News Update - 12 July - Islamic ads, Discrimination, Marriage, Referendum...

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A lot is happening. This week we have a few items from last week as well, because our Prayer News replaced our News Update...

So sit back, grab a coffee or tea, relax (if that's possible when reading this!) and catch up on the news...



Australian News

1. Islamic ads airing on Australian TV
A series of 30 second ads is being aired by Islamic group 'My Peace' (from July 9) on SBS and Channels 7, 9 and 10. The group says the ads are aimed at improving the image that Australians have about Islam and Mohammed - the spokesman for ‘My Peace’ says they are a "response to misinformation".

Q Society’s media release noted that there are a number of deceptions in the ads. Rachel Blaxendale, in The Australian, notes that they quote George Bernard Shaw – but use a ‘quote’ on Islam he never made, referenced from a book he never wrote!

Bill Muehlenberg’s article about these ads highlights the nature of taqiyya, which, he writes, "gives permission to Muslims to deceive infidels in the cause of Islam".
Media reports:
My Peace organisation launches TV commercial to improve image of Islam in Australia, Daily Telegraph, 28/6/2013.
Ads for Islam ‘misquote Shaw from bogus book’, The Australian, 9/7/2013.
Islam, Taqiyya and TV, Bill Muehlenberg, Culture Watch.
The actual ad and an interview done by Channel 10 – Family Security Matters.
Move over Jesus, new savior of humanity, World Net Daily. 


2.Tasmania – Anti-discrimination law NOT voted on
Good News! The Tasmanian Legislative Council did not vote on the proposed expansion of the Tasmanian anti-discrimination law which would have seen the prohibition of ANY conduct that “offends, humiliates, intimidates, insults or ridicules” apply to ALL the protected attributes that are included in the state’s Anti-Discrimination Act.

It seems that the state Labor government decided not to have a vote in the Legislative Council when they realized they did not have the numbers to get the Bill passed.


3. WA: Female genital mutilation case dropped
The WA Director of Public Prosecutions has discontinued a case against a Western Australian couple who took their baby daughter to Bali in Indonesia for a genital mutilation procedure. The couple was charged last September.

The case was dropped as the state prosecutors said there was ‘no reasonable prospect of conviction’. The maximum penalty for FGM in WA is 10 years in prison.
DPP drops WA female circumcision case, Perth Now, 4/7/2013.
Perth couple face genital mutilation charge, Perth Now, 7/9/2013.


4. Homosexual activists – new idea to promote same-sex ‘marriage’
Rodney Croome, the national co-ordinator for homosexual group Australian Marriage Equality opposes a referendum on same-sex ‘marriage’, saying it would generate a ‘campaign of hate’. They want the Coalition to allow a conscience vote.

His new idea? Establish a CROSS- PARTY WORKING GROUP to ‘advance’ the issue. This would NOT be a good move - this is what has happened in NSW - and that Working Group included a Liberal MP who is a homosexual!

Media report: Vote on same-sex marriage divisive: Croome 


5. How do you control binge drinking? Legalise marijuana! NO!
Professor Robin Room, director of the Centre for Alcohol Policy Research, has made this suggestion because he claims the ‘social harms’ from cannabis use are less than binge drinking!

But the dangers of cannabis use for young people are now well documented! As Ros Phillips notes, “A new study by scientists from Melbourne and Wollongong universities last year showed significant brain damage in long-term cannabis users.” And “The combination of alcohol and marijuana is particularly harmful, since alcohol magnifies the negative effects of marijuana.”
Article: Expert calls for marijuana to be legalised to reduce harm of binge drinking in teens, Herald Sun, 10/7/2013.
FAVA report – Legalising marijuana: problem, not solution, 11/7/2013. 


6. Tasmania – Continues grants to LGBT groups to fight ‘hate’
The Tasmanian government has announced it will continue giving grants to LGBTI groups - $150,000 over the next three years. In previous years, grants have been given to programs such as “celebrations of diversity, projects to promote inclusion, as well as research and education projects. More recently, family violence was identified as a key research area.” The Minister for Community Development said, “Family violence in the LGBTI community is an under-researched area, and information about its prevalence is limited.”

Now that’s an interesting statement – studies and surveys actually show there is a HIGHER prevalence of family violence in homosexual relationships.
Article: Australian state government commits $150,000 to projects to reduce anti-LGBT prejudice, GayStarNews, 8/6/2013.


7. Carbon tax increases
The carbon tax increased by 5% on 1 July – from $23 a tonne to $24.15 a tonne.
Apparently power consumption has decreased – but with the huge increases in electricity costs that is hardly surprising!

The new Rudd federal government is considering its position on this issue. Knowing that the ‘carbon tax’ is a liability because of the way it was introduced, they are considering the possibility of changing it more quickly to an ‘emissions trading scheme’. However, with the current European scheme price being $6 a tonne, this would blow another huge hole in the budget, thus increasing the deficit.

Media report: Power use down since carbon tax, SMH, 9/7/2013. 


8. New US Ambassador to Australia an open homosexual
US President Barack Obama’s nomination for the next US Ambassador to Australia is John Berry, an open homosexual with a male partner. He will be the first openly homosexual US Ambassador in a G20 nation. But there are others - the current US Ambassador to New Zealand, David Huebner, is also an open homosexual.

Media reports note that Mr Berry is the former head of the Office of Personnel Management - which oversees the US public service. The nomination has to be approved by the US Senate. It is not known when he will take up the post.

Article: John Berry to be next US ambassador to Australia, AAP, 25/6/2013.


9. NSW: Bid to stop schools discriminating re ‘sexuality’
Homosexual activist Alex Greenwich, now an Independent MP in NSW, has announced plans to introduce legislation to remove an exemption for religious schools that enables them to discriminate against a student on the basis of their sexuality in the area of enrolment at the school. Religious schools oppose the proposal, saying that it is vital that they retain their religious freedom on this matter, even though they say few, if any, students are expelled on that basis.

Ros Phillips, of Family Voice, pointed out, “One of the purposes of Christian education is to promote Christian values of sexuality.  Students who disagree should be free to attend other schools.” She noted an instance where a drag queen had attended Burwood Girls High School as part of a Proud Schools celebration.
Students were encouraged to support same-sex ‘marriage’. Those who refused were bullied by other students. That’s ‘reverse discrimination’!

Article: Schools defend right to expel gays, SMH, 7/7/2013. 


10. Abortion drug RU486 listed on the PBS
The federal Labor government’s Health Minister Tanya Plibersek has announced that the abortion drug RU486 (Mifepristone and Misoprostol) will be listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). This means the drugs will be available for $36.10, or $5.90 each on a concession card. Pro-life advocates are concerned that the increased availability and lower cost of RU486 will lead to more abortions.

Article: Abortion pill among new drugs on PBS, AAP, 30/6/2013.
Health Minister’s media release: New Generation Medicines Added to the PBS 


11. Caution about artificial light from tablets
With the amazing developments in technology, we need to be cautious about the effects on our health. “Leading Australian researcher  Professor Shantha Rajaratnam says there is growing evidence that the night time use of portable digital devices is likely to compound the problems associated with artificial lighting. They are particularly concerned about the effect of the light on sleep-wake patterns.

The message – avoid the use of tablets in bed and for some time before bed!

Media report on the ABC – click here


12. Local Government Referendum - update
Senator Dean Smith, Liberal from WA, was one of the few brave Senators and MPs to oppose the proposed referendum on recognising local government in the Constitution.
Watch his speech in the Senate – click here.
Read his article: Councils run risk of ceding more power to Canberra


The Citizens’ Vote NO’ campaign has a website – called ‘No Power Grab’ - with a large number of articles and resources. They are also preparing downloadable fliers and posters.
Vote NO websiteclick here
Resources page with articlesclick here.

This is an article written by one of their team, printed in the Daily Telegraph pointing out a range of inequalities in the referendum!
Lopsided financial support for federal referendum


Email about sharia law and the referendum
An email is circulating that claims the constitutional recognition of local government would lead to the introduction of ‘sharia law’ as it has in Britain – no names or sources are quoted. The claim relating to Britain is incorrect – it says “Sharia law can be demanded in the local area based on the % of Muslim people in that local area”. In the UK there are ‘sharia courts’ operating as ‘arbitration tribunals’ (article) but this is not related to the Australian referendum on recognising local government.
Please do not forward on this email if you receive it!


13. SA: Advertising of ‘live odds’ on sport to be BANNED from Aug 1
The South Australian Premier, Jay Weatherill, has announced that the advertising of ‘live odds’ betting will be banned from August 1. The
Independent Gambling Authority has approved the state government’s proposal.
Media report: Advertising live-odds betting to be banned in South Australia, The Advertiser, 4/7/2013.


Overseas News 

1. UK government allows three-person IVF
The UK government has announced that it will legislate to allow an IVF procedure using genetic material from THREE people. The technique would allow TWO eggs to be used – where the birth mother has a disease that can be handed down, the egg of another woman would be used as well. The method, called ‘mitochondrial transfer’, has not been tested in humans. This article outlines two possible methods.  

Whilst the compassion argument is used to justify this move, these techniques involve manipulating life and can include the destruction of embryos for ‘spare parts’.

Three-person IVF: UK government backs mitochondrial transfer, Guardian, 28/6/2013. 

Dr Peter Saunders, of the Christian Medical Fellowship, has written two good articles explaining why we should not go down this track:

Three parent embryos for mitochondrial disease – unsafe, unethical and unnecessary – 28/6/2013.
Three-parent embryos for mitochondrial disease? Twelve reasons for caution 


2. Dr Nitschke promoting ‘assisted suicide’ and euthanasia in the UK
Not content with promoting euthanasia in Australia, Philip Nitschke, of pro-euthanasia group EXIT, is visiting the UK and putting on seminars explaining methods people can use to kill themselves.

Dr Peter Saunders, of the Christian Medical Fellowship, objected to his visit to the UK, and wrote a detailed article:
Why did the Home Secretary let this man into the UK? 


3. Japan: Health Ministry withdraws recommendation for Gardasil
The Japanese Health Ministry has “issued a nationwide notice that cervical cancer vaccinations should no longer be recommended for girls aged 12 to 16 because several adverse reactions to the medicines have been reported.”
The vaccines were only added to the regular vaccination list in April this year.
Article: Cervix vaccine issues trigger health notice, Japan Times, 15/6/2013.


4. Germany: Court orders same tax breaks for homosexual ‘civil partners’
The Federal Constitutional Court in Germany has ‘ruled that the country’s same-sex registered partners must be granted the same tax breaks as couples in natural marriages. In their June majority decision, six of the eight justices ruled that treating civil unions differently amounts to “unequal treatment because of sexual orientation” and that failure to guarantee equality “leads to discrimination against a minority”. 
Article: German federal court: give gay civil partners same tax breaks as married couples, Lifesite News, 10/10/2013. 


5. UK – Update on same-sex ‘marriage’ Bill - VOTE on MONDAY 15 JULY
The UK House of Lords is still in the Report stage of the proposed Bill to legalise same-sex ‘marriage’. The website states, “Report stage – line by line examination of the Bill – took place on 8 July. Amendments discussed covered clauses 1-11 of the Bill. A second day of report stage is scheduled for 10 July.”

Conservative Lords are introducing amendments aimed at defeating the Bill.

Click here to view the latest Update on the House of Lords website.

VOTE: The final third reading vote is expected to be taken on Monday 15 July. Christian Concern is asking everyone to pray that the Bill will NOT be passed.


6. USA: President Obama commends homosexual activists
When the US Supreme Court struck down DOMA - Defence of Marriage Act – recently, President Barack Obama said, “today is a victory for equality” (official White House source and actual statement).
His support for homosexual causes is not new. In early June he gave a speech at a special Pride Month event held at the White House. He does this EVERY year!
This year, nine Americans who wrote to thank him for his support on these issues were invited to the event (see details).
Read his speech – click here.

On President Obama’s recent visit to Africa, some of the religious and political leaders were not enthusiastic about him pushing homosexual rights.
Read Bill Muehlenberg’s article on the latest campaigns by Mr Obama.


Coming Events

Salt Shakers Annual Dinner – September 7
Two great speakers at our Dinner on September 7 – Bruce Coleman and Shane Varcoe.
Both of them work with young people on crucial issues.
See our E-News from yesterday for full details.

Book soon – phone our office on 9729 8720 on Mon-Thurs 9.30am to 4.30pm.



Ongoing Campaigns

Report – Gender selection abortion and Medicare
Prior to the close of the federal parliament the Report on Senator Madigan’s proposed Bill to stop Medicare funding for gender selection abortions was published. The Report does not give an opinion - rather, it attempts to present 'both sides'.

We had previously reported that the Senate Finance and Public Administration Committee] had decided not to hold public hearings, despite receiving over 1,100 submissions.

The Bill is called the “Health Insurance Amendment (Medicare Funding for Certain Types of Abortion) Bill 2013”

Read the Report – click here.

Inquiry website – click here.

On prayer, Prime Minister, pedophilia and politics . . .

This week we have sent out the Prayer Notes (instead of the in-depth News Update).
Please also pray for the situation in Egypt, where President Morsi, of the Muslim Brotherhood, has been overthrown following a military ultimatum. (Media report)

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In the meantime, I've included just three news items that I had prepared for our next Update... although they all start with a 'p' they are not connected!
- Kevin Rudd on policy, promises and personality; Australian pedophile jailed in the USA, and a politician, Muslim MP Ed Husic, sworn in using the Quran.

Also, our last report on Kevin Rudd is now posted on the web.


1. Update on Kevin Rudd . . . politics and same-sex 'marriage'

Listen to the short Interview (9 min) I've done with Cameron today on these latest developments - click here to download (8MB).

We are already seeing Mr Rudd focus on 'personality politics' rather than dealing with the crucial issues facing our nation. As we have already noted, Kevin Rudd stirred up controversy by saying Tony Abbott's, and the Coalition's, policy on 'turning back the boats'  - would led to conflict - even military conflict - with Indonesia. Now he is in Indonesia for talks with the Indonesian government on these same topics. (Media report)

Last night, on the ABC's 7.30 Report he was asked about his statement that he would not challenge for the leadership - he claimed that Julia Gillard called a ballot and then "vacated the leadership". He also tried making a distinction between himself and Tony Abbott by picking on personality: "Mr Abbott, I think it’s time you demonstrated to the country you had a bit of ticker on this. I mean, he’s the boxing Blue, I’m the, you know, the glasses-wearing kid in the library - come on."

Hopefully, we will see a more noble and statesman-like approach to politics in the coming months.

Kevin Rudd on same-sex 'marriage'... and broken promises

Of course, there are some policies we do not want Mr Rudd to promote. One of those is 'same-sex marriage'. When he changed his position a few weeks back, to support same-sex 'marriage', he said he would not use it as a campaign issue. “For the record, I will not be taking any leadership role on this (same-sex marriage) issue nationally.”  (source)

As Family Voice pointed out this week, he has broken his promise - and "done exactly what he said he would not do".  In a media interview, shortly after becoming Prime Minister, he said that Mr Abbott must allow Coalition MPs a conscience vote on the issue, and "If he doesn't, then I think we then have to look at other mechanisms, including the possibility of recourses to plebiscite or referendum."

He went further, saying what he thinks about the issue - and about those who don't support same-sex 'marriage'. "Wherever I go in Australia, it just hits you in the face what young people think about this, which is that our current arrangements are just wrong and offensive to people." [Emphasis added.] Media article.

Dr David Phillips, of Family Voice, concluded, "Now he has blatantly broken that promise.  Can we ever believe what he says?”  (News report, FAVA


2. Australian pedophile jailed in the USA for abusing boy

In a horrific case, an Australian man (who was born in America), Mark J. Newton has been jailed for forty years for pedophilia and exploitation. He has also been ordered to pay $400,000 in compensation to the boy’s account.

Newton and his long-term male partner, Peter Truong (from Queensland), had ‘adopted’ a boy in 2005 after paying a Russian woman $8,000 to be a ‘surrogate’.

The abuse of the boy began shortly after his birth – and the two men travelled the world, offering the boy for sex with at least eight men. The men recorded the abuse and uploaded the videos to the ‘Boy Lovers Network’. The Judge refused to allow a jury trial because the images were so horrific. The SMH report notes that, when they were arrested in 2011, “Newton and Truong claimed they were being targeted because they were homosexual.” The SMH report goes on, “However after his arrest in February 2011, Truong gave investigators the password to the computer hard drives police had seized. It detailed the years of abuse.

"Truong has also pleaded guilty and will be sentenced at a later date."

The two men had lived in the USA and moved to Cairns in 2007. In 2010, the two men gave an interview to the local ABC about their struggle to become parents since they were a homosexual couple.

Obvioulsy they didn't talk about the real truth of their abuse of the boy!
Named: the Australian paedophile jailed for 40 years, SMH, 1/7/2013.


3. Muslim MP now on the frontbench in Rudd government – swears oath on the Quran

The new federal Labor government includes the first Muslim to be appointed to a front bench in Australia. When Ed Husic was first elected to parliament in the seat of Chifley in western Sydney in 2010 he was the first MP to take an oath of allegiance on the Quran. (Source)

When he became the Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister and Parliamentary Secretary for Broadband, and was sworn in at the start of July, Ed Husic took his Oath of Office using the Quran. The Governor General commented on this, saying, “This is a wonderful day for multiculturalism, and everything it stands for in our country.”

Some media reports criticised people for making negative comments about him being a Muslim on his Facebook page. Although the media accused the comment-ers of being racist, most expressed concern about the undermining of our culture by using the Quran. Ed Husic said that people were free to express their views.

Ed Husic says he is a non-practising Muslim, so one has to ask if he endorses what is in the Quran! In addition, the Oath of Office includes the words, "So help me, God". It was obviously written in a time when it meant the God of the Bible. 

We would want to ask, which God is he referring to?

Media Articles:

- New MP is first in Australia to be sworn in with Koran, The Australian, 28/9/2013.
- Ed Husic becomes first Muslim frontbencher, The Australian, 1/7/2013.
- 'Shame, shame, shame': Australia's first Muslim frontbencher abused for taking oath on Koran, SMH, The Age, 2/7/2013.

Bill Muehlenberg has written an article on this development:
Husic, Parliament and Creeping Sharia

News Update - 28 June - (more) marriage and politics!

Marriage and politics and homosexual rights are again at the top of the ‘agenda’ this week…

Australian News

1. Referendum on recognition of local Councils in the Constitution
Last Monday the federal parliament passed legislation to have a referendum on the question of recognising local Councils in the Constitution – this was a promise made by Julia Gillard to Tony Windsor as a condition for him supporting her government.

Interestingly, one media report notes that, if Kevin Rudd decides to have an early election (eg August 24), the referendum could NOT be held on the same day as it has to be at least 2 months and 18 days from the date the legislation was passed. Next week we will have a specific email on this issue, with the reasons why we should vote ‘No’ to the proposal!

2. Sexual Orientation Discrimination Bill PASSES Senate and House
The Senate passed the Sex Discrimination Amendment (Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Intersex Status) Bill 2013, which adds sexual orientation and gender identity as ‘protected attributes’, on Monday night this week – WITH ALL the government’s proposed amendments (read them here) to REMOVE exemptions for admission of residents AND religious practices of organisations that provide Commonwealth funded aged care! More details at our E-News on those (here & here). The Coalition voted against the amendments and the amended Bill. The House of Representatives PASSED the amended Bill on Tuesday (source – P 69).

The Greens are already pushing for these religious exemptions to be removed for religious schools and hospitals. HOW LONG will it be before that happens?

Information: The text of the amended Bill and the timeline on the APH website

Thank you to everyone who contacted their Senators, MP and the Independents asking them to vote against the Bill.

3. Tasmanian parliament passes same-sex adoption law
The Tasmanian Upper House, the Legislative Council, has voted to allow homosexual and lesbian couples to adopt children not known to them – often called ‘stranger adoption’. The couples have to be in a registered relationship. Only three Members of the LC voted against the Bill. The House of Assembly voted in favour of the Bill in April. The parliament had previously allowed same-sex couples to adopt children KNOWN to them.
Media article: Tasmanian Upper House passes gay adoption bill, ABC, 28/6/2013.

4. Tasmania: Anti-discrimination law EXTENDED – ‘offend or insult’
Tasmania is currently considering an extension to their anti-discrimination law that would ban ANY conduct that “offends, humiliates, intimidates, insults or ridicules” for ALL of the ‘protected attributes’ in the Act. Currently this phrase applies to just 7 of the 19 protected attributes (Section 17). In addition, the Bill adds ‘gender identity’ and ‘intersex’ as protected attributes to Section 16. [Current Bill here]

The Bill was passed by the House of Assembly late last year and is now in the Legislative Council where it will be considered this week!

If passed, this ‘offend, humiliate, insult and ridicule’ phrase will apply to “race, age, sexual orientation, lawful sexual activity, gender, marital status, relationship status, pregnancy, breastfeeding, parental status, family responsibilities, disability, industrial activity, political belief or affiliation, political activity, religious belief or affiliation, religious activity, irrelevant criminal record, irrelevant medical record, and association with a person who has or is believed to have any of these attributes” as well as the new attributes of gender identity and intersex.

The current anti-discrimination law includes ‘incitement to hatred’ prohibitions, similar to Victoria’s Racial and Religious Tolerance Act.

This proposed Tasmanian law would mean that being offended or insulted would be a valid reason for making a complaint in a huge range of areas!
Read Progress of Bill and the Bill itself at the Tasmanian parliament website.

ACTION: If you live in Tasmania, please contact your ONE Member in the Legislative Council TODAY to ask them to vote against this Bill because it imposes of FREE SPEECH! Tasmanian MP Contact details – click here.

5. Textile factories in Bangladesh – connection to Australia
This week Four Corners investigated textile factories in Bangladesh.
A revealing article in the media this week looked at the supply chain that ends in a bargain priced shirt in Australia – but begins with low-paid workers in Bangladesh. Whilst there may be huge issues relating to low salaries, safety issues, health care and so on, when contracts are pulled then the workers can be even worse off…
Article: 'Right now we have nothing', Ben Doherty, Fairfax, 24/6/2013

6. Toowoomba – Islamic Society wants to start a mosque in former Uniting Church
Yes, the Toowoomba Islamic Society is in ‘advanced talks’ with the Uniting Church to buy an old church… They say the community has ‘responded positively’. But have they?
Media articles: Islamic society advances mosque plans, ABC, 24/6/2013

Majority support city's first suburban mosque, Chronicle, 28/5/2013.


Overseas News

1. UK: Marriage Bill in the House of Lords
The UK House of Lords is still considering the Bill to legalise same-sex ‘marriage’. After passing the second reading stage, the Bill had three days in ‘Committee’ considering amendments to the Bill - the final day was on Monday 24 June. Some amendments have been made to the Bill.

The Bill now moves to the ‘Report’ stage where the details are presented to the House of Lords. The Report stage will be held on 8 July, 2013. Then a third reading vote will be taken on the Bill. Please pray that the Bill is NOT passed!

Read the official progress of the Bill – and the amended Bill – at the UK Parliament website.

2. Northern Ireland: Assembly votes against same-sex ‘marriage’
The Northern Ireland Assembly has voted to block any legislation on same-sex ‘marriage’. The Assembly decided that any same-sex ‘marriages’ entered into in the UK would not be recognised as ‘marriages’ but would be seen as ‘civil partnerships’.
Media article: Assembly members vote to block gay marriage, Newsletter, 26/6/2013.

3. Jamaica – court case on ‘sodomy’ law
The Supreme Court in Jamaica began hearing a case this Tuesday regarding the country’s law that bans sodomy between men. A homosexual rights activist is challenging the constitutionality of the 1864 law under a charter of rights revamped in 2011’.

Last weekend, several Jamaican pastors led a protest rally – opposing efforts to overturn the law.
Article: Jamaica pastors rally for anti-sodomy law, AAP, 24/6/2013

4. USA: Funding for homosexual activists around the world from AID Budget
The USA government is giving funds to international homosexual rights groups through the USAID program. The program, which is partly funded by the Gill Foundation and the Levi Strauss Foundation, will receive $11 million over four years, and was announced earlier this year.

Yes, that’s right – foreign aid will be used to train homosexual activists – In April, USAID said, “Today, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) announced a new LGBT Global Development Partnership…. which further promotes foreign assistance to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) equality in emerging markets and developing countries. . . the partnership will strengthen the capacity of LGBT civil society organizations, train LGBT individuals to participate more fully in democratic processes, and undertake research on the economic impact of discrimination against LGBT individuals.”

Read the statement at this Lifesite report. - Homosexual media report

Family Research Council reports that the FIRST ‘training’ was held in early June in Columbia – read their report here (middle of page).

5. USA: Houses passes fetal pain law banning abortion after 20 weeks
Some good news! The US House has passed the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would ban late-term abortions after 20 weeks. The vote, 228-196, was mostly on party lines with most Republicans supporting it and most Democrats opposing. The debate considered the pain felt by an unborn child. The Bill allows abortions after 20 weeks if the mother’s life is endangered, or in cases of rape and incest reported prior to the abortion to appropriate authorities.

The Democrat-controlled Senate is not expected to support this Bill, and President Barack Obama has threatened to veto it.

Life News report: House Passes Bill Banning Late-Term Abortions After 20 Weeks, 18/6/2013.

6. USA: Supreme Court decisions on marriage
The US Supreme Court has announced its decisions on the two cases relating to the re-defining of marriage that it has been considering.

Whilst the decisions were not as bad as they might have been, they both went against the pro-family position. As Albert Mohler said, “The Christian church does not ask the U. S. Supreme Court, or any other human court, what marriage is. Marriage is a pre-political institution defined by our Creator.”

Part of DOMA found to be unconstitutional
By a 5-4 majority, the Court ruled that Section 3 of the Defence of Marriage Act is unconstitutional. The judges noted that the Fifth Amendment guarantees equal protection – and DOMA did not give that equally to all ‘couples’ since same-sex couples who were ‘married’ in the states did not gain the same benefits with respect to taxes, social security and health benefits as heterosexual couples do.

Citizen Link notes, “Despite many mainstream outlets claiming the ruling is a total victory for same-sex marriage, conservative analysts and researchers point out that the decision does not create a constitutional right to same-sex marriage. . .
The Court struck down Section 3 of the law, meaning that the federal government cannot define marriage for its own federal policies and federal laws, but must accept whatever states decide. The ruling does not affect Section 2, which says that no state is required to recognize another state's redefinition of the institution.”
Read Citizen link report.

The Supreme Court decision – click here. This includes Dissenting Opinions from three of the Judges.

Proposition 8 Appeal dismissed
The US Supreme Court dismissed the appeal against California’s Proposition 8 (which was a citizen referendum banning 'marriage' for homosexuals) by a 5-4 majority. Citizen Link reports that, “In its ruling on California’s Proposition 8, the Court declared that the citizen group that sponsored Prop 8 did not have standing to defend the constitutional amendment that millions of Californians voted to pass. The only reason this jurisdiction question was an issue is because the governor and attorney general of the state of California decided to not defend a law passed by the people of that state.”

They say it will take some time to ‘unravel’ the decision – however they say that the ruling has not created a right to the redefinition of marriage in the states.

Citizen Link reports, “The question now is whether Walker’s decision applies to all of California, or only to the two same-sex couples who brought the suit.”

Some media reports (such as CNN) are claiming the original law passed by the California parliament, which allowed same-sex couples to ‘marry’, would be ‘re-instated’ and allow those ‘marriages’ to continue. But Citizen Link concludes, “Attorneys who favor marriage say it only applies to those couples, leaving Proposition 8 still in effect for everyone else in the state. That assertion is sure to be challenged in court.”

The Supreme Court decision: click here.

Read Citizen Link report. 
Media Report: Supreme Court dismisses California's Proposition 8 appeal, CNN, 26/6/2013.

7. Nigeria – bans ‘marriage’ for homosexuals
Nigeria has passed law banning gay marriage and establishing jail terms up to 10 years for anyone forming homosexual rights organizations. The bill has yet to be signed into law by President Goodluck Jonathan (a Christian). Homosexual sex is illegal throughout Nigeria and a number of other African nations.

Report from Christian Post: Nigeria Passes Bill to Ban Gay Marriage, Gay Rights Groups, 30/5/13.

Coming Events

‘Absent’ – an insightful movie about fatherlessness
“Absent” is a very important film on fatherlessness which you can see for free in various places over the next two days (sorry we didn’t let you know earlier for other screenings).
Information here:!screen-times/cbeg
View a trailer of this vital film here:

News Update - 21 June - marriage, gender, Islam... & much more!


Newspaper and glasses SX 953849 15854849 320x200

With the last two weeks of federal parliament underway it is certainly a busy time!
The UK is about to decide on homosexual marriage, the ADF is supporting homosexuality - and Russia is opposing it!

Read on to find out more - please pray (and act) about these issues...

Australian News

1. Greens Bill – VOTE details on the Overseas same-sex ‘marriage’ Bill
Yesterday we reported the good news that the Greens Bill to recognise same-sex ‘marriage’ was defeated. The VOTE was 44 to 28. To view the list of those in favour and those against – click here.

We congratulate all Senators who voted against the Bill.
We mentioned the names of four Labor Senators who voted against – in all, TWELVE Labor Senators voted against the Bill – they are Senators Catryna Bilyk (Tas), Mark Bishop (WA), Jacinta Collins (Vic), Stephen Conroy (Vic), Don Farrell (SA), David Feeney (Vic), Mark Furner (Qld), Alex Gallacher (SA), John Hogg (Qld), Joe Ludwig (Qld), Helen Polley (Tas), Ursula Stephens (NSW), No vote was recorded for Sen Lisa Singh (Tas) or Sen Glenn Sterle (WA).

In the Coalition, ALL Senators voted AGAINST the Bill - except Sue Boyce (Qld) who voted FOR it and Simon Birmingham (SA) who was absent.

All Greens Senators voted FOR the Bill.

There are links to the speeches of all those who spoke on the Bill (on left of page) - click here

Please encourage the Senators from your state who voted against the Bill by writing a short note to them (and contact those who voted for it!)
Names and contact details – click here (then click on your state on the map).


2. Cory Bernardi – 'I was right’ regarding polygamy
Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi says he has been "proved correct" that legalising same-sex marriage would lead to demands to endorse polygamy.
"I stand on the record and say, well I was right," said Senator Bernardi, who was forced to resign last year as Tony Abbott's personal parliamentary secretary following public outrage about his comments.

Article: Bernardi: I was right on gay marriage and polygamy, SMH, 18/6/2013.

3. Greens on same-sex ‘marriage’ – speeches in House of Representatives
Greens MP Adam Bandt’s bill to legalise same-sex ‘marriage’ was again debated this week. This was in the ‘Federation Chamber’, not in the main House of Representatives chamber.
Labor MPs Greg Combet, Stephen Smith and Bernie Ripoll all spoke saying they supported legalising homosexual ‘marriage’. Mr Ripoll said he had changed his mind and would now support the bill. Media report – click here.


3. Senator Madigan – proposes referendum to define marriage in the Constitution
We mentioned in our last email that Senator Madigan of the DLP is calling for a referendum.
To clarify further – he has said he will introduce a Bill into the Senate next week calling for a referendum to be held adding the definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman to the Australian constitution. (Media report).

4. Christopher Pearson dies – moving tribute by Tony Abbott
A few weeks ago, we distributed an article written by Christopher Pearson, which criticised the claims made by Kevin Rudd that same-sex parenting presented no disadvantages.

Sadly, Christopher died in his sleep over the Queens Birthday weekend at the age of 61.

Christopher’s contribution in opposing same-sex ‘marriage’ is made even more significant in that he was homosexual. Ten years ago he embraced conservative Catholicism and decided to be celibate. His 2009 column reflected on those decisions.

Tony Abbott had a long friendship with Christopher Pearson whilst Christopher was editor of the Adelaide Review and later when he edited all of Tony Abbott’s books.

Tony Abbott wrote a moving article about his friendship with Christopher Pearson. This comment is particularly significant: “To some of his former allies and friends on the Left, Christopher's evolution was simply inauthentic. A better interpretation, I think, is that he had summoned up the courage to choose one way of life over another. His view was that he had surrendered some instincts to realise deeper ones.”

Article: Christopher Pearson a man of letters who opened windows on the world


5. Federal government’s NEW Guidelines for sex and gender
The federal government has released new GUIDELINES on recognising ‘sex and gender’ that ALL government Departments will have to comply with from July 1, 2013.

Attorney General Mark Drefus announced the changes in a Media Release on 13 June. He said, “New national guidelines to make it simpler for people to establish or change their sex or gender in personal records held by Australian Government departments and agencies will come into operation from 1 July. The Guidelines standardise the evidence required to change gender identity and support the introduction of protections for intersex, transgender and gender diverse people in anti-discrimination legislation.”

He said, "We recognise individuals may identify, and be recognised within the community, as a gender other than the gender they were assigned at birth or during infancy, or as an indeterminate gender. This should be recognised and reflected in their personal records held by departments and agencies."

The Guidelines say that intersex people will be able to use ‘X’ to define their gender.

No hormone therapy or sex reassignment. . .
The Guidelines do NOT require surgery or hormone therapy in the case of transsexuals. Supplying a statement from a doctor or psychologist about their sex or gender will be deemed sufficient. This is a huge shift in public policy.
Read the AG’s Media Release – New guidelines on the recognition of gender, 13/6/2013.
Read the Guidelines: Australian Government Guidelines on the Recognition of Sex and Gender


6. NSW Court of Appeal allows for more ‘sexes’ on birth certificates
At the end of May the NSW Court of Appeal ruled that a person who does not identify as a male or female could be identified by an alternative ‘sex’. The Court of Appeal overturned a ruling that everyone must be registered as a man or a woman with the registry of births, deaths and marriages.
The Court of Appeal’s three-judge appeal panel unanimously declared that ''as a matter of construction … the word sex does not bear a binary meaning of 'male' or 'female''.”

Norrie had sex re-assignment surgery to change ‘gender’ but was unhappy identifying as either male or female. In 2010, the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages said Norrie could use ‘sex not specified’ but this was rescinded shortly afterwards. Norrie took a complaint to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal but it was dismissed. Norrie then went to the NSW Court of Appeal. The Administrative Decisions Tribunal now has to decide on a term for this ‘sexless designation’.
The details of Norrie’s situation are in this SMH article:
Please, just call me Norrie, this is a whole new agenda, SMH, 1/6/2013.

7. Sharia law – the consequences of allowing sharia law
A Muslim man, Wasim Fayed, was sentenced to two years jail in Sydney this week – for whipping a man as ‘punishment’ under Islamic sharia law.

The man was a recent convert to Islam, who drank alcohol and then admitted it to his mentor, Wasim Fayed, who then carried out the whipping as punishment. In February this year a judge found that, although the victim had initially given consent for the whipping, he had withdrawn that consent during the beating. Fayed was found guilty and sentenced this week.

Thankfully, an Australian court has effectively ruled that a Muslim cannot implement Islamic sharia law when it is against the law of Australia.

Media report: Man jailed for whipping Muslim convert under Sharia punishment, Aust, 14/6/2013.


8. Promoting homosexuality in the Australian military
This year the Australian armed forces marched in uniform in the Sydney homosexual mardi gras for the first time.

Bernard Gaynor, who served three terms in Iraq with the Army, and is now in the Army Reserve, has openly criticised this move. This week he published the complaint he lodged with the ADF – view article.

Now the military is telling him he cannot express a personal view against homosexuality since it is ‘accepted’ in the armed forces – or risk being thrown out.

Over the past couple of years, Bernard has become involved in politics – as the General Secretary for Bob Katter’s Party and their Queensland Senate candidate. Early this year, when he said that, as a committed Catholic, he didn’t want a homosexual teaching his children he was criticised. He resigned from Katter’s Party in February when they wouldn’t take a firm stand against abortion.

This week Bernard highlighted the fact that the military is actively promoting homosexual rights. At a Dinner held at the Australian Defence Forces Academy on May 22, to mark the ‘International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia’, the Vice Chief of the Defence Force (VCDF), Air Marshal Mark Binskin AO presented a ‘Gold Commendation’ decoration to Squadron-Leader Vince Chong.

Why? For his leadership of the homosexual activist political organisation, the Australian Defence Gay and Lesbian Information Service (DEFGLIS).

This is the group that is lobbying for homosexual rights in the military – and responsible for the military marching in the mardi gras in uniform!

And it is Bernard who is being harassed for his views…

See article in News Weekly: Gay activism encouraged in Australia's armed services, 22/6/2013.

Read Bernard’s website and this article by him: Vince Chong’s bling and the glitter fairy

9. Call to raise the legal drinking age for alcohol from 18 to 21
A national conference, held in Canberra this week, called for the legal age for the drinking of alcohol to be raised from 18 to 21. The move was endorsed by medical experts who contend that the brain is still fully developed until the 20s. In addition having the legal driving and drinking ages at the same age causes problems.
Article: Science backs raising of drinking age,, 18/6/2013.


Overseas News

1. UK: House of Lords debating same-sex ‘marriage Bill

On Monday this week the UK House of Lords started debating the ‘Committee’ stage of the Bill to legalise same-sex ‘marriage’. This is when each section of the Bill is analysed and amendments debated. Then a report is presented and a final vote is taken.
See report at homosexual site The Advocate.
It was expected the Committee stage will take three days – so a vote is expected SOON – please pray the Bill is NOT passed.


2. Russia – TWO LAWS opposing homosexuality
An interesting development in Russia, where TWO laws restricting homosexuality have been passed. . .

Last week, the Russian parliament’s lower House (Duma) almost unanimously passed a law outlawing the promotion and distribution of ‘homosexual propaganda’ to children (436 votes out of 450). Stiff fines and jail terms will be imposed under the law. President Putin is expected to sign the law.

The second Bill, which says that Russia will NOT allow Russian children to be adopted by people who come from countries that allow same-sex ‘marriage’ was passed by the Lower House this week (443 votes out of 450) and now goes to the Upper House – the President has said he will support the Bill.

This is quite amazing, since much of the West is moving in the opposite direction!
Russian MPs back adoption ban for foreign same-sex couples (ABC, 19/6/2013)
Russian State Duma passes 'gay propaganda' bill, Russia behind the headlines, 11/6/2013


3. UK: Guides and Brownies ditch ‘God and country’
In a move similar to that made in Australia last year (source) the Girl Guides in the UK have removed any reference to God and country in the Guide and Brownie Promise.
Read Christian Institute’s report - Read Christian Concern’s report


4. UK: RISE in mental health problems linked to cannabis use
The number of hospital admissions in the UK related to cannabis use has risen sharply, from 651 in 2008/09 to 1,003 in 2011/12.

The rise has been attributed to the increasing use of skunk, a much more potent form of cannabis (16% up to 46% THC compared to the old forms of cannabis which had 1-2% THC). Skunk accounts for 80% of cannabis use in the UK.

In 2008, research by the Institute of Psychiatry at King's College London suggested a direct link between skunk and the development of mental illness. They warned that people who smoked super strength were 18 times more likely to suffer a psychotic episode.

In 2009, cannabis was re-classified in the UK, being upgraded from Grade C drug to a Grade B drug because if the problems it causes.

Article: Mental health issues linked to cannabis increase by half in four years


5. UN Declines to establish a ‘LGBT Office’
Some more good news! The United Nations Human Rights Council has decided not to support the establishment of a special UN Office for “lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights”.
C-Fam reports that earlier this year, UN ‘insiders’ had predicted that ‘homosexual rights would soon become mainstream’ at the UN. They note that Norway promoted the move to establish the office, and had sponsored a conference in April this year. However, only 200 people attended – and only 33 countries supported Norway’s statement. Friday Fax says, “Other countries are weary of an LGBT agenda that goes beyond addressing violence and discrimination and attempts to single out homosexuals for special protections beyond those afforded to all individuals under international law.

Article: LGBT Rights Stymied at UN Despite Pressure, Friday Fax, C-Fam, 13/6/2013.


6. Marriage in Illinois – Mass Resistance explains WHY same-sex ‘marriage Bill was DEFEATED!
An insightful article about the huge campaign run by homosexual advocates in Illinois in favour of same-sex ‘marriage’. They look at the campaign and explain why the homosexual advocates LOST!
VICTORY: Pro-family forces stop "gay marriage" in Illinois legislature as session ends for summer – 2/6/2013


Coming Events

1. Endeavour Forum - Public Forum (Melbourne): Smaller Parties at the federal election - “Why should I vote for you?”
Endeavour Forum’s Public meeting to hear from the Senate candidates representing Australian Christians (AC), Democratic Labor Party (DLP), Family First (FF) and Rise Up Australia (RUA) will be held tomorrow (Sat 22 June) in Mentone at 2pm.
See our post from last week for full details.


2. Family Voice – Tour in August by Vishal Mangalwadi
During August, Family Voice will be hosting a tour of Australia by Dr Vishal Mangalwadi, an Indian philosopher who writes about and speaks on the Biblical Christian worldview.

I have just finished reading his book, 'The Book that made your world: how the Bible created the soul of Western civilisation’ which provides compelling evidence about the truth of Christianity and the impact it has made on the world in areas such as education, science, compassion and so on.
INFO on book: Purchase details – review by Bill Muehlenberg.

Vishal will be presenting three-hour forums and seminars in Qld, NSW, Vic, Tas, SA and WA – plus a Breakfast meeting in the ACT and Dinners in SA and WA. Click here for full details.


Ongoing Campaigns

1. Tasmania – Abortion Inquiry in the Legislative Council
Last week we reported that the Bill to legalise abortion was referred to a Committee by the Legislative Council – the Legislative Council Sessional Committee Government Administration A. There is no information yet about when submissions are due.
Click here for the Inquiry website.

The website lists the Committee members, the terms of Reference, information on making a submission and provides a link to the actual BILL.
The webpage will eventually include Submissions, Transcripts of Public Hearings and so on.


2. Federal sexual orientation and gender identity Bill
Earlier this week we reported that the Senate will be debating the Bill aimed at adding sexual orientation and gender identity to the federal Sex Discrimination Act.

If you haven’t contacted your Senators yet, please do so!

Our posts from this week are online – click here and update here.


3. SA – Same-sex ‘marriage’
Please contact MPs about the Bill to legalise same-sex ‘marriage. For information, see our previous email – posted online here.

News Update - 14 June - marriage, abortion and politics!

Action - Pen and computer 1172246 33091802 Yes, marriage is on the agenda... With the Greens Bill before the Senate, the next two weeks are crucial.
The UK House of Lords is still considering a bill to legalise 'marriage' for homosexuals, there is a rise in Islamic 'temporary marriage' in the UK, and polyamorists are calling for 'marriage' in Canada and New Zealand.

Regarding abortion, there is Senator Madigan's Bill regarding the funding of sex-selection abortions and the abortion bill in the Tasmanian parliament...

Read on!

Australian News

1. Greens Bill – legally recognising overseas ‘same-sex marriages’
Earlier this week we sent an E-News about the Greens Bill that aims to legally recognize same-sex ‘marriages’ performed overseas. Please continue contacting your Senators and your MP about this Bill!
Click here for that email.

I was VERY encouraged to receive an email from a South Australian reader less than an hour after sending our email. He told me he had just finished phoning ALL of his state Senators about this Bill. Well done!

Can I ask you ALL to please contact your State Senators and your federal MP by email or by phone? The Bill could be debated in the next TWO weeks – the last sitting weeks before the election.

Contact details: Senators - click here, then click on map for your state.
Members of House of Reps - click here.


2. Tasmania – Legislative Council sends Abortion Bill to ‘Committee’
The Tasmanian Legislative Council is currently considering the abortion bill which was passed by the House of Assembly in April. This week, it became apparent that only seven of the fifteen Members supported the Bill.

The Bill was sent off to a Committee to examine the Bill in more detail. The motion was moved by Independent MLC Paul Harriss, who has now been voted to be the Chair of the Committee.
We’ll let you know when they formally ask for submissions.

If passed, the Bill would remove abortion from the Criminal Code and allow an abortion for any reason up to 16 weeks and after that time with the approval of two doctors. The original proposal was set at 24 weeks, the same as Victoria, but was altered in order to gain more support from MPs.

Articles: Abortion vote delayed, Mercury, 13/6/2013.
Harriss heads MLC committee over abortion, Examiner, 14/6/2013.


3. SA – Euthanasia Bill not debated - YET!
In South Australia, the euthanasia Bill proposed by Bob Such was not debated. Ros Phillips of Family Voice reported (6/6/2013), “SA MP Bob Such’s euthanasia bill was not debated today, nor was Steph Key’s new “open slather” prostitution bill. Debate may continue on 20 June.”
If you live in SA, please continue to contact your MPs in both Houses over these Bills.
Click here for SA MP contact details.


4. Politics – More division and leadership speculation - and 'blue ties'
This week has seen even more speculation about a possible change in the Labor leadership. Julia Gillard’s speech on ‘men in blue ties’, along with her claim that access to abortion was an issue that only Labor would facilitate (read article and view speech), to a new fundraising group ‘Women for Gillard’, was a faux pas. The following day emails circulated – the first showing photos of all the men in blue ties who Julia Gillard has relied on to retain government – Adam Bandt, Bob Brown, Tony Windsor, Rob Oakeshott, Bob Katter, Peter Slipper and so on.

The next one featured Labor Ministers wearing blue ties – Wayne Swan, Greg Combet. Then more photos surfaced - Bob Carr, Anthony Albanese, Kevin Rudd and so on. Even the 7.30 Report, when playing extracts from Gillard’s ‘blue tie’ speech, showed photos of Labor Ministers and the Treasurer wearing blue ties!
Someone has even proposed a 'Blue Tie Day' - for September 14.


5. Kevin Rudd and marriage – an analysis of his statement
Since Kevin Rudd reversed his position of same-sex ‘marriage’, he has steamed ahead with trying to generate support for himself and for ‘Labor’. But we need to remember what he really thinks on this important issue.

Murray McLeod-Boyle has analysed Kevin Rudd’s statement where he set out his decision to support redefining marriage to allow homosexuals to ‘marry’.

Read Murray’s article on his website: Kevin’s Dudd Position


6. Advertising campaign and Billboard ‘You’re having a lesbian’
Another campaign to promote same-sex ‘marriage’ was launched last month. It’s called ‘What R U Having?’

We had protests about the Billboard supporting marriage between a man and a woman. Has there been an outcry about this new pro-homosexual campaign? Not that we’ve seen…

This Billboard features a young heterosexual couple. The pregnant woman is having an ultrasound. The operator of the ultrasound asks ‘Do you want to know what you are having’. When they say ‘Yes’, the operator says, ‘You’re having a lesbian’.

The message is a bit convoluted – but the ad ends with the words, ‘Any child can be born gay. So marriage equality is every family’s issue.' They are also on the Billboard.

Check out the website for the campaign – it has the Billboard ad and a 40 second video ad – click here.

Billboard space has been donated in Queensland – and they are planning to put up the Billboard around Australia.

The campaign is all based on a child being 'born gay'! That’s what Shelley Argent, the spokesman for PFLAG, the parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, which is organising the campaign, claims in these media reports at Coffs Coast Advocate and Ninemsn.

However there is NO evidence that homosexuality is genetic!
See our webpage on Homosexuality and ‘Genetics’ – click here.


7. Abortion – ad for vacuum cleaner outside abortion clinic
Pro-life leaders in Brisbane were stunned to see an ad for a vacuum cleaner on a billboard on the side of the Marie Stopes abortion clinic in Bowen Hills, a suburb of Brisbane. The ad had the words, "Suction so powerful it's scary."

Miele, the company that makes the vacuum cleaners, told the company sought removal of their advertising from the billboard the moment they became aware of its location.

However, counsellors who help women deal with the trauma of abortion, pointed out the potential impact on women who have had abortions using a suction machine. Anne Lastman, who runs Victims of Abortion, said the sound of a vacuum cleaner will often “trigger recall of those traumatic memories.”

Lifesite report: ‘Suction so powerful, it’s scary’: company advertises vacuum - on billboard outside abortion clinic, 31/5/2013.


Overseas News

1. UK – Same-sex ‘marriage – Bishops ‘give up the fight’
Christian Concern UK is extremely disappointed that the Church of England Bishops have virtually given up the fight to oppose same-sex ‘marriage’. (source)

The Bill was passed at the second reading – it is now being considered in committee where each section of the Bill is debated. Then a third reading vote will be taken.

They report, “The Church of England has announced that it will no longer fight the same sex 'marriage' Bill. The statement was made by the Bishop of Leicester, who is the Convenor of the Lords Spiritual. He said: “Both Houses of Parliament have now expressed a clear view by large majorities on the principle that there should be legislation to enable same-sex marriages to take place in England and Wales.

“It is now the duty and responsibility of the Bishops who sit in the House of Lords to recognise the implications of this decision and to join with other members in the task of considering how this legislation can be put into better shape...
“If this bill is to become law, it is crucial that marriage as newly defined is equipped to carry within it as many as possible of the virtues of the understanding of marriage it will replace. Our focus during committee and report stages in the coming weeks and months will be to address those points in a spirit of constructive engagement."

You can read the full statement here > or the report in the Telegraph here >
Whilst they could work to amend the Bill we would call on them to continue to oppose the legalisation of same-sex ‘marriage’.


2. Canada – Polyamorists want legal recognition of their relationships
A national three-day convention of polyamorists in Canada has called for legal recognition of their relationships. Even though Senator Cory Bernardi was criticised for mentioning polygamy and polyamory during the same-sex ‘marriage’ debate, the reality is that there are polyamorist groups that are actively lobbying for legal recognition. In Australia, we already have a Greens ‘sub-group’ calling for this. . .

This article also points out the Canada’s British Columbia Supreme Court upheld Canada's law which bans polygamy in 2011. The decision also noted that the law does not ban polyamory – unless the people are married.

Article: Polyamorists hope to gain same legal recognition as other Canadian couples, Vancouver Sun, 2/6/2013.


3. New Zealand - Polyamorists ask for ‘marriage’
Meanwhile, just weeks after New Zealand legalised same-sex ‘marriage’, a group of polyamorists in New Zealand are calling for legal recognition of their relationships – including ‘marriage’!

Read Stuff NZ report and Lifesite report. See their Facebook page here.

4. Britain – Islamic temporary marriages on the rise
A BBC documentary has revealed that there is a rise in Islamic temporary marriages in Britain.
Shia Muslims believe in ‘temporary marriage’ which allows a man to ‘marry’ someone for a short time and then ‘divorce’ that person. Sometimes that is used to justify the use of prostitutes – but it is also being as justification for ‘trial marriages’ before a Muslim couple gets married.

Sorem Kern writes, “The proliferation of "temporary marriages" shows how Muslims in Britain are using Islamic Sharia Law to establish parallel forms of marriage that are otherwise illegal. An increasing number of Muslims in Britain are reviving the Islamic practice of temporary marriage, according to a recent BBC television documentary focusing on the "taboo subject." Temporary marriage -- a euphemism for religiously sanctioned prostitution -- is an Islamic custom that unites a man and an unmarried woman as "husband and wife" for a limited period of time (sometimes for less than half an hour).

"The proliferation of temporary marriages -- combined with the spike in polygamous marriages -- shows how Muslims in Britain are using Islamic Sharia law with impunity to establish parallel forms of "marriage" that are otherwise illegal for non-Muslims in the country. …”

Commentary article: Britain: Islamic Temporary Marriages on the Rise by Soren Kern, Gatestone Institute. 4/6/2013.

Documentary – Married for a Minute -
Three short clips are available online (not the whole program).


On the Issues

1. Abortion – amazing stories of 3 women who ‘kept’ their babies
A compelling article about three women in the UK who kept their babies despite being ‘advised’ by doctors, and in some cases ‘pressured’ by them, to abort their babies.
Article: Would you defy your doctor if it meant keeping your baby?
Daily Mail posted at, 6/6/2013.

2. Muslim health – an APP to tell medicos how to care for ‘Muslim patients’
Years ago a friend who was a nurse told us about an article in her nursing Journal on ‘How to care for Muslim patients’. The article talked about halal food, prayer, religious practices etc. At the time we noted that there wasn’t a similar article about caring for Christian patients!

This week we received an email, from Elsevier, promoting their mobile phone APP titled ‘Care of Muslim Patients’. A promotional article about the app is here. The actual app - here.

The advertisement said, “Care for your Muslim Patients Confidently, Conveniently” and went on, “Many healthcare providers face the challenge of providing individualized care to their patients. With Muslims being one of the largest religious groups in the world, it is important for healthcare providers to understand the specific concerns and nuances of this community when they provide them with medical care.”

They even quote a complimentary reference to their new APP from The Lancet!

There are a number of AUSTRALIAN online documents about caring for Muslim patients …
- The Australian Department of Defence

- Queensland Government Health Dept also here

- Australian College of Nursing - Care of the Muslim patient - This article/Powerpoint has been written by a group of lawyers, one of whom is the Muslim man who wrote the Defence Force document!

- Muslim groups AFIC and the ICV

Type “Care of the Muslim patient” into Google and there are 19,900 search results!


Coming Events

Public Forum (Melbourne): Smaller Parties at the federal election - “Why should I vote for you?”

Endeavour Forum is hosting a Public Forum to hear from the Senate candidates representing Australian Christians (AC), Democratic Labor Party (DLP), Family First (FF) and Rise Up Australia (RUA). The topic is "Why should we vote for you?"

When: 2pm , Saturday, 22nd June 2013

Where: O’Hanlon Centre, Mitchell St, Mentone Vic 3194

Speakers: Mr Mark Farrell, DLP; Mrs Vickie Janson, Australian Christians; Pastor Danny Nalliah, Rise Up Australia; and Mr Ashley Fenn, Family First.

The meeting will be chaired by Mr John Ballantyne, editor of News Weekly. The opening prayer will be said by Mrs Angela Bourne, and the vote of thanks will be given by Mrs Jenny Stokes, Research Officer, Salt Shakers.

All welcome, $5 donation appreciated.

RSVP: Mrs Prue Oldham (03) 9583 6835 or Mrs Margaret Butts, (03) 8588 1792.


Ongoing campaigns

BILL – Medicare funding of ‘Gender selection abortions’

Victorian senator John Madigan of the DLP has put forward this Bill which would remove Medicare funding for abortions that are done for the sole reason of the child being a boy or a girl.

The Senate sent the Bill to a Committee for Inquiry. Over 1,100 submissions were received.

However the Committee has decided NOT to hold public hearings! This is almost unprecedented. It is especially disappointing since the Chair of the Committee is Helen Polley, a Labor Senator from Tasmania who is pro-life and is the Patron of the ‘Labor for Life’ group on Facebook.

Senator Madigan held two public forums in Melbourne this week to allow those who had made submissions to have their say and hear more about the Bill and the issue. I attended and it was great to have a Briefing on the Bill.

The Committee is due to report to the Senate on 25 June.
More info on our Campaign page.

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