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The topic of abortion can be an emotional one. In times of crisis, or when we need to analyse the truth of a situation as we are researching an issue, we all need to know the facts. We can't just rely on emotion or compassion.

We need to ask - and answer - the question "What actually happens when an 'abortion' is done?"

Warning - Descriptions of abortion methods, which involve the killing of a child, can disturb due to the nature of what is being done.
However, these methods documented below, and on the linked websites, are being used to kill babies...
We need to know the truth.

NOTE: If you need help because you have had an abortion or assisted someone make a decision to have one, please check our Care and Counselling page.

Abortion - Medical Facts

Abortion: Medical Facts
The most thorough explanation of the medical facts of abortion is on the National Right to Life website in the USA.
Their page starts with a message 'Take Time to Get the Facts', then a section on 'Informed Choice' and a section on 'Defining Abortion'.

The page then has links for each the following:
Abortion methods for first trimester abortions are explained:
Suction Aspiration, Dilatation and Curettage (D & C), RU 486/Mifeprex, Methotrexate.

Then methods for second and third trimester abortions:
Dilatation and Evacuation (D & E), Instillation Methods (Salt Poisoning and Urea), Prostaglandins, Partial-Birth Abortion (PBA - see more below) and Hysterotomy.
The information is available by clicking the heading above or click here.

The Abortion: Medical Facts page concludes by considering the question:
Is Abortion Safe?
          Physical Complications
          Psychological Consequences
It ends with a section on 'Alternatives to Abortion'.
References are supplied.

Partial Birth Abortion

The abortion of babies later in pregnancy, after around 20 weeks, is often done using the partial birth abortion method. This has been the subject of legislation in the US Congress where Congressmen have voted to ban this method.
Click here for the NRTL website on PBA.
The method has also been used in Australia.

Partial Birth Abortion
This horrific method involves turning a baby in the womb and withdrawing the baby feet first until just the head remains inside. The abortionist inserts a pair of scissors into the back of the baby's head, then inserts a suction catheter and sucks the baby's brains out, causing the skull to collapse - the baby's body is then removed.
Warning - the drawings and description of this method are graphic and horrific.
To see drawings of the partial birth abortion method click here.
To read a description of the method, click here.

About abortion

Yes, abortion is confronting. However, it is happening and we must actually understand what it entails if we are to truly know what is being done.

Here are a couple of websites that demonstrate the truth. . .

Clinic Quotes
A website - written by a former 'pro-choice' advocate - that reveals what abortionists say about abortion, stories of former abortionists and so on.
There are photos of developing babies.
The "Abortion Pictures' show photographs of aborted babies - confronting but truthful.
If you really want to know the shocking truth about abortion, visit this website.

Abortion TV
They claim to be "The Internet's #1 abortion information source".
This site contains some confronting images and films of abortion. But abortion is confronting.
Please be careful as you visit this site.
But if we didn't tell you about what abortion really is then we would be remiss and not telling the 'whole truth'.

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