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Our children deserve to have something to look forward to, that's why Salt Shakers is dedicated to helping Christians understand the times and equipping them to be salt and light by upholding Biblical values and by being more aware of the ethical issues affecting our society.

Man_and_woman_married_SX_1038218_66480936_320x200Research - benefits of marriage

We know that marriage is the best foundation for society - and that the evidence affirms that.

Often people ask what evidence there is to show that marriage is the best environment for society and family.

This page higlights some of the studies that affirm this...

162 Reasons to Marry
Research synthesis - Published Feb 8, 2012.
MARRI, Pat Fagan, Anne Dougherty, and Miriam McElvain.
This study highlights the importance of marriage - between a man and a woman - and the significant advantages it provides.

The study, '162 Reasons to Marry', is a synthesis of social science research prepared for MARRI, the Marriage and Religion Research Institute. It is authored by Pat Fagan, Anne Dougherty, and Miriam McElvain.

The Report gives 162 reasons - each in just a line (or sometimes two). Each 'reason' is backed up by detailed footnotes and references to the study that provides the evidence for the statement. The results are divided into sections of Family, Church and Religion, Education, Marketplace (work and finances), Government and Crime, Health and Mental Health.

Many of these then have sub-sections - for instance, the Family section has a general section on Family, and subsections on Spousal Relationships, Attachment, Parenting, Sexuality and Sexual Satisfaction.

Read this important and informative report: Click here (also available as a pdf).

UK study - Christian marriages more successful 
Christian marriages have higher success rate
Christian Post, 15 Feb, 2012.
A study conducted by the UK Evangelical Alliance has found that "Christians are happier in their marriage and more likely to stay together than non-Christians."

Christian Post reports...
"The 'How's the Family?' report from the Evangelical Alliance also found that Christians were highly likely to accept outside help and advice to keep their marriages healthy.
"The typical lifestyle choices of Christians who went on to happy and lengthy marriages were found to be marrying young - at 25 on average compared to over 30 in the general population, being less likely to have lived together as a couple, and being willing to participate in activities that support and maintain their relationship. The supporting activities were often provided by their own church.
"The report is the latest in the 21st Century Evangelicals series from the Evangelical Alliance...."

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