Euthanasia, Carbon taxes and marriage

Yes, there are several issues at the forefront of debate at this time...

1. Euthanasia
The SA House of Assembly has passed a second reading vote on a bill related to euthanasia - it would give a 'defence' to doctors who inadvertently killed someone - however, it is being promoted by the same people who usually put up full euthanasia bills. The Bill has many flaws and legal loopholes...
The Bill will be debated in the Committee stage beginning 26 September - and then have a final third reading vote.

3. Marriage
The ACT branch of the ALP has voted to support homosexual 'marriage. Andrew Barr, the ACT deputy Chief Minister, is an open homosexual and spoke at the conference in support of the motion.
Read media report in the Herald Sun - click here.

The National Marriage Day rally will be held in the Great Hall in Parliament House, Canberra on Tuesday 16 August. Time - 10 am to noon.
Support this event which calls for marriage to remain only between a man and a woman!
Click here for full details and to register for the event online.

3. Carbon tax capers
The Wall Street Journalrecently had an article called 'The last carbon taxer' - it was critical of Julia Gillard and the Labor government for pursuing carbon taxes - when the US has abandoned their scheme, the Chicago Climate Exchange has closed and European efforts are in chaos!
Read the article: The last carbon taxer, WSJ, July 17, 2011.

Jo Nova, a scientist, has an excellent article in The Weekend Australian - highlighting the fact that a LOT of money is being spent trying to find evidence for the 'global warming (or climate change) scenario but little to show the opposing position!
Climate change suspect must be given a fair trial - The Weekend Australian, 29 July, 2011.

Jo Nova's website - click here.
Her 'Skeptic's Handbook' - overview of the global warming scenario - click here
Her 'Skeptic's Handbook II' - 'Global Bullies want your money'
Click here
This booklet is all about the funding of the global warming agenda...

This cartoon, by Steve Hunter, posted on the Menzies House website says it all...
Click here to view it.
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