Weekly Update #2... 23 December

A round-up of the News this week... (along with our greetings for Christmas as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ - click here to read)...

Woman dies following abortion at Croydon clinic
A woman has died following an abortion at the controversial abortion clinic in Croydon, Victoria which is now run by Marie Stopes International.
This is the abortion clinic where many women were infected by hepatitis.

Sonja Couroupis of Life Network Australia writes:
"The Age have reported that "A 42-YEAR-OLD woman died days after attending a controversial abortion clinic in Croydon last week". It goes on to say that "Authorities have confirmed that the woman was taken to the Box Hill Hospital where she died on Sunday, after earlier having ''a procedure at a private Croydon clinic."

Sonja says, "This is the fourth investigation involving this particular clinic in six years."

Sonja encourages everyone to write to the Victorian Premier, Ted Baillieu, the Health Minister, David Davis, and your local Members about the awful abortion laws in Victoria.
Read the Life Network post for details on contacting these men by phone or fax.
For email contact details, click here

UK PM David Cameron on Christianity
David Cameron recently gave two quite 'conservative speeches' - one of these promoted the importance of Christianity.

However, this follows a recent announcement by Mr Cameron that the Conservative Party will support full same-sex 'marriage' by 2015.

Bill Muehlenberg asks the question:
"Does David Cameron really mean it when he talks of the need for Christianity?
Read Bill's article: Cameron, Conservatism, and Christianity

Political alliances in the UK and in Australia
In the UK the Conservative Party has aligned itself in a 'Coalition' with the Liberal Democrats in order to gain enough seats to govern.

In Australia, we have a similar situation with Labor and its alliance with the Greens.

In both cases, when a political party aligns itself with a radical left-wing group, the policies and the principles of the party are adversely affected as the minor party increasingly 'calls the tune'!
Read Melanie Phillips' article... (writing in the UK):
Marriage and why adolescent Clegg must be living on a different planet

Death of two world leaders
During the past week two world leaders have died - North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il and the man who liberated Czechoslovakia, Vaclav Havel.

Mr Havel was President of that nation until 2003 and in recent years he has written and spoken out against the global warming agenda.
Bill Muehlenberg provides an insightful analysis of the character of these two men:
The Death of a Hero, and of a Monster

Newt Gingrich - on religious freedom
US Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich has published a manifesto on religious freedom. Click here to read it.

It starts with 'On Day One' and proposes "Establishing a presidential commission to examine and document threats or impediments to religious freedom in the United States and to propose steps for reaffirming and protecting the foundational principle of freedom of thought, conscience and religious belief upon which our republic is built and thrives...." 

AND political correctness gone mad!
The American Family Association reports that Members of the US Congress have been BANNED from saying 'Merry Christmas' in their mail sent to constituents that is paid for by taxpayers. They've even been banned from saying 'Merry Christmas' on their official Facebook and other social media sites!
AFA reports, "According to a Dec. 12 memo by the House Franking Commission, congressmen in the House of Representatives are not allowed to wish voters a "Merry Christmas" or "Happy New Year" in mail and email. Congressmen use their official franking privileges (using taxpayer dollars to pay for postage) to send mail and email to voters throughout the year. However, the Franking Commission, the six-member bipartisan group officially known as the Commission on Congressional Mailing Standards, told legislators that "Merry Christmas" is strictly prohibited."

Now that's a crazy world - what do the bureaucrats think they are actually having a HOLIDAY for?

Some Congressmen are fighting back - read the report at Lifesite.

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