Same-sex "marriage" bill defeated

Good news! On Thursday 25 February the Federal Senate soundly rejected Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young's attempt to change the Marriage Act to include same-sex relationships.

Both the government and the Coalition opposed the Bill. The proposal lost 45 votes to five - this means 25 Senators did not vote. Only the five Greens Senators voted for the Bill - showing that they are more about radical social engineering than the environment.

The 'Marriage Equality Bill' was tabled by Hanson-Young last year and the Senate decided to send it to Committee. The Committee called for public submissions and a record number were received. Whilst there was considerable opposition a substantial number of submissions were supportive due to the growing activities and organisation of the homosexual lobby.

The Senate Committee rejected same-sex marriage but made two recommendations that we totally reject, including the formation of a national framework to rejecter same-sex and heterosexual relationships. and that the Australian government provide 'certificates of non-impediment' to homosexuals and lesbians wanting to get 'married' overseas.

The Senate report was tabled late last year and no response to it has yet been made.

Read media reports at The Age and ABC.
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