Prostitution, marriage and schoolies

You might ask... 'Is this just a 'list' of current topics?' OR 'Are these subjects related?

The answer is 'Yes' to both.
Marriage between a man and a woman is the foundation of our society. Any sexual activity outside of that is called 'sexual immorality' by Jesus Himself.

1. Prostitution
In WA the WA government is considering legalising brothels and prostitution.
Linda Watson, a former prostitute who now helps girls leaves prostitution, knows all about the criminal side.
Every time she speaks out against prostitution in WA, she receives threats., physical attacks on her house, threatening phone calls and more.
A FamilyVoice Media Release quotes Linda saying, "But in some ways the phone calls are the worst. Since the Prostitution Bill was introduced on 3 November, I've been getting harassing phone calls at all hours of the day and night."

She also warns, "These crims who have been breaking the law for so many years are not suddenly going to sprout haloes if the law changes!"
Linda invites ALL WA MPs "who are thinking of voting for this bill to come and talk to me and find out what really goes on in the WA sex industry."

2. Marriage
Yes, the ALP National Conference will be debating same-sex 'marriage on December 2-4. If you are in Sydney, plan to join the Stand4Marriage rally on December 3 at 10 am. Click here for full details. 

3. Schoolies
The annual time where school leavers 'celebrate' - often with friends, away from family.
Many get caught up with drinking, drugs and sexual experimentation.
Last weekend Gold Coast police arrested 52 teenagers - and also arrested a suspected drug trafficker. Read reports here and here.

The problem is - they are often taught at school, on TV and in the media that 'anything goes' and they can choose to do what they want - just 'do it safely' - whether that's sex, alcohol or drugs. But when they get into the 'real world' those 'cautions' are often forgotten...

As an example, there's the Victorian Govenemnt's Youth Central website on 'Sex and Schoolies' - click here- a couple of paragraphs saying young people should make sure they want to have sex before having it. The rest of the page is all about 'safe sex', contraception and STDs!

Where are we heading?
Society is not teaching morality or truth. Even in the church, the message of chastity or purity is rarely taught.
Without teaching about values, morality and what God says is right behaviour, our society continues to decline.

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