Survivors of abortion

There are some amazing stories of people who have been born following a failed abortion - when their mother had an abortion and the child was born alive.

Both of them have visited Victoria in connection with the abortion legislation.

Watch their stories ... visit their websites... be inspired!

Melissa Ohden

Visit Melissa's website - click here.

Melissa's story on CBN...

Melissa and the abortion issue in Victoria
Melissa visited Australia in October 2010 to share her story - in the lead up to the Victorian election.
Pro-Life Victoria produced this film: 'A Story about LIFE' to highlight the passing of the Abortion Law Reform Act in 2008.
The film also features Peter Kavanagh, a DLP MP, who explains what the Abortion legislation entails... (12 minutes - 4 min version also available)


Gianna Jessen

Gianna was born after her mother had an abortion at 7.5 months of pregnancy...
Gianna is a passionate advocate for life and has a singing ministry as well.

Visit Gianna's website - click here.

Voice interview with Gianna:

Gianna in Victoria

Gianna visited Victoria in 2008 and spoke to MPs in the lead-up to the vote on the Abortion Law Reform Act.

Here is her speech - in two parts (9 minutes each):

Part 1

Part 2

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