOOD REASON! He highlights that it is an internal struggle with Al Qaeda operatives in the rebels.


In responding to Obama's claim (in his address to the nation" that America is 'exceptional', Mr Putin wrote, "There are big countries and small countries, rich and poor, those with long democratic traditions and those still finding their way to democracy. Their policies differ, too. We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal."

Article: A Plea for Caution From Russia


2. Scotland – School children to be given lessons promoting homosexuality

WND report, “An organization that promotes homosexuality is distributing DVDs to each primary school in Scotland to teach “alternative families” to young children.

The project is paid for by funds from a national lottery, which boasts of spending millions of dollars to give people a better chance in life, make communities safe, create more sustainable services and make people healthier.

A report from the Christian Institute said Stonewall Scotland, a pro-homosexual organization, has been given almost $20,000 from the Awards for All scheme run by the lottery. . .”
Article from WND – click here.


3. Global cooling? Arctic ice sheet grows by 60%

- Almost a million more square miles of ocean covered with ice than in 2012.

- BBC reported in 2007 global warming would leave Arctic ice-free in summer by 2013. . .

Article: And now it's global COOLING! Record return of Arctic ice cap as it grows by 60% in a year


4. Germany - Police storm homeschool class, take children by force
In August, “Four children, ages 7 to 14, have been forcibly taken from their Darmstadt, Germany, home by police armed with a battering ram, and their parents have been told they won’t see them again soon, all over the issue of homeschooling, according to a stunning new report from the">Home School Legal Defense Association. . .”

Article: Police storm homeschool class, take children by force


5. Rome – Proposed ‘homophobia’ and ‘transphobia’ law

On August 5, the lower house of the Italian parliament had what was expected to be their final session discussing a Bill to criminalise ‘homophobia’ and 'transphobia'.

In July, an ‘amendment session’ had made 400 amendments to the Bill, but it is still extremely concerning - family groups and Christian groups continue to oppose it.

A demonstration was held in Rome on the same day to protest against the Bill.

Many people there are concerned, as we are here in Australia, that such laws would shut down the right to free speech, especially for Christians.

The Bill was not voted on that day – debate went on for the next week and a vote is not expected until sometime in September.

In late August, Luigi Palma, the President of the National Council of the order of psychologists, made a statement condemning those who have opposed the proposed “anti-homophobia” law as homophobes. He also criticised those who say ‘homosexuality is a disease to be cured and, consequently, that homosexual orientation can be changed.”

In response, Francesco D’Agostino, Professor of Philosophy of Law at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, wrote that this amounted to “arrogant bullying” of those who oppose the law. He said, in an editorial in Avvenire, the newspaper of the Italian Catholic Bishops, that the accusation is supporting an “an absurd paradigm” in which “some statements, such as those that support that homosexuality is a disease, should be deemed not only false…but deserving of social stigma and repression, if not downright criminal.”

One bright spot… a homosexual blogger in Italy, who calls himself “Elisha of the desert”, wrote an open letter to Luigi Palma, said that he believes the condition is not a mental illness but merely an “orientation” that can be changed. He said, “Homosexuality is a result of an “acute lack of love in childhood, an affective immaturity, a net decline.”


1. Anti-homophobia, ‘transphobia’ bill could silence Christians, Italian family groups warn, Lifesite, 5/8/2013.
2. Article: Hundreds expected to protest anti-free speech ‘homophobia’ law in Rome, Paris, LifeSiteNews
3. ‘You do not want a real debate in this country’: Fmr. deputy calls anti-homophobia law ‘stifling’, Lifesite, 6/5/2013.
4. Left guilty of ‘arrogant bullying’ of homophobia law opponents, Italian law prof says, Lifesite, 29/8/2013.
5. Homosexuality due to ‘acute lack of love in childhood’: gay blogger to chief Italian psychologist, Lifesite, 27/8/2013.


On the issues

1. Homosexualism – what is it?

Hilary White says she has been asked ‘What is homosexualism?’

She begins this insightful article by saying, “I started using the term in my writing on these issues a few years ago when it became clear that we were dealing not with a group of people, but with a particular ideology that is often held by people who are not themselves homosexuals. A few days ago in The Guardian, Peter Tatchell wrote a pretty good description not only of that ideology’s goals but its origins. This political ideology, often called “queer theory” by its proponents in academia, is what is being pushed, quite openly these days, by the “gay rights” movement. Despite what we are told all day by their collaborators in the mainstream media, from the six o’clock news to your favourite sit-com, this movement is not about “equal rights”. It is about re-writing the foundational concepts of our entire society. I predict that it will not be much longer before the pretense of “equality” is dropped, having done its work. . ."


Peter Tatchell is a key homosexual activist – originally from Australia. Notably, Tatchell has said that homosexuality is NOT genetic – see various articles here – but as the leader of the same-sex ‘marriage’ campaign’, that view was underplayed!

Article: The revolution of the family: the Marxist roots of ‘homosexualism’, Hilary White, Lifesite, 23/8/2013.


2. A brief history of sex ed: How we reached today’s madness

An insightful article about how the current ‘sex ed’ focus came about… by Mirriam Grossman. She begins, “Once upon a time, sex education was a simple biology lesson. Students learned the facts of life, and, with those facts, that sex is part of something bigger, called marriage. Teachers explained that this was the moral and healthy way to live. In those days, people understood that men and women are different, and that their union is unique, unlike any other relationship. It went without saying that boys grew up to become men, and girls, women….”

But things have changed! Read on…

Article: A brief history of sex ed: How we reached today’s madness


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News Update - 23 August - election, marriage and 'Baby Bonus' payments for abortions...


The election is in full swing - with the economy and same-sex 'marriage' both prominent issues.

We have fewer issues this week - but a detailed report on another issue that has surfaced in the media - the payment of the Baby Bonus and Parental Leave payments for late term abortions (after 20 weeks)! 


Australian News

1. The election – and the polls

We are being bombarded with election chatter. It’s only two weeks to go!

Of course, the only poll that counts is the one on election day, but Labor has been shaken by polls showing that the polls have gone back down – and that Kevin Rudd may not be ‘saving’ the seats they thought they would lose under Julia Gillard. Western Sydney is not looking good – Read media report. 

The latest Guardian Lonergan poll shows that Kevin Rudd is BEHIND on a two-party preferred basis in his OWN SEAT of Griffith, with the Liberals Dr Bill Glasson, a former head of the Australian Medical Association, leading in the poll by 52 % to 48 %. Dr Glasson was polling 47% with the Greens on 11%.Read media report.

Mr Rudd also decided at the last minute not to participate in a debate with Dr Glasson in his electorate last night which 1,000 people had tickets for (22 August). Read media report.


2. CDP candidate ‘de-preferenced’

As well as candidates being dis-endorsed because of their behaviour and statements, there are also cases where preference deals are being withdrawn because of statements made.

In the latest example, NSW CDP candidate Andrew Green, who is a Pastor, made a statement about homosexuality in a local candidates’ Forum – in particular about the life expectancy of homosexuals. He actually told the Forum he had compassion for homosexuals – and that two of his cousins, who were homosexual, had died.

The Liberals have scrapped the preference deal they had made with the CDP. The Liberal candidate for the seat of Lindsay is Fiona Scott (the one the ‘sex appeal’ comment was made about), and the Labor MP is David Bradbury, who holds the seat by a margin of 12 per cent. The CDP preferences were seen as a key in Liberal gaining the seat.
Article: Libs in preference crisis in Lindsay over gay comments,, 21/8/2103. 


3. Ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s supports same-sex ‘marriage’ campaign

We’ve previously reported in our Journal about US Ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s actively supporting campaigns for same-sex ‘marriage’.

Homosexual activist group Australian Marriage Equality is happily telling everyone this week that Ben & Jerry’s “announce a partnership with equal rights organisation Australian Marriage Equality (AME) to pledge support of same-sex marriage in Australia.”

They say the company is “renaming iconic ice cream flavour Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough to ‘I DOugh, I DOugh’ and building a giant wedding cake at Pitt Street Mall, which members of the public will be invited to ascend in a demonstration of support for marriage equality.”

Read the AME Media Releaseclick here.
Ben and Jerry’s have set up a special campaign website -
Perhaps you might want to choose another ice cream company!

And tell Ben & Jerry’s Australia politely why you have made that decision – click here for their contact details.


4. Rudd’s FBT change causes Ford to SHUT factories

The policy announced by Kevin Rudd to change the fringe benefits tax concession on leased cars is now causing the CLOSURE of car manufacturing plants.
FORD shut down its Victorian plants in Geelong and Broadmeadows yesterday and today – 22/23 August. A series of six rolling stoppages for their 750 workers is planned.

The reason? Ford lays the blame on the new FBT tax changes because people and companies have stopped buying cars. Ford has been having difficulties in selling its Falcon brand which is made at the factories, but they say the FBT change has made it much worse. The government says they have announced funding to help the car industry and have introduced new ‘100 percent buy Australian made targets’ in response to criticism about their FBT changes. But the media reports that ‘the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries has called on Labor to reverse its FBT overhaul, saying “This $1.8bn change is damaging both our local car manufacturers and importers.”
Article: Ford blames Kevin Rudd's FBT tax changes for plant shutdowns, Australian, 22/8/2013.


5. Major report - Baby bonus and parental leave paid for late term abortions

In 2008, when it was revealed that women were getting the ‘Baby Bonus’ after having late term abortions after 20 weeks, the federal Labor Families Minister Jenny Macklin promised to CLOSE this loophole. But it was still happening in 2010 - read report.

AND it is STILL occurring.


Over the past two months, Bernard Gaynor has been exposing the fact that women in South Australia have been encouraged, on official SA government documents and websites, to apply for a Centrelink payment of the Baby Bonus if they have a late term abortion (over 20 weeks) AND also the Parental Leave payments. The Baby Bonus is then re-named the “Bereavement Payment” – on the basis that the child is “stillborn”.

If the baby is born alive following an abortion and then dies, the women have also been able to claim Family Tax Benefit for 14 weeks. The SA government’s Pregnancy Advisory Centre (PAC - an abortion clinic) even gave hints about HOW to fill out the form!

The official Commonwealth Centrelink document explaining the ‘Bereavement payment’ is here.

Bernard has posted articles on his blog - here and here (this includes the PAC form).


Bernard wrote to federal Families Minister Jenny Macklin – whose office wrote back earlier this month saying the payments can be made for stillborn children and stated, "However, these payments are not available for late-term abortions.''

Bernard was very unimpressed with the response. After receiving the letter from Jenny Macklin, he wrote on his blog on 20 August that a 30 second search on Google found a statement – the SA Perinatal Practice Guideline, published on the SA Health website - which says Centrelink payments are available Genetic Termination of Pregnancy, or GTOP.

Read Bernard’s blog post: Blood and money – Australian style


Bernard has now spoken to the media which has reported on the controversy this week.

Media report on the response from Macklin’s office – click here and here.

Bernard has posted the article on his blog – and thanks those who have supported his campaign to have the loophole EXPOSED and CLOSED.


Trevor Grace, who is standing as a candidate for Australian Christians in SA has exposed the issue in a Media Release.


In their election survey, Family Voice has highlighted this issue in Q3 – read their survey.
The preamble explains the baby bonus and parental leave payments being made, and asks, “Would you vote to amend the paid parental leave laws in order to abolish access to these payments by women who undergo a late abortion?”

So far, in the Party responses, CDP, Australian Christians, Family First, Rise Up Australia, Liberal Democratic Party and the Non-custodial Parents Party have answered, ‘Yes, definitely’ and scored 10. Labor has responded, saying the payments aren’t made for abortions – and they scored 3 out of 10.


6. Tasmania doesn’t pass sexual orientation ‘offensive conduct’ law

In a welcome move, the Tasmanian Legislative Council has NOT passed the Labor government’s proposed move to extend a provision of the Anti-Discrimination Act that prohibits offensive and humiliating conduct to include the grounds of sexual orientation.

The homosexual lobby groups are NOT happy! See their media release.


This week homosexuals in Tasmania were upset by an election letter distributed by Dr Andrew Roberts, an Independent candidate for the Senate. Andrew had printed a leaflet called ‘Know the Truth’ which is quite blunt about homosexuality. After complaints from homosexuals, Australia Post refused to distribute the letters and handed them over to Tasmania Police. Homosexual activist Rodney Croome has made an anti-discrimination complaint about the leaflets.

Media reports here and here.

Andrew Roberts’ website has the letter online.

The issue here is not whether we agree with everything in the letter – or the way it is expressed – but rather the question of freedom of speech in an election campaign.


Overseas News


1. UK: Macmillan Dictionary changes definition of marriage

On 19 August, Macmillan Dictionary in the UK announced that it was changing the definition of marriage. They said Macmillan Dictionary’s new content update includes a revised definition of marriage, following recent legislative changes which allow same-sex couples to marry.” Media Release.

The definition ...

The NEW definition reads, the relationship between two people who are husband and wife, or a similar relationship between people of the same sex.”

Yes, once legislation is changed – even the dictionary definition changes!


2. USA: New Jersey Bill bans ‘sexual orientation therapy’ for children

The Governor of New Jersey has signed a Bill that will make it ‘illegal for therapists to help children struggling with unwanted same-sex attractions’.

Liberty Counsel Chairman Mat Staver said the law will inflict "serious damage" to children, parents and counsellors.  

Liberty Counsel and NARTH plan to appeal against the law.
Article: New Jersey Gov. Signs Bill Banning Sexual Orientation Therapy, Citizen Link, 19/8/2013.


3. UK: Petition to ask the EU to stop funding research on ‘human embryos’

It is now SEVEN years since the Australian parliament voted to allow research on human embryos. In fact, the second Act that was passed in 2006 allowed embryos to be actually CREATED specifically to be killed – in 2002, the initial law allowed ‘unwanted’ embryos that had been created for IVF programs to be used for such research. That means that this research, which kills embryos, is ALLOWED and is still HAPPENING in Australia.


In the UK, Christian Concern is participating in a campaign to ask the European Union to stop funding research that kills human embryos. The Campaign, called ‘One of us’ reminds people we were ALL once an embryo – it is a joint project across Europe.

Visit the ‘One of Us’ website -

A 1 minute video has been produced – watch it here.

The campaign is aiming to get 1 million signatures! They already have MORE than 800,000 signatures.


On the issues 

1. Facebook posts on gender and sexual orientation - on Salt Shakers page

Peter has added to the ‘Truth or Fiction’ series of graphics on our Facebook page.

Currently he is adding No 3 – a three part series dispelling the myth that are brains are ‘hard wired’ and can’t change sexual orientation.

Check out the three posts -

Like them - share them and make a comment.

The homosexuals have found our Facebook page – and are commenting profusely!


2. New breast cancer research - abortion as a risk factor

Family Voice reports, “A new study by Dr Suraiya Jabeen and five others from the National Institute of Cancer Research and Hospital in Dhaka, Bangladesh* has shown that women who have a family history of breast cancer, or who smoke, are overweight, or have had an induced abortion, are more likely than others to suffer breast cancer in mid-life,”

Read full details of the study at Family Voice – click here.





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News Update - 16 August - election, same-sex 'marriage', prostitution in Qld . . .

Newspaper-dog shutterstock-Sm 

The election is taking a lot of our attention at present. In particular, Kevin Rudd's promotion of the same-sex 'marriage' issue was highlighted in the debate last weekend (read our report).


Since then, Mr Rudd has launched a VIDEO, with Rainbow Labor, supporting 'marriage equality' and calling for people to vote for him on that basis (see item 3).


The Australian Christian Values Checklist will be published TOMORROW (Friday).


We will distribute it by email and it will be published on our website and on the Australian Christian Values Institute website. Please distribute it to your friends and churches to let them know where the parties stand on a range of moral and ethical issues.


May God bless you as you follow Him and ask Him to help you discern what is happening!







News Update for August 16 2013

Australian News


1. Election update
The election is in full swing. Both Labor and Liberal have launched major campaign ads. Kevin Rudd’s is all about ‘A new way’ but many commentators are pointing out that it is really the same 'old' way…


It features Kevin talking on the verandah of his home. Watch it here.
Many of the recent Labor ads have been attacking Tony Abbott – and this from the man who called for a ‘positive campaign’! (See Australian Labor ads)



Tony Abbott’s feature ad only showed him at the very end of the ad. Watch it here.


Senator John Madigan of the DLP used a ‘Kevin Rudd lookalike’ to highlight overseas aid – noting that we give Indonesia $647 million in foreign aid and they in turn spends $8 billion on its military! And some of that is used on persecution of minorities by the military in West Papua. Click here for report and scroll to bottom to watch Sen Madigan’s ad.



2. Update on same-sex ‘marriage’ in Australia

Homosexual activist group Australian Marriage Equality is claiming that Kevin Rudd and the Labor Party will gain votes from younger people as a result of saying that, if elected, they will introduce a Bill to legalise same-sex ‘marriage’ within the first 100 days.

They are planning to target marginal Coalition seats, such as that held by Christopher Pyne. They are already distributing pamphlets in Teresa Gambaro’s seat of Brisbane, which she holds by just 1.1 per cent.


In a press conference on Monday (12/8), Mr Abbott was asked about his position. He reiterated that the Liberal Party had higher priorities and reiterated that, if the issue came up, the Coalition Party Room would decide whether to allow a conscience vote.

He stated he personally opposed same-sex ‘marriage’ and would remain consistent on that.

Article: Kevin Rudd's support for gay marriage 'could swing marginal seats', SMH/The Age, 12/8/2013.

Transcript of Mr Abbott’s Press Conferenceclick here.


3. Kevin Rudd does a VIDEO to support same-sex ‘marriage’

Yes, Kevin has even taken to video to promote his SUPPORT for same-sex ‘marriage’ and his promise to introduce a Bill to legalise same-sex ‘marriage’ within 100 days of being re-elected. It was posted on the ‘Australian Labor’ You Tube channel on 12 August!

Watch it here – it’s only 1.5 minutes long – but it shows his true colours.


He says he will need the voters’ help to get elected so he can carry out this promise!


Labor – with its sub-branch Rainbow Labor - has also set up a SPECIAL website called
It’s time for Marriage Equality. It features the video, and a petition and comment section supporting same-sex ‘marriage’.


What was that about Kevin’s promise NOT to campaign on this issue?

Back in May, when he announced his change in position, Mr Rudd wrote, “For the record, I will not be taking any leadership role on this issue nationally. My core interest is to be clear-cut about the change in my position locally on this highly controversial issue before the next election, so that my constituents are fully aware of my position when they next visit the ballot box. That, I believe, is the right thing to do.”
Read statement by Kevin Rudd.


Another BROKEN promise! 



4. Where your MP stands on same-sex ‘marriage’

Meanwhile, homosexual activist group Australian Marriage Equality has set up a website to let voters know which MPs SUPPORT same-sex ‘marriage’. They are encouraging their supporters to vote for candidates who would vote FOR same-sex ‘marriage’. (Media report.)

The website –



We can look at it to see which Members and Candidates NOT to vote for!

- Just enter your POSTCODE and click ‘Go’. 
- The website then gives the Member and their position.
- It also tells you the position of the Senators in your state.

- Scroll to the BOTTOM of the page and select a ‘state’ and it gives the position of all MPs and Senators in that state.


The website also has a letter from to encourage people to contact their MPs.
We also encourage you to contact them – but please DON'T use the CONTACT FORM provided. You can just use the email address given - or these links to get email addresses and contact forms – House of RepsSenate.



5. New US Ambassador to Australia ‘marries’ his homosexual partner

The newly appointed Ambassador to Australia, John Berry, has ‘married’ his male partner in Washington DC – at St Margaret's Episcopal Church.

Same-sex ‘marriage’ was legalised in Washington DC in December 2009.

Mr Berry will take over as the US Ambassador to Australia when the current Ambassador, Jeffrey Bleich, steps down.

Homosexual activists are already focusing on this, saying that Australia will be embarrassed that Mr Berry’s ‘marriage’ will not be recognised by Australia!
Article: US ambassador to Australia marries in private same-sex ceremony,, 12/8/2013.




6. Queensland – Prostitution

There are calls by the so-called ‘sex industry’ – in other words brothel owners – in Queensland to expand prostitution. In particular, they want to be able to do ‘house’ or ‘hotel’ calls outside of brothel venues. They claim they are not getting enough business due to the economic downturn.


We’d say that is a good thing! And we oppose any extension of the law!


According to an ABC/7.30 Qld Report last week, the Queensland government is doing a review of the law which bans ‘outcalls’.

However, they report “moves to revise and liberalise Queensland's Prostitution Act have been twice rejected by the Crime and Misconduct Commission on the grounds of preventing organised crime. The CMC has not examined the Queensland brothel industry's financial viability since 2006.” Read report / watch 7.30 segment


ACTION: If you live in Queensland, please contact the Premier Campbell Newman, Attorney General Jarrod Bleijie and your Member in the Legislative Assembly.

Ask them NOT to expand the prostitution law to allow ‘outcalls’ from brothels.
Click here for contact details.


Overseas News


1. USA: Drug dealers charged over drug overdose deaths

With an increasing number of drug overdose deaths from heroin, some law enforcement agencies are charging the drug dealers over the deaths.

In New Jersey they are using the state’s “strict liability for drug death” law – which holds the dealers responsible and carries a maximum 20 year prison sentence.


Perhaps this will cause the dealers to think about the consequences of their actions!
Article: Dealers Now Being Charged in Drug Overdose Deaths, AP, 11/8/2013.



2. Germany: Medics assaulted by Muslim family members at pool

You’d think that people would APPRECIATE being helped by medics when they are injured!


Recently, in Germany, medics attempted to treat an injured woman from an Arab family at a swimming pool in Berlin. But family members got upset that a male medic was touching a woman and ‘violating the family’s honour’ – so they started punching the medics. Police were called (ten patrol cars, dogs and some in bulletproof vests) and the pool later had to employ additional security.


Act for America ask, “Did the typical German see this coming thirty years ago? Unlikely. Like sharia courts in the UK and “no-go zones” in France, do we want this in the U.S.? [Or Australia?] This isn’t about being anti-immigrant. It’s about recognizing the aspects of sharia culture that simply aren’t compatible with the mores of Western Civilization.”


Article: The hazards of bathing in Neukölln, Daily Caller, 12/8/2013.



3. USA – Lesbian claims ‘spouse’ priveledges in not testifying

A lesbian in Kentucky, USA, Geneva Case, is claiming ‘spousal priveledge’ to try and avoid testifying in a case where her lover has been charged with murder.


The law is being challenged . . .


Kentucky doesn’t allow – or recognise – same-sex ‘marriage’. The women have a civil union from Vermont in 2004, which was before Vermont legalised same-sex ‘marriage’.


The woman’s attorney is claiming the case “could ultimately lead to a court-ordered reversal of Kentucky’s marriage amendment, which defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman.”


Time will tell…. but these challenges are continuing to arise. Once certain rights have been granted it is a like can of worms – or the mythical Pandora’s box - you can’t put the lid back on!


Lifesite report - Lesbian tries to invoke spousal privilege to avoid testifying in lover’s murder trial 13/8/2013.



4. California: Gov signs bill on transgender students

The Californian Governor, Jerry Brown, has signed a Bill that makes it legal for self-identifying “transgender” children to use bathrooms, showers, locker rooms, and changing rooms designated for children of the opposite biological sex. 


But what of all the children who are confronted by a person of the opposite biological sex in their change-room – for instance a biological boy being in a girls change room/bathroom.


They all get IGNORED!


CBS reports that students will also be able to CHOOSE which sports team they play for – they sate that the new law gives students the right "to participate in sex-segregated programs, activities and facilities" based on their self-perception and regardless of their birth gender!


Lifesite reportclick here. CBS reportclick here.




5. Gospel singer removed from concert because he WAS homosexual!

Yes, gospel singer Donnie McClurkin, a black American, has been removed from performing at a memorial concert for Martin Luther King.



Donnie is a former homosexual – he believes homosexuality is a “curse” which can be overcome through prayer and determination.

Several homosexual activists contacted the Mayor’s office to complain - they said they would organise a protest if he participated.

The Washington DC Mayor responded by telling Donnie that he wasn’t welcome any longer! Initially the ‘story’ was that Donnie ‘offered’ not to participate, but Donnie wrote about what really happened on Facebook – and the Mayor has now admitted the truth- that he cancelled his appearance!



Report: D.C. Mayor axes gospel singer from MLK memorial concert because he is an ‘ex-gay’, Lifesite, 13/8/2013.



6. USA: ABC to produce mini series on homosexual rights movement

Yes, the US broadcaster ABC is to produce an 8 hour mini series on the history of the homosexual rights movement.


Is this unbiased? NO.


The writer of the series is homosexual writer and director Dustin Lance Black. Throughout his career he has been a homosexual activist – producing films and documentaries about homosexuality. He is the co-founder of the American Foundation for Equal Rights, the group behind the lawsuit to overturn California’s voter-approved Proposition 8 gay ‘marriage’ ban. 


Lifesite report: ABC hires gay activist to write 8-hour miniseries about the history of the ‘gay rights’ movement, 14/8/2013.



Coming events:


1. Salt Shakers Dinner

The Dinner will now be held on Saturday 5 October – 7.30 pm.
Book soon to join us at the Dinner.

Speakers – Bruce Coleman and Shane Varcoe.



2. CMI's 'Proclaiming Creation' seminar

The CMI Seminar had a packed house in Brisbane last weekend.

This weekend (tomorrow, Saturday Aug 17) the seminar will be in Melbourne at Life Ministries Centre in Chirnside Park.

Click here for FULL details.



3. Vishal Mangalwadi tour

Vishal is a Christian philosopher, worldview and Bible teacher from India. He is visiting Australia in August for a tour organised by Family Voice – called, “What Good is Christianity?”

Click here for full details.


Vishal is also speaking at a FORUM at Monash University in MELBOURNE…
DETAILS: Monash Uni, Clayton, Campus Centre Cinema

Date: 20th August 11 am-12:30 pm?

Everyone welcome - and it's free!



4. March for the Babies – Melbourne Sat 12 October

Book your diary NOW and plan to be at the annual ‘March for the Babies’ in Melbourne.


Saturday 12 October, 2013.

Meet at 1 pm at Treasury Gardens.

The March goes to Parliament House for a rally.


Check the website for details -


News Update - 9 August - Pornography, CRE, homosexuality, election, marriage and more...

Action - Pen and computer 1172246 33091802  

Another big week (or two) . . . an election . . . plus lots of things happening...





News Update - 9 August 2013

Australian News


. Link between pornography and rape – WA man pleads ‘guilty’
Many years ago, Ted Bundy did an interview just before he was executed in the USA for committing rape and murder. He spoke to Focus on the Family’s James Dobson and explained how he had started viewing pornography and had gradually got involved with more explicit pornography – this had led him to act out those fantasies by raping women and eventually led to him murdering women. Read interview. 

This week, in Western Australia, a man has pleaded guilty to 31 crimes - to two counts of rape, armed robbery, attempted armed robbery, deprivation of liberty and various fraud offences totalling almost $75,000.

Stephen Michael Adams was a former policeman in the Australian Federal Police – he then spent four years working with Customs where part of his job involved viewing hundreds of hours of pornographic videos. His lawyer said this “was a major contributing factor to the future sexual offending.” He developed a ‘rape fantasy’ – and eventually ended up raping a 19 year old girl. He will be sentenced this week.

Article: Porn fantasy 'led former Customs officer to rape' of 19-year-old girl, AAP, 6/8/2013


2. Pornography and sex education
A couple of weeks ago the Herald Sun reported that the Victorian Education Department was developing a ‘respectful relationships’ curriculum for Year 8 and 9 students. Susie O’Brien reported that the course would deal with the negative effects and impact of pornography – covering issues such as "consent, intimacy, power and respect".

The article specifically says that students will not be viewing pornography.

With the use of mobile phones many teenagers have increased access to pornography and are viewing it more frequently – if this proposal deals with why pornography is a problem, it may assist in developing more ‘respectful relationships’.

Article: Victorian state school students analyse pornography as part of groundbreaking new sexuality programs, Herald Sun, 23/7/2013.


3. UCA calls on Access Ministries to water down CRE curriculum
The Uniting Church has called for the Victorian ‘Christian Religious Education’ curriculum to be ‘updated. The CRE program, which is part of the ‘Special Religious Instruction’ in schools, is conducted in around two-thirds of primary schools – parents can choose to have their children not participate. The program is organised by Access Ministries – and is supported by twelve denominations, including the Uniting Church.

The Uniting Church wants the curriculum to have “a broader theological and educational approach.” They complain that there is a ''definite slant in the material towards biblical literalism'' and want the material to encourage children to have ‘inquiring minds’.

Article: Update wanted for religious education, The Age, 1/8/2013.


4. Anglican Church in Gosford promotes homosexuality
An Anglican church in Gosford has displayed a sign outside their church this week. It reads, “Dear Christians, Some people are gay. Get over it. Love God”

The sign was posted on the church’s Facebook page and received more than 100,000 hits in a few days.

The church and its Minister, Rod Bower, promote homosexual rights.

But those who say the opposite are being criticised as being ‘homophobic’.

- The story was written up in the local paper – click here.

- The Today program interviewed the Minister, Rod Bower.
- The segment is posted on the church’s website-
watch it here.

- Charisma News, a Christian News service, wrote about it here.

- Huffington Post, a left-leaning US news service wrote about the story here.


5. Referendum on funding for local Councils NOT to be held
The proposed referendum on financial recognition of local government in the Constitution will NOT be held at the same time as the election.

There was not enough time between the date the law was passed and the date Mr Rudd has chosen for the election. The earliest they could both be held was 14 September.

That’s one good thing to come out of the change of ALP leader and the change in the date of the election!
Media report:
Election halts referendum, Gippsland Times, 8/8/2013.



6. Kevin Rudd on the subject of Islam…
In March this year, Kevin Rudd gave an address to the Crescent Institute in Sydney.
He referred to “Muslim-Australians” and “my Muslim brothers and sisters” and our “multicultural reality”. He said, “The only difference between our Muslim brothers and sisters, who may have come in recent generations, and Anglo-Celtics like myself is simply the space of a few boatloads in between.” We need to ask how that affects his thinking on boat arrivals – and his view about the impact of Islam.

Kevin Rudd also referred to Ed Husic being sworn in as an MP using the Quran in 2010. He commented on the help of Muslim nations in getting Australia a seat on the UN Security Council. He then referred to the “extraordinary contribution of Islam through the great work done by Islamic scholars”, and the situation in Spain. Mmmm…

His speech tells us a lot of what he thinks on this vital topic!

Speech: Address to the Crescent Institute, 1/3/2013.


On the political front, MPs from Labor (Bob Carr) and Liberal (Joe Hockey) attended Muslim Eid celebrations to mark the end of Ramadan in Lakemba. Joe Hockey talked about the importance of heritage – and mentioned his Palestinian heritage (not Islamic)! Bob Carr talked of Australia not voting “against increased Palestinian status in the general assembly of the United Nations” (source).


7. Church for atheists meets in Melbourne
We reported some months back on a new atheist church for non-believers.

Barney Zwartz, religion reporter for The Age, attended one of their monthly meetings and reports on the experience…
You gotta have faith: the rise of the church of non-believers, The Age, 4/8/2013.


8. Marriage Update – states considering same-sex ‘marriage’

The ACT Government has announced that they plan to introduce legislation into the Legislative Assembly to legalise same-sex ‘marriage’ during the SPRING sitting of parliament.

Article: ACT may take lead on same-sex marriage, Canberra Times, 29/7/2013.

Following the release of the Report by the NSW Legislative Council’s Social Issues Committee at the end of July (read our report here), the NSW government has said that a private Member’s Bill to legalise same-sex ‘marriage’ will be debated later this year – and that MPs would be given a conscience vote on the issue. One Liberal MP, Bruce Notley-Smith, an active homosexual, is claiming that ‘NSW  

In Queensland, the Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie has ruled out allowing a conscience vote regarding same-sex ‘marriage’ for LNP MPs. He said, “Marriage falls under the Federal Government's responsibilities." Media report.


Homosexual activist Rodney Croome welcomed the NSW decision and is urging states to move forward and legalise same-sex ‘marriage’ –article.

But we know the real aim is to put pressure on the federal government to legalise same-sex ‘marriage’ across Australia.


9. 'The Bible' series - 'viewer response'...
The series 'The Bible' is entering a 'viewer response' phase, where viewers are invited to respond... The series, on Channel 9 at 9 pm on Tuesday nights, is also about to portray the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Please pray that those who have seen it will be impacted and prompted to read the Bible and seek to find out more about Jesus. 


10. Election update- pray for wisdom
Both major parties are in campaign mode - making promises and criticising their opponents.

Pray for wisdom as people assess the polices and discern what is really being said.

The Australian Prayer Network has set up a webpage with detailed prayer points in their '40 Days of Prayer for the election'.

- Click here for details for Week 1 - up to 11 August

- Click here for full details for Week 2 from 12 August.


Overseas News


1. ABC News editor changed from Don to Dawn – and is now Don again

A US news editor, who decided in May 2013 that he was a woman, and starting wearing a dress and wig, has decided to revert to being a man. In May he announced he was transgender, was splitting from his wife and wanted to be called Dawn.

The New York Post reports that Don Ennis “went to the Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, for testing to understand why his mind and body changed from male to female. He said he learned it was a hormone imbalance that could be fixed.”

They continued, “Mr Ennis had previously told friends that he suspected his sex mix-up happened because his mother gave him female hormones as a child that made him look and sound young to prolong a bit-part acting career, but he ended up developing breasts and started thinking he was a woman.”

Last month, Mr Ennis then had what he called ‘global transient amnesia’ for two days – and when he awakened from that he realised he was a man – and that he had been ‘misdiagnosed’ as being a woman…. Don is back with his wife and plans to have hormone treatment and surgery to correct the imbalance – he says he is “just another boring straight guy”.

Article: I’m a guy again! ABC newsman who switched genders wants to switch back, New York Post, 6/8/2013. 


2. USA: Pennsylvania Gov. Sues to Halt Same-Sex Marriage Licenses
The Governor of Pennsylvania has taken legal action, asking a court to enforce the state’s marriage law defining the institution as a union between one man and one woman. This comes a week after a Montgomery County clerk began granting same-sex marriage licenses — violating that law. The Attorney General had announced she would not defend the law.
Article from Citizen Link.




3. Texas: Planned Parenthood pays up $1.4 million to settle fraud case
The Texas Attorney General has announced that Planned Parenthood has ‘settled’ a legal case. Planned Parenthood has to PAY $1.4 million for OVERBILLING the state’s Medicaid program. The federal lawsuit said that Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast submitted "repeated false, fraudulent, and ineligible claims for Medicaid reimbursements" through the Texas Women's Health Program.
Article from Citizen Link, 25/7/2013.




On the Issues


1. Creation and Evolution
When journalist Virginia Heffernan, a writer for Yahoo News and formerly of the New York Times and Slate, admitted she was a ‘creationist’, she was severely criticised by other journalists. Gary DeMar, writing on American Vision, a Biblical Worldview Ministry, highlights the reactions to her statement.

Article: Journalist Admits She’s a Creationist and Drives Evolutionists Insane



2. The danger of abortion – increased risk of mental illness
Family Voice has reported on a study published in a respected Journal that highlights the problems of mental illness associated with having an abortion. See FAVA article.

Ros Phillips said, “Yet another respected journal has published a study confirming the psychiatric and psychological harms of abortion. The study by Bellieni and Buonocore, published in the journal Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences this month, found that women face a significantly higher risk of mental illness following an abortion compared with an unplanned birth.”  

The researchers said: “When comparing abortion and unplanned pregnancies that ended in delivery, four studies found a higher risk for loss of self-esteem, anxiety disorders, depression, suicide ideation, and substance abuse disorder or substance abuse rate in the abortion groups.”*

Ros concluded, “Abortion advocates tell us it is in women’s best interests to choose abortion if they feel unprepared to parent. Research shows that the opposite is true. “The federal government should reverse its decision to subsidise the abortion drug RU486.  The Tasmanian Legislative Council committee investigating Michelle O’Byrne’s abortion bill should take this new research into account.”

The Study: * Bellieni , C., & Buonocore, G. (2013). “Abortion and subsequent mental health: Review of the literature”, Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences, 67(5), 301–310.

Available at


 Coming Events


1. Salt Shakers Dinner

The Dinner will now be held on Saturday 5 October – 7.30 pm.
Book soon to join us at the Dinner.


2. CMI's 'Proclaiming Creation' seminar

The CMI Seminar had a packed house in Brisbane last weekend.

This weekend (tomorrow, Saturday Aug 10) the seminar will be in Sydney.

The following weekend, Saturday 17 August, it will be in Melbourne at Life Ministries Centre in Chirnside Park.

Click here for FULL details.


3. Vishal Mangalwadi tour

Vishal is a Christian philosopher, worldview and Bible teacher. He is visiting Australia in August for a tour organised by Family Voice – called, “What Good is Christianity?”

Click here for full details.

News Update - 25 July - SA same-sex 'marriage' Bill defeated, Rudd policy on boat arrivals, overseas aid, lesbians & child custody and more . . . 

This week the SA parliament voted to defeat a same-sex 'marriage' Bill, the Rudd Labor government announced a new 'policy' on boat arrivals, a record number of political parties to contest election, information on the referendum and more...

Next week we will circulate our 'Monthly Prayer News' - so the next overall 'News Update' will be on 9 August.



Australian News 

1. South Australia- vote on same-sex ‘marriage’
The South Australian parliament’s House of Assembly voted on a Bill aimed at legalising same-sex ‘marriage’. The Same Sex Marriage Bill 2013 was introduced by Labor backbencher Susan Close, who said on Wednesday that she didn’t expect to get the numbers to pass the Bill.

The vote was taken on Thursday 25 July – and it was defeated!

The Liberals opposed the Bill on the basis that a state government does not have jurisdiction to legalise same-sex ‘marriage’ – they currently do not allow a conscience vote. However, the Party says it will ‘revise its position to allow a conscience vote depending on the findings of a NSW parliamentary committee, which is expected tomorrow [26/7].’

Homosexual ‘marriage’ advocates criticised the Labor government for pushing for an immediate vote - naturally, they want the Liberals to grant a ‘conscience vote’ so they will have chance of getting the Bill passed! The Greens introduced identical legislation in the Upper House on Wednesday in a bid to promote the issue.

Media reports:

SA Parliament expected to vote tomorrow on whether to press ahead with same-sex marriage Bill, The Advertiser, 24/7/2013

Premier slammed over gay marriage, The Australian, 25/7/2013.

Bill defeated: Same-sex marriage bill voted down in South Australian Parliament, ABC, 25/7/2013.


2. $500 million given to Indonesia to help Islamic madrasahs gain accreditation!
The Australian government, through AusAID and the overseas aid budget, has given Indonesia $500 million to help Islamic schools – madrasahs – gain national ‘accreditation’.

Apparently 20% of Indonesian students attend these 1500 Islamic schools. The money is supposed to help “teachers` capacities training, increasing the learning and teaching mechanism process, gaining the curriculum standard, and improving the school’s infrastructures and facilities”.

Media reports:

Australia supports Indonesian Islamic schools to gain national accreditation, ANTARA, 24/7/2013.

Australia helps 'Madrasahs' get national accreditation, Jakarta Post, 24/7/2013.


WHY are we directly giving ‘overseas aid’ funds to develop Islamic education in Indonesia?

We have always said that it is not just the AMOUNT of money that is provided in AID, but WHAT it is used for and how it is SUPERVISED!


Our overseas aid budget already funds groups that do abortions in developing countries – with $16 million given to Planned Parenthood and Marie Stopes International in 2010-2011. AusAID told one of our readers that, “AusAID currently funds two agencies, IPPF and MSI, which allow, within the laws of the countries concerned, provision of safe abortion and post-abortion services”. [April 2012 Salt Shakers Journal.]

Last year an extra $24 million was given for “reproductive health care, information and advice services and contraception” - making a total of $50 million! [Foreign Minister’s statement.]

All funded out of our ‘overseas aid’ budget’!


3. Politics – preparing for an election
Fifty three political parties are registered for the upcoming federal election – more than double the number in 2010. There could be more by the time the election arrives!

Some of the new parties?

Smokers Rights Party, Bullet Train for Australia Party, Animal Justice Party…. There are also new parties from a Christian perspective – Australian Christians and Rise Up Australia Party.

We’re already being warned that the ballot paper for the Senate in Victoria may be a metre wide – and in tiny print!

The NSW 2010 Senate paper was size 8.5 font and this year’s is expected to be smaller again. The AEC has ordered 40,000 magnifying glasses to assist voters! (source / source)

We’ve provided links for some of the parties on our ‘Political Parties in Australia’s webpage -Click here.


The Australian Electoral Commission supervises and monitors the registration of political parties.

LINK: List of all the registered political parties at the AEC website.
The AEC page outlining the registration of political parties -
click here.

For a snapshot of the views of some of these parties, read this article:

Smokers, pirates, cola lovers … new parties add colour to electoral canvas, The Age, 21/7/2013.


4. Referendum on federal funding of local government
Peter Westmore, in the News Weekly editorial on 20 July, provided a strong argument against the proposed referendum. He points out that the key issue is the direct FUNDING of local Councils and highlights the fact that this will come with ‘strings’ attached’ and demands.
NW Editorial: Beware the agenda behind the local government referendum 

The Institute of Public Affairs has published a 3 minute video on the dangers of this proposal.
Watch it ...
VIDEO: Canberra's Power Grab Deserves To Fail


5. Family court deals with lesbian family ‘triangle’
The Family Court is dealing with an ‘increasingly common situation’ – the breakdown of lesbian relationships where the custody of children is involved. Since only one of the women is a biological mother, the court is faced with new and ‘tricky’ legal situations.

In a recent case, a family law expert told the court, "Children can have three parents."

The case involves two women who are social workers and their two daughters aged 9 and 11. The girls are the biological daughters of Ms A. They have contact with the sperm donor Mr C. The women separated in 2008 and Ms B later moved in with another woman and didn’t have much contact with the girls. Last year she started legal proceedings in an attempt to have them ‘stay with her every other week’.

Ms B apparently complained that the case might be treated differently if they were heterosexual – which the Judge said was ‘ludicrous’. However, given that in most heterosexual cases the other parent is the biological father, it undoubtedly would be – and should be - different.

The verdict?

The media report notes, the Judge “ordered that the two girls continue to live with Ms A and spend time with Ms B at times to be organised between them and with the consent of the children. Mr C will continue to see them as he wants.”

Article: Triangle tangle in lesbian feud, Herald Sun, 20/7/2013.


6. Take a stand – against domestic violence
The Herald Sun has launched a campaign urging people to oppose domestic violence. Called ‘Take a Stand’, it is being supported by Police Chief Commissioner Ken Lay, Victoria's Premier Denis Napthine, Melbourne's Lord Mayor Robert Doyle and the AFL's chief executive, Andrew Demetriou.
Read more:
Victorian leaders declare war on domestic abuse, Herald Sun, 22/7/2013. 


7. Politics – New Labor policy on ‘irregular arrivals’
Last week we mentioned that a ‘new’ policy would be announced regarding boat arrivals and asylum seekers. It was the final ‘big policy’ that Kevin Rudd wanted to present a new position on prior to calling the election.

Kevin Rudd’s new policy involves sending ALL arrivals to Papua New Guinea for processing. He announced that any people assessed as genuine refuges would be settled in PNG and would NOT be allowed to settle in Australia.

Numerous commentators, and the Opposition, have pointed out some of the flaws in the policy. The agreement is only 2 pages long and has little detail; the agreement only lasts for 12 months; there is no requirement for PNG to actually take the asylum seekers for resettlement; and there is no definite statement regarding how much money the government has offered PNG to accept the ‘deal’.

It turns out that the men who arrive will be sent to Manus Island but women and children will continue to be sent to Australia – until facilities have been built on Manus island’. In June, women and children who were in detention on Manus Island were moved to Australia (source).

Just this week, 70 men were removed from Manus Island detention Centre amid claims of rape and torture (source).


Others have pointed out that this is another example of ‘policy on the run’.

In PNG, the parliament unanimously recently passed a motion to hold a national consultation about whether they should ban non-Christian religions (source). Since most of the 'boat arrivals' are from Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq, and are Islamic, this would create even more problems for PNG.

In PNG, the Sunday paper in Port Moresby ran a headline 'Ruddiculous!'. The PNG Opposition leader says he will challenge the agreement.

Read Miranda Devine’s column: Kevin Rudd just created another boatload of humanitarian problems, Daily Telegraph, 21/7/2013.

Article: PNG paper labels asylum plan 'Ruddiculous', SMH, 21/7/2013.
No guarantee on Kevin Rudd's asylum seeker deal with PNG,, 22/7/2013.


8. Official Statistics on ‘irregular maritime arrivals’ - or boat arrivals
The Department of Immigration publishes official figures each quarter on the number of ‘irregular maritime arrivals’ and also the number of people seeking asylum arriving by plane (non-IMA).

If you want to know the actual numbers, or have heard claims that there are more people arriving by plane, then you can check the actual statistics. With the increase in IMAs in the past year, the number of boat arrivals is now higher.

The Tables do not list the religion of the people – however it does list the country of origin. The three highest are Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran – which are majority Muslim countries.

The Sri Lankans are not usually Muslim.

Read the latest March 2013 Quarterly Tables – click here.
The overall page listing all Quarterly Tables – click here.


9. Picture of two men kissing - on the side of Uniting Church in Northcote
A huge drawing of two men has has placed on a wall next to a Uniting Church in Northcote - the church is supportive of homosexual relationships... read story.


Overseas News


1. Royal baby born
There was great excitement in the UK with the birth of the first son of Prince William and his wife Katherine – the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The baby, the third in line to the throne, will be known as "HRH Prince of Cambridge." We congratulate the happy family.

The world’s media waited for weeks to get photos of them leaving the hospital. If you missed it, the photos are posted on the web…

ABC report: William and Kate give public first glimpse of royal baby, ABC, 24/7/2013.

BBC Gallery of photos – click here.


2. UK: Religious groups respond to the same-sex marriage’ law
Sikh temples in the UK are being advised not to conduct civil marriages in their temples out of fear of being subjected to a legal challenge to conduct same-sex ‘marriages’. Lord Singh, the director of the Network of Sikh Organisations, told the House of Lords that he feared opponents of same-sex marriage would be “coerced” into accepting the new legal definition of marriage. They are concerned that a challenge to the European Court could overturn the protections for religious groups that are written into the law.
Article: Religion told to halt weddings over gay rights, Telegraph, 21/7/2013.


3. USA: Planned Parenthood closes three abortion clinics in Texas
Following the passage of legislation in Texas banning abortions after 20 weeks, Planned Parenthood has announced it is closing three of their abortion clinics in Texas including one at Bryan.

Melissa Ohden, writing for Life News, reports that this is ‘an answer to prayer’. She says, “Bryan is THE abortion clinic that Abby Johnson used to direct, THE place where David Bereit and Shawn Carney’s vision for 40 Days for Life was implemented, and Abby was converted.”

Abby has now become a pro-life advocate and is the author of unPLANNED.
Read more about her book and a documentary –
click here.

Read Life News’ report on the Planned Parenthood closures – click here.


4. California: Legislators pass Bill allowing ‘gender-confused youth’ to choose ‘bathroom’
The California legislature has passed a Bill that will force public schools to allow young people who are ‘confused’ about whether they are a boy or a girl to choose whether they use the boys or girls restrooms based on their ‘gender identity’.

Citizen Link reports that the law, if signed by the Governor, “would also let students who believe they are the opposite sex participate on the corresponding sports team. The law would apply to students in elementary, middle and high school.”

Brad Dacus, president of the Pacific Justice Institute, said, "As a society, we know we must protect children from harm, but this law is in direct violation of this principle. These politicians have disregarded the safety and privacy of all children, in exchange for appeasing the vocal LGBT lobby."

Citizen Link report: California Bathroom Bill moves forward, 24/7/2013.


5. Ohio, USA: Marriage law challenged in federal court
A recent court case in Ohio proves that homosexuals are continually being activists for their 'cause'.

They are testing the recent US Supreme Court decisions as well as challenging state laws.

A couple of weeks ago, a same-sex couple from Ohio got ‘married’ in Maryland – they returned home and, a week later, lodged a court case in Ohio, wanting their ‘marriage’ to be recognised.

Ohio’s state Constitution says that marriage is between a man and a woman.

As a result, a federal judge has put Ohio’s marriage law ‘on hold’. Ohio’s Attorney-General has said he will appeal against the decision.

Article: Federal Judge Halts Ohio Marriage Law, Citizen Link, 23/7/2013.


6. China: Disastrous effects of ‘one-child policy’
Wang Feng, a public policy researcher, told an academic conference in Beijing that the Chinese ‘one-child policy’ is worse than the ‘Cultural Revolution’.
Read Life News’ report –
click here.


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Salt Shakers Dinner – Saturday 7 September

Book now to attend our Annual Dinner. The speakers are Bruce Coleman and Shane Varcoe.

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