SA - IVF for lesbians - Leg Council approves Bill - ACT NOW!

The South Australian government is currently debating a bill that would allow access to IVF for lesbian couples and single women.

The Bill was passed by the Legislative Council by 12 votes to 9 on Monday night, May 1, 2012.  
The Bill now goes to the House of Assembly for a vote.
If you live in SA, please contact your Member in the House of Assembly NOW! See ACTION section below.

The private member's bill, the Assisted Reproductive Treatment (Equality of Access) Amendment Bill 2012, was initially proposed by openly homosexual MP Ian Hunter in September 2011 and was put into the Legislative Council on February 15, 2012. (See timeline of Bill)

In December 2011 the Premier Jay Weatherill said he would support the Bill. However, the Advertiserin Adelaide notes that "Attorney-General John Rau and Health Minister John Hill have previously declared they would not legislate to allow access to reproductive treatment for same-sex couples or to allow adoption." Read article in yesterday's Adelaide Advertiser.

The Bill talks about "equality of access" and doesn't specify lesbians or single women. It just mentions a "particular woman" being "unlikely to become pregnant other than by assisted reproductive treatment".
Read the Bill.

Ian Hunter has put up similar Bills before.
However, there is an important difference. In 2011 his  Bill specifically mentioned lesbians and single women - even in the title: Assisted Reproductive Treatment (Assistance for Lesbians and Single Women) Amendment (Source. The Sydney Star Observer reported on that last September.

A similar Bill was defeated in 2009 by 11 votes to 10 (Source). That Bill ALSO specified lesbians and single women.

But the homosexuals don't give up - they keep trying and sometimes change their strategies!

Ian Hunter is an activist for homosexual causes. Another factor being suggested for the change in vote is the fact that South Australian Senator Penny Wong, and her lesbian partner, used IVF to have a baby recently. With IVF for lesbians being illegal in SA the assumption is that they had to travel interstate for IVF treatment. (Source - here and here


If you live in SA, please contact your Member in the House of Assembly and ask them to vote against this Bill.  
Also write to the Premier and other MPs... 
Every child needs a mother and a father and the state should not facilitate these actions.

House of Assembly Members List - click here.   
Send letters by email - say you are in their electorate...
OR Send letters to Parliament House, Adelaide, 5000  
PS - If you don't know your electorate, follow these instructions... (from our website)
The Australian Electoral Commission has a special website that enables you to verify your enrolment details. Click here. 
Type in your name and address. Click "Verify Enrolment" and your federal and state electorate details will be shown as well as your local government details. Then print it out for future reference!

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