Marriage, computer games and more

Some recent news...

1. Marriage in Ireland
The real goal? Same-sex 'marriage!
Christian Institute in the UK reports"Civil partnership legislation in Ireland is just a stepping stone to the Green Party’s real goal of full ‘homosexual marriage’, admitted John Gormley, the Minister for the Environment."

2. Albert Mohler on marriage
The Retreat from Marriage — A Recipe for Disaster
Albert summarises this article... "For reasons that include all that we can learn from this report, and for many more that we know from the Scriptures and Christian wisdom, Christians know that the marginalization of marriage can only lead to unhappiness, unhealthiness, and the unraveling of human relationships."

He reports on the findings from a research project looking at the consequences of marriage breakdown.
The research:
When Marriage Disappears: The New Middle America, “The State of Our Unions 2010,” The National Marriage Project, University of Virginia (December 2010).
The full report, along with other materials and an Executive Summary are available - click here

3. Computer games
Some good news
- the federal government, along with state Attorneys-Generals (meeting as SCAG), didn't agree on the introduction of R18+ rated computer games in Australia when they met last Friday.
The gaming industry has run an extensive campaign to try and get the government to allow them. SCAG has been debating this issue since at least 2008!
The SCAG Committee "agreed to consider guidelines for R18 classification for video games" and to "draft Guidelines".
Read media transcript of Minister for Home Affairs, Brendan O'Connor's statement.
There was concern expressed at the meeting about the actual classification system and what is currently allowed in the MA15+ rating - and some mention of possibly redefining the MA guidelines.
The day before, Brendan O'Connor, the Minister for Home Affairs, issued a media release which seemed to support the introduction of an R18+ rating. Perhaps he was pre-empting the decision!

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