Carbon tax, live cattle exports, halal food

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1. Carbon tax announcement
Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced that she will announce the details of the government's proposed 'carbon tax' next Sunday - after parliament closes for the winter break. No time for questions or debate...

They're still calling it 'carbon pollution' rather than carbon dioxide!

Even the Labor caucus has to wait until Sunday to find out the details! Read report.

Meanwhile, Tony Abbott has pointed out that the Labor position paper from 2008 warned against exempting petrol...
He said, the carbon pollution reduction scheme green paper says: “Excluding petrol would not lead to lower costs for households - to the contrary, any abatement that would otherwise have come from the transport sector will have to occur elsewhere and at higher cost.”

2. Live export cattle trade resumes
The government has announced that the live export trade of cattle to Indonesia will re-commence. There will be tough new 'controls' - and exporters will apparently be responsible for animal welfare...
Read report - click here. Lateline report - click here.

3. Halal choices website launched
Have you noticed the 'halal' certification labels on a growing number of food items - Bega cheese, Cadbury chocolate, Kooka cookies...
In addition, a lot of manufacturers are paying for 'halal certification' to improve export prospects (or so they're told!) but they are NOT telling us - eg Nestle, Pauls, etc...
Halal certification involves inspection and approval by Muslim authorities - for a fee!
If a product contains meat, or gelatine, it means that the animal has been ritually slaughtered with a prayer to Allah etc.
The Halal Choices website tells you more about these products.
Check it out - click here.
Also see our webpage on halal foods in Australia - click here.

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