Prostitution - Christian perspective

What does the Bible say about prostitution? How should Christians approach this subject?

The most obvious answer is that the only sexual relationship endorsed by God in the Bible is that between a husband and wife in marriage.

Whilst other relationships might happen, for Christians this is the standard. We cannot adjust our thinking and beliefs just because people 'are doing those things' - they have always been doing those things! We must base our beliefss and practice on what the Bible and Jesus say.


A Biblical perspective on prostitution
by Andrew Lansdown, Life Ministries, WA.
Prostitution involves the selling and buying of sex.It involves an exchange of money for sex between a man and a woman*who have no legal, moral or emotional attachment to each other.
How should Christians view such activity? Fortunately, as with any matter of importance, God guides us to a right perspective through his written word....."

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Prostitution and social justice
by Andrew Lansdown, Life Ministries, WA.
Given the overall decline of moral standards in our society, it is not surprising that moves to legalise prostitution have become almost irresistible. While most advocates of law reform stop short of saying that prostitution is good, many claim that it is harmless. It is, they say, a "victimless crime", and therefore should not be subject to legal censure.
Social justice
But prostitution is far from a "victimless" activity. The damage it causes to the well-being of a society is considerable. Indeed, it undermines social justice in at least four ways...."

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