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Our children deserve to have something to look forward to, that's why Salt Shakers is dedicated to helping Christians understand the times and equipping them to be salt and light by upholding Biblical values and by being more aware of the ethical issues affecting our society.

Midsumma Madness

Midsumma, Melbourne's homosexual festival, started in Melbourne on Saturday 12 January with a Street Party. This festival, which promotes homosexuality, includes a number of public events as well as arts and theatre activities and concludes on 3 February.
The main 'public' events are:
Pride March (20 Jan, 5pm)
Carnival (3 Feb, 11am - 6 pm followed by Dance party 6 pm - 11.30 pm).

  • The Police Commissioner, Christine Nixon, is planning to march with police, in uniform, in the Pride March. They will be on FULL PAY!
    *** Send her a message: Police Commissioner Christine Nixon  Minister. 
    Fax: (03) 9247 6869
    Post: Victorian Police Centre 637 Flinders St, MELBOURNE, 3005
    Or send an email via the Police web site.
    *** Write to the Police Minister Andre Haermeyer, (cut)This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Please pray that this festival will not influence the city; that God will protect Melbourne and vulnerable young people and that those caught up in the homosexual lifestyle will be set free.
  • There is a lot of MONEY associated with large crowd figures - that is why they inflate them! We plan to count the crowd figures again this year. Last year the 'official estimates' for the Pride March went down by 20,000 people!
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