News Update - Nov 23

With the Victorian election this coming Saturday (27 Nov) we've been busy analysing party policies and posting news and comments on our front page.

Election materials include a Christian Values Checklist- comparing party policies on a range of moral/ethical issues; a table comparing how MPs voted on a range of moral issues, a Chart looking at the percentage of MPs in each party voting for bad legislation and so on.
Check these out on our Victorian Election webpage.

Other matters in the news:

1. Euthanasia in SA
The South Australian parliament's Legislative Council will vote an a euthanasia bill tomorrow - put up by Greens Mark Parnell and Labor Steph Key. SA residents need to ask their MPs to vote against the legislation.

Read this excellent article by Tim Cannon, published in The Punch.
South Australia risks turning doctors into agents of death 

Update - 24 Nov, 2010: Meanwhile the SA Health Minister said he would introduce his OWN euthanasia Bill because the other one is FLAWED - read ABC article.
Update - 25 Nov, 2010: The euthanasia Bill was DEFEATED in the Legislative Council. The Bill was lost "on the voices" and no division was called for. FamilyVoice was in the gallery for the debate and say the vote would have been 12-9.

2. Alcohol abuse
Alcohol abuse and violence on the streets continues to be a major community problem.
* Drug rehabilitation program Odyssey House has revealed that, for the first time, the majority of people seeking help for drug addiction are saying that their primary problem is "alcohol abuse" rather than illicit drugs.
* Meanwhile a new study, published in Time Healthland, says that energy drinks could increase the risk of alcohol abuse...
"But it turns out, plain old booze-free energy drinks — like Red Bull and Monster — may also increase the risk of alcohol abuse among teens and college students, at least according to a new study by researchers at the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins."

3. National Broadband Network
The major issue in the federal parliament this week (that is, after they spent time telling MPs to 'consult' their constituents about same-sex 'marriage'!) is the National Broadband Network.
The government wants it voted on this week!
Sen Nick Xenophon is demanding to see the business plan - but the government is trying to put confidentiality restrictions on the Independent MPs before handing it over. 

The question: Is it really worth $43 billion to put fibre optic broadband to (almost) every home?
The reality is that, in the trial in Tasmania, VERY FEW people have actually signed up to get the new service - of course, it COSTS a lot MORE!
Also, it has been revealed that the current copper wire network needs very little maintenance - whereas the optic fibre will need frequent work and replacement ...
Read Piers Akerman's insightful column about the problems with the NBN: Headed for big tumble in high wire act

4. Sex and Schoolies
Susie O'Brien (Herald Sun opinion writer who last week called for same-sex 'marriage' to be legalised) has a GOOD column this week...
criticising the fact that a Vic government website tells school leavers all about having sex during 'Schoolies' ... but barely acknowedges that they can say 'NO'!
Read her column - State Government should keep hands off our schoolies

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