More taxes, Civil unions, Forced adoption

Yes, the list goes on....

1. More taxes - a 'fat tax'?
Denmark has just imposed a 'fat tax' on its people. Foods with more than 2.3% saturated fat will be 'taxed' - that includes butter and bacon!
Last month, Hungarians started paying more for pre-packaged foods that contain high levels of sugar, salt, carbohydrates and caffeine.
The USA is debating a soda or soft drink tax.
The 'reason' given for such taxes is to combat obesity levels. Yet Denmark apparently has very low obesity levels.

Will Australia get a 'fat tax'?

In Australia there has been talk of a tax on 'junk foods' - and now discussion of a 'fat tax'...
Some groups are advocating for one - but a recent study showed that Australians' consumption of sugar has dropped substantially at the same time as obesity levels have risen!

Yes, Bob Brown has called for the introduction of a 'fat tax' similar to Denmark's...
Read article: Anyone for a great big fat tax? SMH, 16/10/2011.

Bob Brown calls for a 'fat tax' - read article.

2. Civil unions in Queensland
The Queensland Labor government has announced plans to introduce 'Civil Unions' for homosexuals.
This is seen to be a step up from the 'Relationship Registers' that Victoria, NSW have - and the 'Civil Partnerships' of the ACT.
That's not surprising since the ALP platform no longer specifies support just for 'Relationship Registers' but affirms a recognition scheme of some form.
Of course, the main homosexual group lobbying for same-sex 'marriage' says all of these schemes are forms of 'civil unions' - they say that what they are called is irrelevant.
[Read webpage here and detailed article here.]
The Liberal National Party says they will oppose the legislation.
Read Courier Mail article - click here.

3. Forced Adoption Practices Inquiry
The Senate is currently conducting an Inquiry into 'former forced adoption practices'.
Click herefor the Inquiry webpage.
FamilyVoice research officer Ros Phillips told a Senate Inquiry "The heart-rending stories of women who were forced to relinquish their babies to adoption are very similar to the stories of women hurt by forced abortion."
She related the story of Keli Lane, who "was found guilty last year of murdering her two day old baby Tegan. Keli had wanted to adopt out an earlier baby, but experienced enormous ongoing pressure from social workers opposed to adoption.  This may have led to her tragic action after the next birth.”

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