Launch of the carbon tax...

Our nation is being hung out to dry...

Earlier this week Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced that she will launch the details of the proposed 'carbon dioxide TAX' on Sunday.
Then she used this week for 'leaks' - BUT NOT for a parliamentary DEBATE!  

Why This Sunday?
It's after the parliament has risen for a five week winter break - so the issue can't be debated in parliament until after we get ALL THE SPIN.
Julia has said she will be out 'selling' the tax to the people from next week...
If it is such a good idea - why does she have to sell it?
She will start with the pro-Climate-change ABC Q&A on Monday. 

Our latest 5 minute video looks at some of these questions
- what the 'carbon tax' is, how it will re-distribute wealth and its effect on the nation.
Watch it now.  

We must take Action

We need to bombard the Labor party and the Independents with emails and letters opposing this NEW TAX.  

Why do we need a tax that requires compensation?
Because those taxed will simply pass it on to you the consumer?
Will it help reduce carbon dioxide emissions? NO.
Will it reduce global temperatures? NO.
Read Miranda Devine's excellent article addressing these questions and criticising the Independents. Click Here  

As we wrote in our first article on global warming in 2007, in the 1970s the real fear was that there would be global cooling.... now it's warming - or 'climate change'. Read article - click here.

Meanwhile, the European carbon (dioxide) trading scheme has been corrupted and the 'price' has collapsed THREE times - read report  -
Remember that our government eventually wants to convert the NEW TAX into a 'carbon trading scheme'! Thus giving us or business no certainty about anything!  

PLEASE Contact Your MP, Labor MPs/Senators, and the Independents, NOW - Contact Details

UPDATE: 11 July, 2011
For an overview of the details of the tax - and links to the speeches by the Prime Minsiter and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott - read the report on our 'Latest News' page - click here.

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