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Critics of the 'global warming' theory...

There are many scientists around the world who are sceptical of the claims made about 'global warming'.

Natural Resources Stewardship Project
A number of these scientists are listed with a group called the 'Natural Resources Stewardship Project' and their latest project called 'Understanding Climate Change'.
This group has been set up by Canadian scientist Dr Timothy Ball. The scientists listed below who are listed on the NRSP are marked with an asterisk.
Click here for the list of scientists named as 'allied experts' on the NSRP website.


In Australia

Professor Bob Carter
James Cook University, Queensland.
This site starts with a biography of Bob Carter - it has links for Articles, Publications, Presentations, etc.

Bob had a feature article in Quadrant in November 2008:
The Futile Quest for Climate Control
Robert M. Carter, Quadrant, November 2008.
"Climate change knows three realities: science reality, which is what working scientists deal with every day; virtual reality, which is the wholly imaginary world inside computer climate models; and public reality, which is the socio-political system within which politicians, business people and the general citizenry work.
The science reality is that climate is a complex, dynamic, natural system that no one wholly comprehends, though many scientists understand different small parts. So far, science provides no unambiguous evidence that dangerous or even measurable human-caused global warming is occurring. . ."

A New Policy Direction for Climate Change
Bob Carter, Quadrant - April 2009.
In this article, Bob Carter addresses the current situation regarding Australia and 'climate change'. He proposes a new policy direction - to establish a national organisation dealing with current climate emergencies - such as fires and floods. The organisation Emergency Management Australia' in the federal Attorney-General's Department could fulfil this function - it currently deals with training matters. At a conference on 'Natural Climate Change', in May 2009, he noted that if 'global warming' (or cooling) were to occur then the resulting issues could be dealt with by such an organisation.

The cost of carbon taxes
Article by Bob Carter.
At a conference on 'Natural Climate Change' that I attended in late May 2009, Professor Bob Carter estimated the cost to be about $3,054 per family per year (based on $30/tonne of CO2). Bob has analysed the cost of the government's proposed carbon trading scheme and says that the indirect costs could more than double that amount.
Read his interview detailing these costs, along with similar estimates for schemes proposed by other nations - click here.
More details on our website page on carbon taxes.

Professor Ian Plimer
Professor of Mining Geology at the University of Adelaide.
"MANKIND is naive to think it can influence climate change, according to Ian Plimer. He says solar activity is a greater driver of climate change than man-made carbon dioxide.
We have not always agreed with Ian Plimer - especially on matters of religion and creation - but what he states above agrees very much with what we wrote in our March Salt Shakers Journal.
Click here to access the PDF copy of our article.

Top scientist debunks global warming
April 11, 2007,

April 2009: New book by Ian Plimer
Ian Plimer has written a new book about global warming. It is already creating a stir...

The book: Heaven And Earth - - Global Warming: The Missing Science
Published by Connor Court - 500 pages.
Hardback details - $49.95 - click here.
Paperback - available April 2009 - click here. Price listed as $39.95.
The website says the paperback is now available.

Available at Readings - not in stock yet - for $29.95 - click here.

Paul Sheehan wrote a review of the book as it was about to be released last week... he says it made him re-think his previous position! A second review follows - from The Australian....

Beware the climate of conformity
Paul Sheehan - SMH - April 13, 2009
"What I am about to write questions much of what I have written in this space, in numerous columns, over the past five years. Perhaps what I have written can withstand this questioning. Perhaps not. The greater question is, am I - and you - capable of questioning our own orthodoxies and intellectual habits? Let's see...."

The climate of disastrous consensus
Jamie Walker | April 18, 2009 - The Australian
"IAN Plimer calls himself an old-fashioned scientist. That means you question what others won't. You marry yourself to the data; you buck the received wisdom and political correctness of your colleagues.
When it comes to climate change, you say: "I was trained to be sceptical." . . ."

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