The year has started...

Another busy year ahead....

1. Federal parliament has started
A battle in Question Time this week, with the Opposition asking the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, about the involvement of her staff in leaking information about Tony Abbott's whereabouts on Australia Day to a certain Union official that led to the near-riot and the 'rescue' of the PM (and Opposition leader) in a protest by some aborigines.

2. Same-sex 'marriage'
is organising a campaign of contacting Tony Abbott and the Coalition re getting them to have a conscience vote on allowing homosexuals to 'marry'... that's the only way they will get the proposal passed. We want you to ask the Coalition to stand firm on their policy of supporting the current definition of marriage.

The latest report - today, 9 Feb - says that a Bill will be put into the federal parliament on MONDAY next week by Labor MP Stephen Jones - and a second Bill from Greens Adam Bandt and Independent Andrew Wilkie. Mr Bandt says he wants both Bills referred to the Inquiry currently underway into the Greens 'marriage' Bill.

The report says "Both [Bills] are likely to include protections for churches that refuse on religious grounds to marry same-sex couples."
Read report in Herald Sun

But how long would such protections last????

3. Proposition 8 defeated at US federal court
Proposition 8, the referendum of Californians affirming marriage as only between a man and a woman, has been rejected by the 9th US District Circuit Court. The only avenue left is an appeal to the US Supreme Court...
Read more... Washington Post report

4. Muslim-friendly Bibles
Couldn't be, you say... Muslims deny the deity of Christ, don't believe He is the Son of God and so on...
World Net Daily reports that some Bible translation groups are removing statements from the Bible that could offend Muslims...

5. More PC: Removing ‘God’
Christian groups and many US politicians are upset that the US Air Force recently removed a Latin reference to God on the Rapid Capabilities Office logo.
Until a couple of months ago, the Latin logo said "Doing God’s Work with Other People’s Money".

Then the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers complained - and it was changed to ‘Doing Miracles with Other People’s Money’.

There is a growing movement in the USA to remove the name of God from public life - this is the latest example of political correctness!
Read WND report
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