Summer Weekly Update #4 - 12 January

Three items for Action and Prayer... we could write a lot more but we've selected just three items!

UPDATE (16 Jan) - Cotton Onhas removed the 'offensive' products. Mandy Ahmadi's husband has been charged with her murder and a body has been found in the back yard of their home.
Click here to read our 'Update' on these two developments. 

'Cotton On' continues to promote sleaze
Some time back we wrote about Cotton-On - a company making (mostly) cotton fashion clothing - having objectionable slogans on babies clothing.
Now Cotton On are promoting pornography - which degrades both women and men. They own the company Typo, which sells stationery and giftware. 

An article in Monday's Herald Sun reports that Typo is selling pornography-themed items in its 'back-to-school' sale. Items included a "travel mug that says "Porn is my saviour" and an iPhone cover featuring a naked woman sitting provocatively in a cross-legged pose with the word "dirty" above her. A notebook featuring a topless woman pouting in front of a bullseye is also for sale, while another appears to be trying to emulate the front of a porn magazine. The words "entertainment for men" appear over a photo of a naked woman."
Read the full article: Anger over 'pornographic' stationery in Australian back-to-school sale 
Another article from 'Smart Company' reflects on company practices - click here.

There is an online petition protesting against the sale of these goods - click here to sign it- and Melinda Tankard-Reist, of Collective Shout, is calling on people to boycott Typo.
Please write to Typo - and Cotton On - about these products - click here for an online form (and here for the Typo website).

Abortion - Some good news
Women in Texas who are seeking an abortion must be given an ultrasound by the abortionist and they must offer to show it to her, according to a US federal court decision on January 10, 2012.

The 'Woman's Right to Know Act', which was passed in Texas in 2003, requires that women who are seeking an abortion must be shown pictures of the child's development at least 24 hours before the abortion.
In 2011, the law was amended to require doctors to also do a sonogram (ultrasound) of the pregnant woman's child and offer to show it to the mother - as well as let her hear the child's heartbeat. This new law was signed into law on May 24, 2011 by Governor Rick Perry.

Abortionists and the Center for Reproductive Rights took legal action against the law, claiming that being 'compelled' to show the sonogram to women restricted their 'First Amendment free speech rights'. A District Court judge declared it unconstitutional in August 2011. Thankfully, the Federal Court has now overturned the District Court decision!
Court Rules Texas Sonogram Mandate for Abortion Is Constitutional, Christian Post, 11/1/2012.
The Woman's Right to Know Act: click here.

Christian woman missing in Melbourne
A Melbourne Christian woman has been missing for almost a month. 'Mandy Ahmadi' arrived in Australia from Iran with her husband and family in 1999. She became a Christian about five years ago, followed by her husband about a year later. They have been conducting an outreach to Muslim refugees through Cornerstone Church in Dandenong. She disappeared from her home on Dec 16 - her phone was missing (it hasn't been used) but her handbag and credit cards were left in the home.
Fears are held for her safety, and her husband and family fear that she may have been abducted or killed by Islamic extremists - since there is a death penalty for apostates who convert from Islam (see this article on Answering Islam).

The case has now been handed over to the police Homicide Squad in Victoria to investigate and they said "we believe her disappearance is suspicious and have grave fears for her welfare". They said they have rejected the notion that she was abducted by Islamic extremists but will fully investigate the case. The police revealed today that her real name is  Zahara Rahimzadegan. It seems that she has gone away for a couple of days twice before but has always let her family know what she is doing and where she is.
The case was highlighted by Pastor Danny Nalliah in an email on Tuesday (and posted on the CTFM website) - and The Age ran a front page story yesterday.

Today the reports mention the investigation by the Homicide Squad - and reveal her real name.
Please pray for Zahara and her husband and family. Pray that Zahara is found alive and well.

Email/website post from Danny Nalliah - click here.
Article in The Age - Fears held for Christian convert, The Age, 111/1/2012
Article in The Australian - Police do not believe religious conversion played a part in Melbourne mother's disappearance (12/1/2012)
Victoria Police statement: Homicide Squad to investigate suspicious disappearance

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